Quite often, the population is interested in how to find out if an apartment has been privatized or not. This topic often worries potential buyers of real estate, as well as realtors. However, ordinary citizens, too, sometimes think about this issue. The thing is that a privatized apartment gives tenants more opportunities. And everyone should know about them. How is privatization going? How to find out about her? All this will be discussed below. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. If properly prepared, then there will be no problems with the privatization, or with obtaining relevant information about real estate.

Why is privatization useful?

Privatization is nothing more than the transformation of state property into private property. This procedure allows people to receive property and dispose of it. In Russia, you can only once use the right to the free privatization of housing.How to find out if the apartment is privatized or not? Documents for the apartment

Accordingly, a privatized apartment is considered private property, and not municipal. And a citizen will be able to decide for himself how to dispose of it - donate, sell, register in the territory of certain people. The privatization procedure is not so simple. But with the right preparation, you can easily bring the idea to life. How exactly?

Where to go for privatization

For example, an important point is the answer to the question of where to privatize an apartment. Today, the population can realize the idea in several ways.

What authorities are involved in privatization? You can come with a certain package of documents and a statement of the established sample (more on that later):

  • to local authorities (administration of the settlement);
  • in the MFC.

The process of remembering is simple. The main thing is to take into account that only citizens registered in a given territory can privatize property. Agree with the privatization or abandon it will have in writing.

What documents are needed for privatization? To the apartment, from the future owners and administration of the settlement? The main problem for citizens is precisely the collection of all necessary papers. What should they pay attention to?

Today, for privatization, citizens must bring the following papers to the city administration or to the MFC:

  • application form;
  • identity cards of future owners;
  • consent / rejection of all registered in the territory of the operation (certified by a notary);
  • birth certificates of all underage tenants;
  • certificates indicating the rights of use (residence) in the apartment;
  • technical and cadastral real estate passports;
  • an extract from the house book;
  • certificate from USRR;
  • an extract from the personal account in the apartment (taken at the BTI);
  • certificate of marriage / divorce of citizens (if available).

If minor children are registered in the apartment who will not participate in the privatization, parents must provide permission of the guardianship agencies to carry out the operation. As a rule, children usually participate in the privatization process.


What is the privatization procedure? In fact, there are only a few stages through which everyone will have to go. We can distinguish the following:

  1. Start of action, initiative. Usually someone from the family suggests privatization. At this point, it is required to obtain the consent or refusal of registered citizens for privatization.
  2. Appeal to the BTI. After that, the apartment will be inspected and recorded on all buildings related to a particular property. On redevelopment and other changes to the apartment will also be made notes.
  3. Collection of documents. Their list was presented earlier. Once the documents for the apartment in the original collected, it is recommended to make copies of them. After all, when applying they will be useful.
  4. Appeal to the city administration with a statement of the established sample. Together with the privatization request, all previously listed papers are submitted.
  5. Check the housing department of administration of all documents. Potential property owners are not involved in the process.
  6. Signing a privatization agreement. It is carried out in the city administration after verification of documents. The presence of all future property owners is required.
  7. Registration of property rights. Privatized housing is issued in Rosreestre or in the registration chamber. In these services issued a certificate of ownership, as well as data on real estate. Also a new cadastral passport is issued at the registration chamber.

As a rule, checking documents takes about 30 days. But the privatization process itself is not as simple and fast as it seems. Privatization documents are made for a long time. Therefore, the process can take several years. Fortunately, now it is carried out faster. But how do you know if a flat is privatized or not? What ways are there?

How to learn about privatization

In the modern world there are a lot of them. Citizens can easily obtain information about the property and its owners. The main thing is to know where to turn.

How to find out if a flat is privatized or not? You can use the following methods:

  • contact Rosreestr;
  • request an extract from the USRR;
  • go with the corresponding request to the BTI;
  • use Internet services to check the availability of privatization;
  • look at the receipt of payment of utility bills of a particular apartment;
  • go to the management company with the request.

Accordingly, there is always plenty to choose from. In fact, not all proposed methods are equally effective. For example, it will be harder to get information through the Internet than to contact one or another body on your own. Then you can take a closer look at each method of action.

Through Rosreestr

To begin with, the most common option is to apply to the Rosreestr. You can submit it either through the official website or in person. With a citizen must bring:

  • identity card (civil passport);
  • receipt of payment of state duty for providing information;
  • application form.

After submitting the request, a citizen is issued a receipt. With her he will have to get a certificate of real estate. As a rule, information is provided to the citizen approximately 3 days after the submission of the request.

How to find out if a flat is privatized or not? You can contact the BTI. This service provides property information. But not everyone has the opportunity to obtain relevant information.

According to the established laws, the BTI have the right to apply:

  • direct owners of real estate;
  • heirs;
  • law enforcement agencies;
  • city ​​administration;
  • tax services;
  • justice authorities on property rights.

Accordingly, the common man will not be given an extract from the BTI. With a citizen must bring:

  • certificate of ownership (if any);
  • a document indicating the entry into the inheritance (testament, for example);
  • identification;
  • statement.

But this is only the beginning. How to find out if a flat is privatized or not? Through the Internet! More precisely, citizens are invited to apply to USRRP and get a certificate of the established sample. You can do it personally, but you can through the World Wide Web.

The main problem is that the official EGRP website requires the user to have an electronic digital signature. Without it, help on the Internet is not ordered. With a personal appeal, a citizen brings the same documents as in the case of the BTI.

How to find out if an apartment has been privatized or not via the Internet in an easier way? There is a service “Extract from USRR online”. It allows for a fee to get information about a particular property. It is impossible to say for sure whether this site is working properly. Only one thing is clear - a citizen will use such services at his own peril and risk. On the Internet, only the official websites of various authorities can be trusted.

How to find out if the apartment has been privatized or not, at Theoretically, you can contact the management company that serves a particular house. This organization stores information about property owners. The problem is that the provision of such data without proper permission is not encouraged by law.

In practice, this rule is often neglected. Therefore, you can try to go to the Criminal Code, which serves the house (or in the housing office). They contact the settlement center and get information about the owners.

Receipts to help

How to find out if a flat is privatized or not? The latter method is somewhat non-standard. You can pay attention to the bills for an apartment that come to a particular address.

The thing is that on the receipt of payment of housing and communal services there is a line “Hiring”. Sometimes you can see the column "Social Hiring". If the apartment is privatized, then there will be dashes in these lines. Otherwise, the amount due. So it will be possible to understand whether the property is privatized or not.

In fact, the privatization process is not so difficult to carry out if properly prepared for it. But to get information about the property in which the property is located is a huge problem. Especially if we are talking about a stranger.

In fact, there are a lot of methods for obtaining information about whether an apartment has been privatized or not. Everyone decides how to act. The best method is to contact Rosreestr with the corresponding request.