Tracksuit is an important part of the wardrobe of any student and even a preschooler. Therefore, in the modern world a variety of clothing for physical education is huge. Tracksuits come in a variety of cut, color, and type of fabric. Today we will understand what criteria you need to choose this item of clothing for the boy. Also find out what you should definitely pay attention when buying this wardrobe item.

We consider seasonality

Children's tracksuit for the boy should be selected based on what time of year the child will use it. If it is autumn, then you need a multi-layer waterproof jacket, which perfectly retains heat, and the same pants. For the summer you need to buy a light suit so that the child is not hot in it.

If the children are engaged in the hall, then lightweight clothing will do. If classes will be held on the street, then you should buy the model that has a hood, vest, and membrane inserts for water-repellent impregnation. But, since our children can do both in the open air (in the warm season) and in the gym (in winter), then parents should buy 2 suits for physical training and sports. After all, first of all moms and dads should wear a child for the weather.

Color selection

Tracksuit for the boy should be non-marking, so no light-colored pants or sweaters should not be. And if the child goes there often to workout at the gym, for walks, then you should definitely buy clothes for physical education of dark shades. In addition, bright colored costumes may contain harmful dyes. Therefore, if your child wants to buy sportswear of a rich shade, then the mother should first think whether the jacket and pants will be safe. After all, such bright costumes can simply cause allergies.

Choosing a children's tracksuit for the boy, you need to pay attention to the fabric. So, it is necessary to consider models from natural materials or with a slight addition of synthetic fibers. For kids, for example, a cotton suit with the addition of bamboo or soy is perfect. It is in such a sports attire that the child will be comfortable, and the mother will not worry about his health, because the fabric from which the product is made is completely hypoallergenic, perfectly breathable, environmentally safe. For older boys, you can pick up a product with the addition of synthetic fibers (for example, elastane or microfiber). Clothes made from such materials will be less deformed during washing, which means that their service life will be longer, and the thing will not lose its brightness as quickly as it happens with items of clothing made from natural fabrics. For little kids perfect knit tracksuit. It will be convenient for the boy, because it will be easier for the child in clothes made of such material: it is better to take it off and put it on, because it stretches. For kindergarten knit tracksuit fit perfectly. The child can serve himself, and the mother will not worry that her son will not cope.

Also, parents should, if possible, select a fabric that does not crease.

Popular fabrics

Tracksuits for teenage boys are often made from the following materials:

  • Polyester. It is characterized by wear resistance, durability and lightness.
  • Nylon (polyamide) - elastic, durable material that dries quickly. This is a fairly waterproof fabric.
  • Fleece - does not roll down, dries quickly.
  • Rip-stop is a popular material from which sports suits are made. Clothing for physical education from such a fabric is characterized by excellent durability, therefore it is ideal for the most active children.

But this does not mean that since the fabric is popular, it means that it is good. Still, it is better to give preference to natural things.

When choosing a tracksuit for a boy, you also need to analyze how a child will feel in this or that product. So, you need to take care that the selected model does not hold down movements. Therefore, you should ask the child not only to try on a suit, but to sit in it several times, jump, raise your arms, spread your legs, etc. And if the boy gets in the way when doing such exercises, then you should not take such a product. Also the suit should not rub the skin.


It is impossible to buy sportswear for growth. After all, think: if you wrap up your son’s pants, and the child goes to physical education, runs, then they will begin to unfold, and as a result, your offspring may simply fall on level ground. Therefore, in order to avoid injuries, it is necessary to acquire such things in size. Also, you should not buy too wide or extended sports trousers. After all, they can also cause the fall of the child. The ideal option in this case would be pants that end in an elastic.

Product cut

Tracksuits for boys, photos of which can be seen in this article, should also be chosen based on the cut. So, the jacket can be both with a zipper and without (the so-called kengurushka, when the product is worn over the head). The cut of the upper part of the suit should be chosen depending on the situation. But, for example, it will be easier to remove the jacket with a zipper, but “kengurushka” will better protect the breast of the child. Pants, in turn, are also different. For example, there are sports pants with regular cut, but with cuffs, locks, various inserts, additional pockets, etc. As you can see, there are many different variations of such clothes, so it is difficult to choose tracksuits for teenage boys. It is easier for schoolchildren who are 8-10 so to buy clothes, because they still don’t know what exactly they want, so they rely on their parents. But the older the offspring becomes (13–15 years old), the harder it is for him to choose this or that thing. Therefore, when choosing a tracksuit, you must also rely on the opinion of the child, because it is easier to ask what he personally likes. And if your son says exactly what he wants, then the choice is greatly simplified. Ultimately, you will not be wearing a tracksuit, but your child, which means that his opinion should also be taken into account.

Product quality

This criterion is also very important. Mom should carefully look at the seams, the fabric itself and the product as a whole. The seams should be carefully processed, they should not stick out of the thread. Tracksuit for the boy should be evenly painted, the paint - not printed when touching it. Rubbing or tightening on the product - all this should not be. Not the last role in the quality of the product is played by the manufacturer. It is better to buy goods from proven brands, because in this case the clothes will last much longer, the child will not be disappointed if the mother buys him a brand sports suit. For boys, “Adidas”, “Reebok”, “Polo”, “Nike” will fit 100%. These firms make excellent, thoughtful clothing specifically for sports and physical education. However, parents should be aware that the cost of such branded products will not be low. But thanks to the quality of the costumes, they will serve faithfully for more than one year. Therefore, it is better to overpay 1 time and not be disappointed, than 2 times per season to buy clothes for poor quality physical education, which stretches, breaks and does not bring pleasure from wearing.

Now you know how to choose a tracksuit for the boy, what criteria must be considered. We have determined that the quality, fabric, color, cut products play a significant role in choosing one or another clothing for physical education. Also, if you want your child to wear a tracksuit for a long time, you should purchase them in company stores.