Going to fishing, you should pay special attention to the selection of gear. This should be done in accordance with a number of parameters. How to choose a feeder rod for fishing for carp, as well as its reel and other gear will help the advice of experienced fishermen. There are a number of parameters that you need to consider before purchasing a new rod.

The essence of the feeder

When choosing a feeder rod, a novice fisherman should understand the device of such a spinning.How to choose a feeder rod and a reel for beginners? Feeder rod for carp fishing

Feeding was born in England. In our country, this method is also called the "English donka". Feeder in translation means "feeder".

The distinctive features of this rod are the presence of a feeder and a coil. These elements should be considered when choosing.

The bait is carried out point-by-point in the area of ​​the pond where the feeding trough fell. In the center of this zone is a hook, which is attached to the line of devices such as feeder rods. How to choose the right tackle, there are several tips. By sticking to them, you can achieve maximum fishing results.

The difference between the feeder and spinning is the presence of replaceable vertices. The fishing rod has several small access rings. The line is wound with a coil when it is necessary to get the carp out of the water.

Test and length of the rod

When choosing feeder rods, you should evaluate the conditions in which it will be applied. Each manufacturer on a blank indicates a test, i.e., the weight range of the feeder. Correlating it with the length of the fishing rod, you can understand how to choose the correct feeder rod from 5 of their variants.

Ultra-light (Picker) has a length of only 2-3 m, and its test is in the range of 10-40 g. It is suitable for fishing in water without flow.

Light-feeder in length reaches from 3 to 3.6 m with a test load of up to 60 g. It can be used in a small current.

The medium rod has a length of up to 3.6 m, but its test is higher than the light version. It reaches 100 g. This equipment will help catch the carp and safely drag it to the shore.

For fishing on carp for both beginners and professional fishermen, the correct choice will be a feeder rod type Heavy. Its length reaches 3.9 m, and the test is 120 g.

To determine how long to choose a feeder rod for a wide river with a very fast current, you should pay attention to the view of Extra-Heavy. Choosing this length of the feeder rod, you can catch the largest carp at a great distance from the shore.

Rod structure

The structure of the feeder rod when choosing fishermen for beginners should be one of the main parameters. He makes it clear what rigidity (elasticity) the body of tackle has.

A fast line belongs to a rigid fishing rod. When loading, the product will only bend the top and the first knee. Such a system is considered to be the best when choosing a feeder rod for carp. When you leave the fish for snags, this quality will allow you to control it in the process of fishing.

The slow system allows the rod to bend on all the knees, which will avoid breaking the leash.

To decide how to choose a feeder rod for beginners, you should buy a product with a complex system. Such a tack will bend only at the top at low loads, and with a strong resistance of a large fish all her knees will move. This will determine which feeder rod for carp fishing will be more comfortable for the fisherman.

Feeder material

There are several variants of material for the blank of the product, which differ in their qualities and price.

Carbon plastic (carbon) is one of the most expensive materials. It is very durable, but requires careful handling. Such material is preferred by professional carpfisher. With the help of rods made of carbon they can get the largest carp from the water.

A novice fisherman, wondering how to choose a feeder rod for carp, should give preference to the composite. It is a heavier but hardier material.

Fiberglass for the presented gear will give them a lot of weight. Therefore, it is chosen for long-distance casting and catching large fish. Such equipment should be kept on a stand, otherwise the hands will be tired of holding it.

Rigging of the feeder

The equipment of the feeder rod for its selection (coil, hooks, fishing line, etc.) for beginners should be selected very responsibly. From the correctness of this selection depends the effectiveness of fishing.

The main elements to look out for are the coil, feeder, top, access rings, fishing line, leashes, hooks. These elements are necessarily equipped with feeder rods. How to choose them correctly, expert advice will help.

Fine rigging, properly selected, will ensure a good sensitivity of the fishing rod. Also, experienced carpfishers recommend purchasing quality elements for the rod. Savings in this business can lead to a failure in fishing or a rather uncomfortable fishing process.

Feeder coil

One of the most important elements of the feeder rod is a coil. It must be powerful and reliable, in order to withstand the load when fishing carp out of the water.

