Many housewives on the eve of holidays are wondering how tasty and unusual to cook chicken. Poultry meat is considered dietary and very popular around the world. They cook chicken in a variety of ways: fry, bake, boil, stew. It is about the most interesting recipes of its preparation that we want to talk about in our article.

Housekeeping Tips

Speaking about how tasty and unusual to cook chicken for the festive table, I want to offer the most solemn dish - chicken, baked whole. Cooking is a pleasure, and the result exceeds all expectations. Baked chicken will decorate any table.

For full cooking, cooks recommend using fresh or chilled carcasses, but not frozen ones. The hen is necessary to cut, gut, remove all unnecessary. If you buy a carcass in a supermarket, then there is usually offered a prepared product, which does not have to be bothered for a long time.How tasty and unusual to cook chicken? Chicken Dishes: Recipes

The most basic component that affects the taste of the finished dish is a good marinade. If you are thinking about how to cook a juicy chicken, then you need to know that you can not do without marinade. It is he who gives the finished product juiciness, without using it the dish can turn out to be rather dry. Marinated chicken carcass must be in the refrigerator for at least two hours, and you can stand it for a whole day. If the marinade does not completely cover the chicken, then it must be turned over periodically.

Having prepared and marinated meat, you must decide how you will cook it: on a baking sheet, in uniform, in sleeve, in foil. Each method has its own characteristics. Very juicy is a dish cooked in foil, sleeve. For baking, you need to take a cast-iron or ceramic. And cooking on a baking sheet is not very convenient, because then it will have to be washed for a long time.

Whole Baked Chicken

We present several options for recipes, how to cook the whole chicken.

  1. One chicken (1.5-2 kg).
  2. Olive oil - 2 table. l
  3. Three cloves of garlic.
  4. ½ tsp ground pepper.
  5. Two teaspoons of paprika with ground and salt.
  6. Teaspoon dried basil.

The carcass must be washed and thoroughly dried with paper towels. Next, prepare the marinade: skip the garlic through a press and mix with salt and all spices. We will need two teaspoons of the resulting mixture to rub the chicken inside. We take a baking dish, grease it with vegetable oil and put the carcass in it down with the breast. Lubricate the whole chicken marinade and leave it for an hour soak in spices. Now you can send it to the preheated oven (180 degrees). Baked carcass about 60-85 minutes, until a golden crust.

The meat for this recipe is incredibly soft and tender, it itself lags behind the bone. The composition of the marinade given by us can be at your discretion, there are a large number of varieties of seasonings.

Chicken with lemon (whole)

How to cook whole chicken? To get dishes with an original taste and wonderful aroma, we suggest using lemon.

In a lemon it is necessary to make eight deep cuts with a thin knife. The juice from it will not pour out, but it must remain whole. Wash the carcass and obsushim towels, mix thyme with grated lemon zest, salt and pepper and rub the chicken mixture inside and out. Lay a lemon in the abdomen and sew it up, but you can leave it open. We bake a chicken at 200 degrees, pouring it with juice. If you do not put lemon rind in the mixture for rubbing, then the citrus smell will be very weak.

Chicken baked in the sleeve

How tasty and unusual to cook chicken? For baking it entirely, you can use the sleeve. In it the carcass is cooked quickly, and the meat turns out incredibly juicy. In addition, the roasting sleeve is convenient because after it you do not need to wash the oven from fat.

For the preparation we need: a medium-sized carcass, vegetable oil, three tablespoons of mayonnaise or sour cream, spices as you see fit, salt, black pepper.

The chicken must be washed, dried and rubbed with spices, salt and pepper inside and out. Then put the carcass in a sleeve for baking and twist it. In the upper part you can make several punctures, so that the package does not burst. Next, put the chicken on a baking sheet and send to bake in a hot oven (200 degrees).

The meat baked this way turns out to be tasty and juicy, but there will not be a golden crust on it. How to cook a chicken with a crust? Everything is very simple. Ten to fifteen minutes before the end of cooking, the package must be broken, then the carcass on top will have time to redden and you will serve a beautiful, appetizing dish on the table.

Chicken baked in foil

Considering all sorts of recipes on the topic: "How tasty and unusual to cook chicken", it is worth remembering that the carcass can be baked in foil. For cooking you will need: medium-sized chicken, ground black pepper and paprika, a few cloves of garlic, curry powder, salt, 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise or sour cream.

