Somewhere in the depths of our soul, our men guess how difficult it is to be a woman. Representatives of the fair sex should not only engage in home and family, but also have time to take care of yourself. Beauty, given to us by nature, must be groomed and cherished, so that one day not be afraid of your own reflection in the mirror.

How to choose a cream against cellulite? Feedback and recommendations

Only a small percentage of charming girls and women can boast of an ideal figure, to the creation of which they made no effort. Less fortunate beauties work literally in the sweat of the face, so that an extra centimeter or hateful cellulite could not slip by the beginning of the beach season. In the arsenal - not only tickets to the fitness club and home fitness equipment, a significant help is provided by the cream from cellulite. Reviews about the most popular brands read in our review.

Price category

Get an excellent result for little money - a natural desire of each of us. Let's figure out how the means of luxury brands and "mass-markets" differ.

First, it's price. On this issue we consider closed. Very often you can see a similar composition, and overpay the consumer just for the untwisted name.

It happens that the expensive anti-cellulite cream reviews are praised, trying to justify the money spent. Here the principle of autosuggestion operates: if it costs so much, then it really works.

At the same time, a cream for a hundred rubles can afford every girl and woman, but in case of failure, financial losses will be minimal. It is interesting that just inexpensive means from orange peel are most popular.

No review or rating of cosmetics for weight loss can not be imagined without the famous brand Floresan. Familiar orange tubes are quite easy to find in hypermarkets, and let you not be confused by the low prices for a fitness cream from cellulite. Customer reviews confirm its effectiveness with regular application.

The assortment of the brand "Floresan" includes more than 500 names of various cosmetic products - from soap to sunscreens. However, representatives of the company note that the most popular still enjoys the anti-cellulite series.

In the framework of the "Fitness body" collection there are creams, gels, wraps, scrubs, masks and lotions for weight loss.

Active Assistant

The fight against visible signs of cellulite, moisturizing and nourishment promises "Cream-active against cellulite". Feedback from the fair sex representatives put this tool a solid "5". Of course, do not expect a miracle effect, especially if you are going to use only a cream. However, in combination with a contrast shower and a light massage, the difference can be felt after a few applications.

In the composition - a complex of minerals of the White Sea and polysaccharides, which normalize fat and water-salt metabolism in the skin. To break down fatty deposits in the formula essential oils, camphor and extract of Centella were added.

Buyers like a light citrus flavor. The skin is pulled up, becomes more tender to the touch, and the tubercles disappear after a while. It would seem, here it is - an ideal remedy, "Cream Fitness Bodys against cellulite"! Reviews are good, the price is small (about 130 rubles) - what else do you want?

Attention, composition!

Some clever young ladies decided to disassemble the composition of the funds from Floresan. It turns out that there you can find dangerous substances for the body: propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, methylchloroisothiazoline. These preservatives and petroleum products can cause disorders of the nervous system, reduce immunity and even provoke mutations in the fetus and miscarriage.

On the other hand, it's also harmful to breathe the air of a megacity with our ecology, so the question about the ingredients of the cream is quite controversial. There are too many experts around us, and everyone has their own opinion.

Everyone who does not like "Fitness cream-active" from cellulite, reviews of cosmetologists are advised to pay attention to the funds of a higher price category. The innovative care is offered by the brand Vichy.

The products of the French brand always undergo clinical trials. Cosmetics are safe even for pregnant and lactating women, so worry about the dangerous composition is not worth it. In the list of active components, the means for modeling the Celludestok figure are present:

Vichy SPA.   Thermal water, which has strengthening, restoring and soothing properties.

- Caffeine.   Due to high concentration (5%) promotes natural fat burning and stimulates weight loss.

- Lipolytic activator.   Biological catalyst, which accelerates the production of protein.

Advantages and disadvantages

The manufacturer claims that Vichy Celludestok is the best cream against cellulite. The responses of some fair sex representatives say the opposite, but where is the truth?

The results of the clinical study showed that after a week of regular application of the product, the orange peel is markedly reduced, and in 28 days the volume of problem zones is reduced to a record 10-20 centimeters. Note that this refers to the hips and buttocks.