The spool of this element must be large enough to hold a sufficient amount of fishing line.

For a beginner carpfisher to understand how to choose a feeder rod and coil, you should pay attention to the number of bearings in the model. For such a fishing rod, coils with a minimum of 6 bearings are suitable. The highest quality specimens can have up to 15 bearings.

The gear ratio of the coil is an important indicator. He makes it clear how many turns the spool makes with one handle cycle. The gear ratio indicates the speed of the winding. In the universal coil, this figure is in the range from 4.6 to 5.5. It is also possible to use high-speed coils with a speed above 6.

Another indicator that decides how to choose a feeder rod and a coil for beginners is the presence of an adjustable friction brake. It can be front or rear. Coils with a front brake are usually lighter and more compact.

The peak (quivertip)

A distinctive feature of the feeder from conventional spinning is the presence of replaceable vertices. They signal to the fisherman about the bite. Usually 3-4 vertices are supplied with the feeder.

This element has its own test. With the help of color indicate the rigidity of the quivertype. The red top is the toughest, orange or hard has medium flexibility, and the green one is the softest.

The type of the top is selected in accordance with the conditions of the reservoir. If the flow is strong, you should choose rigid quivertypes. Soft elements of the rod will be able to more accurately convey the signal about biting in quiet water without disturbances and currents.

In the event of a breakdown of the quivership with an accidental impact or strong inflection, you can pick up an identical product in the store. When choosing to consider the diameter of the base. It must correspond to the value specified by the manufacturer.

Determining how to choose a feeder rod for carp fishing, you should pay attention to its feeder. It is this element that gave the name of the tackle itself and the catch method in general.

The weight and shape of the represented product may vary. The most often used in feeder fishing is a rectangular feeder. It is used on all types of reservoirs. If the flow is quite strong, they choose the triangular varieties of feeders. For calm waters, you can apply their round varieties.

A feeder weighing about 50 g is considered universal. To understand how to choose a feeder rod, it is necessary to correlate the weight of the feeder with the blank test and the flow of the reservoir. For calm water, the presented element of a fishing rod weighing 30 g, and for a strong current - from 100 g and above will approach.

Access rings

The rings are subjected to a heavy load during fishing. Their quality and strength play an important role for the feeder.

Quality rings are often produced by independent producers. Therefore, the feeder of Salmo can be Fugi rings. Quality products are also produced by Balzer, DAM.

Asking the question, how to choose a feeder rod, you should pay attention to the fastening of the through rings. For good products, these elements are mounted on three legs.

Inserts inside the rings are able to extend their life.

For feeder fishing, both monofilament and woven products are used. For novice carp fishermen, experts advise purchasing a fishing line with a diameter of at least 0.16 mm.

Also pay attention to the force of the load, which the braid or line must withstand. To be safe, you can also choose a monofilament diameter of 0.18 mm or 0.16 mm for a braided line.

It is necessary to take into account the quality of the transmission rings when selecting the line. If a cheap feeder is purchased, its rings rarely have additional protection in the form of dense inserts inside. For such products, monofilament, calculated on the catch of small fish, is suitable.

For braids, rings should have protective inserts so that there is no discomfort during fishing.

Technology of fishing

Carp is very careful. With long casts, the feeder feeder is mandatory.

In the process of fishing, the fisherman often has to experiment with the kind of gear, bait and bait. In the intervals between bites, you will have to select different types of baits. The more qualitative and diverse they will be, the more likely the fisherman to return home is not empty-handed.

Flavors should be added to the bait the more warm the water. For carp fishing it is necessary to choose reservoirs with sharp differences of depths and uneven relief of the bottom. Carp likes to hide in pits near the bottom. If the bait fell into one of them, there is a high probability that the fisherman will be lucky enough to pull a large fish ashore.

Having become acquainted with all the features that should be taken into account in deciding how to choose a feeder rod, a novice angler will be able to choose the best option. Based on the recommendations of experienced experts in carp fishing, you can not doubt the successful selection of all the necessary gear. Over time, each carpfisher will select the optimal and comfortable type of gear and will be able to combine them with the best for the existing conditions. Fishing with the right equipment will bring a lot of good mood and unforgettable impressions.