Half of the garlic is passed through a press and mixed with pepper, salt. The resulting mixture rub the carcass inside and out. Cut the remains of garlic into thin slices and stuff the chicken with them (cuts are made in the carcass with a sharp knife and pieces of garlic are put into it). You can also mix the garlic with sour cream, add curry sauce, pepper, salt and paprika. This mixture is also perfect for cooking chicken.

Next, wrap the prepared carcass with foil and place on a baking sheet so that all the seams are on top. Bake chicken at 200 degrees until ready. Twenty minutes before the end of cooking, we cut the foil so that the crust has reddened.

Turkish recipe with apples and vegetables

If you want to serve meat with a side dish on a festive table, then you should think about how to cook chicken with vegetables. Our recipe is good because the meat is cooked at the same time as a side dish, it turns out very tasty and satisfying dish.

  1. Chicken whole.
  2. Five bulbs.
  3. Five potatoes.
  4. Three carrots.
  5. One apple.
  6. A few cloves of garlic.
  7. Mustard - 2 tbsp. l
  8. Thyme - 20 g.
  9. Petrushka - 20 g.
  10. Lemon juice - 2 tbsp. l
  11. A teaspoon of sugar.

The carcass should be washed, dried with towels, rub with salt, pepper inside and out. Next in the abdomen put a whole apple. Prepare the sauce from the juice of lemon, mustard, garlic and sugar and rub them chicken.

Now you need to cut all the vegetables into pieces, chop the greens and mix it all up. Garnish lay out around the chicken and cover with a lid or foil. Bake the dish should be at a temperature of 200 degrees. Then before you finish cooking, you need to remove the lid or cut the foil so that a golden crust has formed on the vegetables and meat.

You can still cook the chicken stuffed with a side dish. But inside the abdomen you need to lay the ready stuffing, otherwise the vegetables may remain raw. In such a case, the roasting time of the carcass does not need to be increased.

Shins breaded

Not only for the holidays, but for every day you can cook a variety of dishes from chicken. Cooking recipes are so diverse that chicken meat just can not get bored. A whole baked carcass is an excellent option for a festive table, but for each day it is very convenient to cook dishes from portioned pieces, using, for example, drumsticks, fillets, thighs.

How to cook chicken drumstick? In our proposed recipe, garlic and crackers are used as breading, which gives the dish an incredibly tasty flavor, and the crust turns out to be an appetizing golden.

  1. Shins - 5 pieces.
  2. Glass of breadcrumbs.
  3. Three cloves of garlic.
  4. Two eggs.
  5. Salt pepper.
  6. Butter - 200 grams.

For cooking, you must mix crackers and chopped garlic (chopped or passed through a press). Beat eggs in a separate spacious container. Next, rub each leg with salt and pepper, dunk into the egg mass and roll off in breading. Meat is fried on high heat using vegetable oil. Finished pieces should have a golden crust. Next, all the legs shift in a baking dish and put oil on top. Bake chicken for forty minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

Ready-made portions can be served with baked or fresh vegetables, homemade pickles and greens.

Chicken legs Oriental

How to cook chicken leg in a special way? There are many original recipes. One of them we want to share. To prepare the dishes we need:

  1. Chicken drumstick - 6 pcs.
  2. Soy sauce - 5 tbsp. spoons.
  3. Sesame - 4 tbsp. l
  4. A teaspoon of sugar.
  5. Vegetable oil.

Chicken legs should be fried in butter until golden brown. Then pour soy sauce into the pan, add sugar and pour sesame. Cookware should be covered with a lid and simmer until tender over low heat.

Chicken breasts under a fur coat

Chicken breasts - a universal product. From them you can cook anything. Very often they are used for salads. But by themselves, served with a side dish, they are very tasty.

Let's talk about what to cook chicken from the breast, so that it was unusual and tasty. We offer recipe for fillet "under the fur coat." This dish turns out very juicy and tasty, it is suitable not only for every day, but also for the festive table. What is important, the recipe is very simple in execution and does not require much time.

For cooking will need the following products:

  1. Chicken fillet - 2 pcs.
  2. Tomatoes - 2-3 pieces
  3. Garlic - 5 zubkov.
  4. One sweet pepper.
  5. Cheese - 250-300 grams.
  6. A glass of flour for breading.
  7. Mayonnaise.
  8. Fresh greens (green onion, dill, parsley).
  9. Mustard - 2 tbsp. l
  10. Vegetable oil.
  11. Salt and pepper at your discretion.
  12. Meat seasonings to taste.