Lucky and thinner customers actively share their point of view, but it turns out that Celludestok does not work at all - and this is normal for beauty products. In addition, girls and women are unhappy with the appearance of spools when applying the product. The problem is solved quite simply - do not use too much gel.

The last and most significant disadvantage is the price. For 200 ml of a miracle cream from cellulite Vichy offers to pay just over 2000 rubles.

Without false modesty, the company "Evalar" considers itself the leader of the Russian market in the category "Natural preparations for improving the quality of life and promoting health."

Tablets, tinctures, capsules, sachets, drops, oils, filter bags and cosmetic products - the assortment of the pharmaceutical brand includes more than 200 different names. A special role is played by advertising, which "Evalar" spends huge money.


The magic name of the series for losing weight "Turboslim" is well known to us. Many girls and women at least once thought about taking dietary supplements to correct the figure or transition to a specially designed food system.

Recently, the line also includes cosmetic products. "Turboslim" (cream from cellulite) reviews of the fair sex are advised as an assistant to the main course.

Among the active components in the composition are:

Aminophylline. Strengthens blood circulation, accelerates the withdrawal of excess fluid and eliminates edema.

Caffeine. Moisturizes, improves elasticity, tones and reduces pores.

Iglitsa. Strengthens the venous walls, reduces the formation of thrombi, helps to accelerate the metabolism of cells and stimulates water-salt metabolism.

Horse chestnut.   Improves the process of supplying cells with oxygen, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and accelerates the excretion of metabolic products.


"Turboslim" - an inexpensive cream against cellulite. Reviews often called the price of 200 rubles per tube 100 ml. As for the pharmacological ingredient of aminophylline, its effectiveness in the fight against cellulite causes a lot of controversy.

Many customers agree that the cream does not work alone. After application, a slight cooling effect is felt, and after a week of regular application, the skin is tightened and becomes more elastic.

This cream from cellulite reviews of customers are not advised for sensitive skin because of the risk of allergy to menthol or aminophylline.

Looking for an effective cream against cellulite? Comments from the fair sex are increasingly praising the products of the Italian brand GUAM. For already a quarter of a century, unique programs for the treatment of cellulite and figure correction have not ceased to show brilliant results.

The main secret of GUAM is innovative formulas with seaweed. Algae complexes are offered in combination with essential oils, sea salt, extracts and clay. The high efficiency of the Italian remedies is confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

At great depth with the help of special equipment, the main components are collected - algae. Then comes the line of drying and processing, which are under the strict control of specialists to maximize the preservation of useful components.


Especially popular is Fangocrema - a day cream with a warming effect.

The manufacturer promises lifting, elimination of cellulite and fatty deposits. A balanced formula cleaves fats, removes metabolic products, smoothes, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

- extract of brown seaweed fucus bubbly;

Cream can not be rubbed - apply only by patting movements. Burning and redness are normal reactions. Duration of use is from 2 to 8 weeks. Due to the high concentration of sea salt, the appearance of a white film on the skin is possible.

The description of the product makes you believe in miracles, but what is the effect of this cream on cellulite? Reviews of girls and women call him a real enemy of orange peel.

The skin really reacts to the remedy with redness, but no strong burning sensation is observed, rather, a pleasant sensation of warmth. The skin comes to normal in about 30-40 minutes.

On average, a jar (350 ml) of GUAM cream with a warming effect based on dirt costs 3,000 rubles. In our review, this is not only the most expensive, but also the most effective tool.


Victory over cellulite and a visible decrease in volume - such promises can often be seen on the labels of anti-cellulite funds. Are you still hoping to lose weight with the help of cream? Do not be deceived. Without exercise and rejection of harmful products, you are unlikely to achieve a good result.

Creams, masks, scrubs and wraps do work, but only as ancillary tools. Do not feel sorry for yourself: walk more on foot, run in the morning, or at least 10 minutes a day, give charging.A very important point is the observance of the drinking regime. For the most forgetful developers have long created special reminders in smartphones.

Of course, it is not easy to change the habitual way of life and diet. However, with a great desire, you can fulfill your old dream of an ideal figure.