A sports suit is an important part of the wardrobe of any student and even preschooler. Therefore in the modern world the variety of clothes for physical education is enormous. Tracksuits come in different cuts, colors, type of fabric. Today, we will figure out what criteria should be chosen for this garment for the boy. Also we will find out what it is necessary to pay attention to when buying this wardrobe part.

We take into account the seasonality

Children's tracksuit for the boy should be selected, based on the time of year the child will use it. If it's autumn, then you need a multi-layer waterproof jacket that perfectly preserves heat, and the same pants. For the summer, you need to buy a light suit, so that the child is not hot in it.

If the children are engaged in the hall, then light clothing will do. If the classes will take place on the street, then you should buy the model that has a hood, a vest, and membrane inserts for water-repellent impregnation. But, since our children can be engaged both in the open air (in the warm season) and in the gym (in winter), then parents should buy 2 suits for physical education and sports. After all, in the first place, moms and dads should dress a child in the weather.

Color selection

The sports suit for the boy should be non-mark, therefore no light-colored solid pants or sweaters should be. And if the child will go to it often for training in the gym, for walks, then you should definitely buy clothes for physical education of dark shades. In addition, bright colored suits may contain harmful dyes. Therefore, if your child wants to buy sports clothes of a rich color, then the mother must first think: will the jacket and pants be safe. After all, such bright costumes can simply cause allergies.

Choosing a children's tracksuit for a boy, you need to pay attention to the fabric. So, it is necessary to consider models from natural materials or with a slight addition of synthetic fibers. For babies, for example, a suit made of cotton with the addition of bamboo or soya is perfect. It is in such a sports apparel that the child will be comfortable, and the mother will not worry about his health, since the fabric from which the product is made is completely hypoallergenic, it perfectly passes air, environmentally safe. For older boys, you can choose a product with the addition of synthetic fibers (for example, elastane or microfiber). Clothing made from such materials will be less deformed when washing, which means that its service life will be longer, and also the thing will not lose its brightness as quickly as it is with clothes made from natural fabrics. For small children, a tricot sports suit perfectly suits. For a boy it will be convenient, because in clothes from such material the child will be easier: it is better to remove and put on, because it stretches. For a kindergarten a knitted sports suit will suit perfectly. The child can serve himself, and Mom will not worry that her son can not cope.

Also, parents should, if possible, select such a fabric that would not crumple.

Popular fabrics

Tracksuits for teenage boys are often made of the following materials:

  • Polyester. It is characterized by wear resistance, strength and lightness.
  • Nylon (polyamide) is an elastic, durable material that dries quickly. This is a waterproof fabric.
  • Fleece - does not roll down, it dries quickly.
  • Rip-stop is a popular material from which to produce sports suits. Clothes for physical education from such a fabric is characterized by excellent strength, so it is ideal for the most active children.

But this does not mean that once the fabric is popular, it means it's good. Still, it is better to give preference to natural things.

Choosing a sports suit for a boy, you also need to analyze how a child will feel in this or that product. So, you need to make sure that the chosen model does not hamper the movements. Therefore, you should ask the child not only to measure the costume, but also to sit down in it several times, jump, raise arms, set legs, etc. And if the boy will interfere with such exercises, then one should not take such a product. Also, the suit should not rub the skin.


On the outgrowth of sports clothes can not be bought. After all, think: if you wrap your son's panties, and the child goes to exercise, he will run, then they will start to unfold, and as a result your offspring may simply fall flat. Therefore, in order to avoid injuries, it is necessary to acquire similar things in size. Also, do not buy excessively wide or extended down trousers. After all, they can also cause the fall of the child. The ideal option in this case will be the pants that end with an elastic band.

Cutting products

Tracksuits for boys, photos of which can be seen in this article, also need to choose, based on the cut. So, the jacket can be both with a lightning, and without (the so-called kangaroo, when the product is worn over the head). The cut of the suit's top part is necessary depending on the situation. But, for example, a jacket with a zipper will be easier to remove, but the "kangaroo" will better protect the baby's chest. Pants, in turn, are also different. For example, there are sports pants of the usual cut, and there are with cuffs, locks, various inserts, extra pockets, etc. As can be seen, there are many variations of such clothes, so it is difficult to choose sports suits for teenage boys. For schoolchildren who are 8-10 years old, it's easier to buy clothes, because they do not know what they really want, so they rely on their parents. But the older the offspring become (13-15 years), the more difficult it is for him to choose this or that thing. Therefore, when choosing a sports suit, you must also rely on the opinion of the child, because it's easier to ask what personally he likes. And if your son says what he wants, then the choice is greatly simplified. Eventually, you will not wear a sports suit, but your child, so his opinion must also be taken into account.

Quality of the product

This criterion is also very important. Mom should carefully look at the seams, the fabric itself and the product as a whole. The seams should be carefully processed, and threads must not protrude from them. The sports suit for the boy should be evenly colored, the paint - do not print when touching it. Fraying or tightening on the product - all this should not be. Not the least role in the quality of the product is played by the manufacturer. Acquire better goods from proven brands, because in this case, the clothes will last much longer, the child will not be disappointed if the mother buys him a branded sports suit. For boys, "Adidas", "Reebok", "Polo", "Nike" will approach 100%. These companies make excellent, thoughtful clothes especially for sports and physical education. However, parents should be aware that the cost of such branded products will not be low. But thanks to the quality of the costumes, they have been faithful and true for more than one year. Therefore, it is better to overpay and not be disappointed 1 time than twice a season to buy clothes for physical culture of poor quality, which stretches, breaks and does not bring pleasure from wearing.

Now you know how to choose a sports suit for a boy, what criteria must be taken into account. We determined that quality, fabric, color, and cut-to-size products play a significant role in choosing one or another outfit for physical education. Also, if you want your child to wear a sports suit for a long time, you should buy it in branded stores.