Chicken fillet must be cut into portions. The thickness of each should not be more than 1.5 centimeters. Salt, pepper and sprinkle each on both sides with seasoning, after which the fillets can be slightly tipped off. Prepared slices roll in flour and fry until golden brown in a pan with vegetable oil.

Meanwhile, diced tomatoes and sweet peppers, chop the green onions, parsley, dill. Squeeze garlic into vegetables and fill half of the grated cheese. Pepper and salt the mixture to taste, add mayonnaise, mustard and mix well. Then we spread on a baking sheet with parchment fillets and put a vegetable fur coat on each piece. Sprinkle top with the second half of grated cheese. Bake the meat in the oven at 200 degrees for twenty minutes. The cheese should not only be melted, but also reddened.

Chicken Cordon Blue

Preparing the menu of the holiday table, each hostess is looking for something unusual, which can surprise the guests. What to cook from chicken breast festive and tasty? We offer cordon bleu. This French or Swiss dish is made from veal, but on this subject there are so many variations that, instead of the standard recipe, it is possible to use a modified version.

Prepare a cordon of blue chicken fillet in a creamy sauce. Chicken is great with other ingredients of the dish. The result is the tenderest meat that can be served on the table with mashed potatoes or rice. Soft creamy texture of the dish will win your heart.

  1. Hard cheese - 170 g
  2. Ham - 170 g
  3. Fillet - 2 pcs.
  4. Cream - 120 ml.
  5. Chopped greens.
  6. Salt.
  7. Pepper ground.
  8. Vegetable oil.
  9. Three cloves of garlic.

For cooking you need to choose a larger fillet. Each piece is cut into three plates (do it across the fillet). Beat off the meat with a hammer on all sides, pepper, salt. Cut the fillet into thin slices and put on each piece of fillet two pieces. Cheese is also chopped and laid on top of ham. Next, you need to twist all the components into a tube and chop with toothpicks. Rolls should be fried in heated oil on all sides until golden brown. Then you can pour the cream into the pan, squeeze the garlic and add salt, pepper, chopped greens. The meat should be roasted for another seven minutes until fully cooked on medium heat.

Tobacco Chicken

Speaking about how to cook a crispy chicken, you need to remember about the wonderful dish of chicken tobacco. There are many variations of it, we suggest cooking chicken with adjika.

  1. Butter - 2 tbsp. l
  2. Teaspoon adjika.
  3. One chicken carcass.
  4. Salt.

Before cooking, the carcass must be cut along the abdomen, put on its back and well beaten off so that it becomes flat. The skin of the chicken must remain intact. Now you can rub the meat with adzhika from all sides. By itself, this seasoning is sharp and salty, and therefore other spices can not add. Next, drown in a frying pan butter, put the carcass, covering the top with a plate. And on top we put something heavy. Each side of the meat should be cooked for at least 20 minutes. The finished dish has a beautiful crisp.

Chicken Medallions

Why do housewives love to cook chicken dishes? Chicken recipes are simple to perform. In addition, it is worth noting that chicken meat is cooked much faster than pork or beef. We offer a recipe for chicken medallions with kumquat.

  1. One fillet.
  2. Canned pineapple - 85 g.
  3. Kumquat - 70
  4. Hard cheese - 50 g.
  5. Ground pepper, salt.
  6. Mayonnaise.

Chicken fillet must be thoroughly washed and dried with a towel. After this we beat it with a hammer. Cut the prepared meat into pieces (preferably the correct form with rounded edges). Put the medallions on a baking sheet with vegetable oil, salt, pepper, grease each piece with mayonnaise. Then lay out the canned pineapple on the meat, and behind it - sliced ​​kumquat sliced ​​into thin rings. Sprinkle top with grated cheese. Next, send the pan to the prepared oven and bake for thirty minutes at 180 degrees.

The meat turns out very tasty, juicy and savory.

Instead of an afterword

Chicken meat is considered a dietary product that is recommended for people of all ages. Many people love to eat fried pelt, but it is worth noting that it is chicken skin that is the most oily and harmful part of chicken, it contains a large amount of cholesterol. Therefore, it should not be used by those who adhere to a diet. The rest of the chicken - it's just a universal useful product, without which it is difficult to do. It is actively used for cooking a variety of dishes and salads. The whole fried chicken looks especially solemn and beautiful on the festive table. In our article we have resulted only a small part of recipes from all their huge variety.