At the mere mention of the tree of the bird-cherry tree, immediately before our eyes there appears an image of an unearthly creature that blooms with delicate, white flowers, and the smell of these flowers just stupefies and fascinates.

Prunus - in common "clinic"

The bird cherry is popularly known for its wonderful appearance, sweet fruits, pleasant smell during flowering, and healthy qualities. Previously, bird cherries made hoops, arcs, and even wove baskets, and from its berries, which are outwardly similar to cherries, only smaller sizes, they made very healthy and tasty jam. From a bird cherry it turns out amazing!

How to make jam from bird cherry without stones?Since this tree is truly Russian, its healing properties have been used for a very long time, and various jam recipes have been handed down from generation to generation.
Fruits of the bird cherry not only strengthen the immune system, but also improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. And in its fruits there are many vitamins and trace elements that are so necessary for our body, especially in winter. Since there is vitamin C in the berries, it is possible to cure various colds with the help of jam. And note - no antibiotics and pills, but only berries cherry.

Specific picking berries bird cherry

Since its fruits ripen in mid-summer, it is during this period that many hostesses start cooking jam from bird cherry. But for this, it is necessary to pick the berries correctly, so that they do not lose their beneficial properties, and the jam was not only tasty, but also useful. It is desirable to collect the fruits early in the morning or in the evening, but at the same time only in dry weather, due to the fact that wet berries quickly deteriorate, and because of the moisture they can even form mold.

Also, so that the berries have not lost their healing properties, it is necessary to process them after three, maximum four hours after harvest.

Useful tips before making jam

We propose to consider some useful tips before you start cooking cherry jam:

  • it is more beneficial to make jam from any sort of bird-seedless seed, as it is stored for much longer and at the same time retains all its beneficial properties;
  • it is necessary to store jam from a bird cherry with stones no more than nine months due to the fact that it is in the stone that contains a lot of hydrocyanic acid, which can cause poisoning;
  • before cooking the jam, it is better to shake the washed berries thoroughly and let them infuse for 10 minutes, then shake them again (this procedure will speed up the juice release of the berries).

Bird cherry jam: a recipe

We offer to your attention a very easy recipe for bird cherry jam. We need the following ingredients:

  1. Water - 750 ml.
  2. Sugar - 1300 gr.
  3. Bird cherry - 1 kg.

Bird cherry berries poured boiling water and incubated for two minutes. Blanched berries are laid in the cooking basin, and syrup is made from the water with which they are blanched. After the syrup is ready, it must be drained through cheesecloth and pour our berries. Boneless bird cherry jam is boiled once until it thickens, and you must carefully and continuously remove the foam that forms. When the jam is cooked, it must be immediately rolled into jars and cooled.

Red Cherry Jam

One of the varieties of bird cherry is a red bird cherry, which is also famous for its great benefits to the human body.

In order to get a tasty and healthy cherry jam, the recipe should contain the following simple ingredients: 1 kg of red bird cherry and the same amount of sugar. Rinse the berries thoroughly before cooking.

The complexity of this recipe is that the berries must be twisted together with the bones in a meat grinder, even several times in a circle. From the experience of making jam: so that the taste resembled marzipan, which we want to achieve, twisting a mass of berries will be enough four times. In the resulting texture, you must add sugar and bring to a boil. From the moment of boiling jam should boil for an hour. But at the same time it is brewed in an unusual way: it boils for five minutes, and it is simply drawn for five minutes. And such a procedure must be done within an hour. After that, ready-made bird cherry jam is packed in cans.

Through the meat grinder, the berries are twisted in any recipe. But if you pour them abundantly with sugar, then it will not even need to be boiled. Get a real vitamin! And the lazy can cook such a miracle jam.

For this recipe, one kilogram of sugar is taken for one kilogram of bird cherry berries. And how much exactly do you want to make jars, see for yourself! After you have washed the fruits, they need to be twisted through a meat grinder three times. After that, the resulting mass is filled with sugar and let it brew for 12 hours. After 12 hours, the jam must be decomposed into sterilized jars and closed with a conventional plastic cap. Stored jam must in the fridge.

Gourmet Cherry Recipe

Fans of little sourness will surely enjoy this recipe. Bird-cherry jam with stones is also no less tasty!

  1. Bird cherry berries - 1 kg.
  2. Sugar - 1.2 kg.
  3. Citric acid - individually, to taste.

Well washed berries give time to dry. Then we pour them with sugar and place them in a cool place for 12 hours. For 12 hours, the bird cherry will start up the juice, which is poured into the pan, and the remaining berries are boiled for thirty minutes over low heat, periodically stirred. After 30 minutes, we mix the berries with juice and simmer for about a quarter of an hour. When you see the jam thickened and ready, add a little citric acid and mix thoroughly. After that, the jam is poured into sterilized jars and tightly closed with lids.

Try to prepare also one more variant of sweet and healthy jam for gourmets.

We take ripe berries and carefully wash them. Then put in a container and fill it with water so that it covers absolutely all the fruits. On fire, bring the water to a boil, then cook them for two or three minutes. Put the gauze on a colander, having previously folded it in several layers, pour out our contents and thoroughly squeeze. We should get a homogeneous mass (like mashed potatoes). After this, we throw out the stones, and in the mass of mashed potatoes we will fall asleep sugar. We add sugar at the rate of 1 kg of mass of 1 kg of sugar. The contents are thoroughly mixed until the sugar is completely dissolved. After that, lay out our seedless cherry jam on sterilized jars and spin.

Contraindications and restrictions in the use of bird cherry berries

It should also be noted that there are a number of contraindications for the use of bird cherry berries:

  • bird cherry berries, including jam, is not advisable to use for pregnant girls and young children;
  • people who suffer from constipation should not use the berries of bird cherry, because they have astringent and anchoring properties;
  • since the bird cherry has contraceptive properties, it is contraindicated to use for couples that they plan for children;
  • it is strictly forbidden to eat berries in large quantities, this is primarily due to the content of hydrocyanic acid in the pits of the fetus, which can cause both indigestion and poisoning.

And no matter how much they talk about the beneficial and harmful properties of the bird cherry, one thing is clear for sure - those who have tasted jam from it at least once will not only forget its taste, but also 100% cook it again and again. After all, the recipes are so simple that even a child can handle it. But the taste is so unique and desirable!