Some owners of summer cottages still use the usual wooden flooring with a slotted hole as a street closet. However, this design can be called comfortable with a great stretch. Therefore, more and more often the responsible owners are installing a toilet bowl over the cesspool.

If the installation of plumbing in the house does not cause any special difficulties due to the provided opportunity for connecting the appliances to the water supply, what about the organization of the toilet on the street? Let's try to carefully understand this issue.

What should be the toilet bowl for the toilet?

How to choose a toilet bowl?To begin with, it is worth taking a look at the nature of the future dacha toilet. For this you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. A toilet bowl should not be anything intricate. You can do without buying ceramics, installing drain sensors, etc. The main criterion is special simplicity.
  2. Do not buy an expensive toilet bowl. After all, in winter the site remains unattended for a long time.
  3. It is desirable that the street dacha toilet bowl dispensed with a draining system. Otherwise, the cesspool will fill up with impurities too quickly, which will lead to the need for regular cleaning.
  4. Organize the toilet should be in such a way that the toilet is simply installed and dismantled. This feature will be useful if you need to empty the same cesspool or septic tank.

When it comes to the organization of a simple street toilet, the first thing to choose is a dacha toilet bowl made of plastic. Ceramic, earthenware products are of high weight. Therefore, their installation looks rational only when organizing a capital toilet with a floor covering in the form of a concrete screed.

A plastic toilet is an extremely popular option for summer residents. Such models differ insignificant weight, convenience of operation and simplicity of installation in wooden toilets.

Criterias of choice

Which parameters deserve special attention when choosing a country toilet? Here it is worth noting:

  • No bowl in the design.
  • The possibility of reliable securing on a wooden base.
  • Uncomplicated design, the features of which allow you to perform fast and regular treatment with cleaning preparations.

How to install a toilet bowl? The simplest option - the preparation of a wooden base in the form of a kind of box.

Usually, to ensure a comfortable fit, it is enough to knock down a structure with a height of about 40-50 cm. In the upper part, a round hole is prepared in advance, the parameters of which correspond to the features of the toilet bowl. The latter is securely fixed on a wooden base with standard fasteners.

If the cottage toilet is located above the cesspool, it is additionally necessary to take care of creating ventilation. For this purpose, it is often necessary to install a conventional plastic or metal pipe with a small exhaust fan, which is started from the mains while visiting the closet.

Price issue

The cost of the simplest ceramic toilet bowls of uncomplicated design, which are suitable for installation in a street toilet, is about 2000 rubles. Therefore, if you want to afford such a "luxury" can almost every owner of suburban real estate.

As for the price of plastic models, much depends on the place of purchase and the manufacturer. It is quite natural that buying a toilet in the market will be cheaper. However, most likely, you will have to sacrifice quality.

Hybrid products, specially designed for use in the country, which is a toilet with attached bucket, are a truly budgetary solution. However, these options will not allow you to feel comfortable when visiting the cottage.


If the country toilet is represented by an ordinary wooden house, a wooden frame with a plastic seat should be used as a toilet bowl. Such a solution will provide basic comfort. Preference for the ceramic model should be given only if there is a full septic tank, drainage and ventilation system.