Today we will tell you how to cook eggs so that they are well cleaned. We will consider different ways of preparation, as well as tricks in this process.

Eggs are one of the most common products in refrigerators around the world. The reason is that there are many different options for preparing them. Each of them cardinally differs from the other not only by appearance, but also by taste factors. Eggs are eaten as an independent full-fledged dish. For example, it can be fried eggs, scrambled eggs, soft-boiled. Often eggs are used as an ingredient in various salads. They are also stuffed with a variety of products (fish, crab sticks, cheese and others).

Types of preparation

How to boil eggs so they are well cleaned? Most people mistakenly believe that cooking them is an easy thing and does not require special attention. However, in order to understand the depth of this error, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with at least one way of cooking them. How to cook eggs? Now tell.

Before giving a logical answer, it is necessary to say that boiled eggs are distinguished by three types:

1) boiled soft-boiled;
  2) into the bag;
  3) hard-boiled.

Differences of one species from the other two consist in their final consistency and cooking time. We propose to return to these questions later, but for now it will be advisable to talk about the general rules for cooking eggs. To begin with, we distinguish three main problems that arise with this method of preparing them:

• how to cook eggs so they are well cleaned;
• How to prevent the formation of cracks, and subsequently the flow of protein during cooking;
  • how much to cook eggs after boiling.

In order to avoid such troubles, which every landlady must have faced, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with some simple tricks. So how is it better to cook eggs? There are several ways that will help you.

Trick # 1: adding salt to water

All the eggs are salted after they are cooked. But very few people know that it is also necessary to salt water in which they are prepared. This is done so that the eggs do not crack in the process, remain intact. Salt in this case serves as a corker of small cracks, which can significantly impair the final result.

Trick # 2: the freshness of the product affects the cooking process

Than fresh eggs, the harder it is to clean them. Even scientists can not explain why this is so. However, the experience of many women has shown that this method works. If you have fresh eggs and you plan to cook them, it is better to wait a few days with this idea.

It is important to know that it is desirable to cook soft-boiled eggs only fresh. There are methods by which you can determine the age of the egg. The more fresh it is, the longer it takes until it floats up in the water. Also, it practically does not rotate around its axis. Another fresh egg is heavier than the old one.

Trick # 3: Egg piercing

This method is so effective that there is even a special piercing needle on the market. But it's not necessary to run after him to the store. Instead, you can use a needle or a pin. The puncture is done in the lower part of the shell, where the air pit is located. It is important to make sure that the puncture is not large. Otherwise, water may flow into it, which will give the egg an unpresentable appearance.

Anticipating the question of why this is done, let's say that the puncture removes air, thereby preventing the formation of a crack on the egg and at the same time providing easy cleaning. Also, with this method, dents are removed from the surface of the finished product.

Trick # 4: The cooking process

Now tell us how to cook eggs, so that they can be easily cleaned. There are endless disputes about the kind of water you need to do: cold or hot. And these arguments are completely justified. Those who are wondering how to cook eggs, so that they are well cleaned, definitely should answer that it should be done only in hot. If you start in cold water, the protein will be prepared for a long time, more and more sticking to the shell.

Dropping eggs into boiling water, this can be avoided. But, having decided to boil the eggs in hot water, you increase the risk of cracking at times, and also the shift of the yolk from the center in different directions.

Trick # 5: cooling eggs

First, before cooking, the eggs should be brought to room temperature, and not cooked immediately after they were taken out of the refrigerator. Secondly, after the end of cooking, they should be cooled in cold water.

Trick # 6: Cleaning

The latest cunning, which we'll talk about today, is the technique of cleaning eggs. This is easy, but you need to know and take into account some of the nuances in order to make this process as easy as possible. First, you need to completely break the shell by rolling the egg on a flat surface. Then, for greater efficiency, you can clean the egg from the shell, while holding it under a stream of cold water.

Description of types of boiled eggs

After studying all the tricks, you can return to the species. Consider what the consistency of each of them is and how many to boil the eggs after boiling.

  1. The soft-boiled egg has a sufficiently liquid yolk and a squeezed protein. It turns out to be very gentle. For cooking soft-boiled eggs you need to keep them in boiling water for no more than two minutes, previously reducing the fire.
  2. Egg in a bag can be considered cooked correctly if the yolk around the edges has hardened, and in the middle remained a little liquid. The protein must be tender and snow-white. Three minutes after boiling water is boiled.
  3. The hard-boiled egg, contrary to the opinions, can also be spoiled. If it is restrained in boiling water, the yolk shell will turn gray, and its consistency becomes loose and friable. The protein becomes "rubbery". To the right state, such an egg comes in boiling water for 5-7 minutes.

A small conclusion

Now you know how to cook eggs correctly. We looked at different types of cooking. Having become acquainted with these simple tricks and later using them in practice, you will avoid minor troubles that can spoil the mood. And also enjoy the wonderful taste and aesthetic appearance of boiled eggs.