Every woman — someone earlier, someone a little later — wakes up the desire to become a mother. Those who are planning this pregnancy, I want to know about the coming conception as early as possible. Current tests in the form of strips that can be purchased in any pharmacy is able to show accurate results after two weeks have elapsed since conception. But not all expectant mothers ready to wait, because they want to learn about good news in the here and now. Will try to figure out how to know about pregnancy before the delay.

Based on feelings or facts?

Many women claim that they feel pregnancy. To say that they are right or wrong, it is not necessary, and in this sense no no. But these women are very eager to obtain confirmation of his hopes and feelings. Therefore, the question of how to know about pregnancy in the early stages, should have in the first place.

How to learn about pregnancy before a delay? First signs of pregnancy

If a woman wants this child, then, of course, it is interesting how successful were attempts of conception. If for some reason you are not, then the diagnosis of pregnancy as early as possible is important in order to enable it to make early abortion. The sooner it is done, the less will be injured woman's body and the less risk of complications.

Dr. almost in one voice insists that while there is no reliable method of diagnosis of pregnancy before the delay. But this is not true. There are various ways to obtain accurate results. They are the "heroes" of this article.

What changes occur in a woman’s body after conception?

Once there was a merger of two gametes — male and female — immediately starts the continuous division of cells. As a result, the female body undergoes significant hormonal adjustments. Immediately in large quantity produces progesterone — a hormone which helps to hold the pregnancy and does not allow the genital area to push out a new body. Stands out and one needed in this situation, the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. He indicates that a woman's body has a new life.

Here are the first signs of early pregnancy. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that these two hormones increase proportionally with the period of pregnancy: the closer to birth, the greater the concentration of these hormones in the female body. Because of this, once menstruation late, the first signs that fertilization has taken place.

Happened or not?

Those women who dream about the baby (no matter one year or a decade), I want to know exactly how to know about pregnancy before the delay. The most accurate is the method of establishing this fact through blood. This method provides opportunity to dissipate the fog before it becomes clear that menstruation is delayed. The next day after happened the implantation of the ovum in the wall of the genitals, such a study will give a positive result. It occurs about 3-5 days after ovulation.

Therefore, if a woman thinks about how to know about pregnancy without test, it can test for the determination of human chorionic gonadotropin. For those moms who want to know all about his condition down to the smallest detail, it will be interesting when the analysis will tell about the period in which they are in the moment.

What does basal temperature say?

The change in basal body temperature is one of the symptoms, allowing to answer the question of how to know about pregnancy before the delay. In this case, it is much easier for those women who have measured it systematically. It is a pity that modern ladies use this method solely for the purpose of contraception. But he is not as effective, and the risk of pregnancy is quite high.

Much more effective "work" of basal temperature in determining the days when the possibility of conception. The secret lies in the fact that on the day of ovulation it becomes a bit higher — by about one degree. Of course, the result was pleasing for its accuracy, this schedule is necessary to conduct for several months.

The basal temperature remains high almost to the beginning of the month. But for a week before they start, the temperature gradually decreases. If the week is near and the temperature continues to remain high, it is likely that the woman in the situation because in this case the temperature drops.

HCG and test - what will they say?

Development of HCG (mentioned above) is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy even before the delay. A hormone produced by the chorion, which later will form the placenta. It will be a signal that in the blood of healthy women found an increased presence of HCG, and it's not normal. Usually this is a clear sign of pregnancy. This is the first sign of pregnancy to one month. Those rare cases in nonpregnant women can be used to detect this hormone, mean that there is cancer or a consequence of medication.

HCG can be determined by test as the best option for a "finding" of pregnancy home. It's better to do a couple of weeks after the alleged conception (it's a few days before menstruation). It must be remembered that the test should be as sensitive, it is necessary to use first morning urine, all the instructions to the test to observe definitely.

But the test may be, for example, expired or spoiled. If the ladies wonder how to know about pregnancy without test, you can do this is very simple: you just have to take a blood test for HCG. The result can be seen on the tenth day after a woman's body settled a new life. To donate blood we need on an empty stomach in the morning.

Without attracting medicine: soda experiments

Of course, there are various ways through which you can learn the answer to this troubling question. This laboratory studies, and ultrasound. But not always, women have the opportunity or desire to resort to them. And then come to the aid of alternative (or traditional) methods of determining "interesting condition." Consider some of them.

So one of the ways to know about pregnancy before the delay, is the use of the usual soda. To conduct the study, need only a bit of morning urine and familiar baking soda. Urine collect in a small transparent Cup and pour a teaspoon of baking soda. Now you just have to follow the reaction. If the powder will bubble and hiss, most likely the lady is not pregnant. But if in the Cup all is quiet, after a few months the light will be a new person.

Grow, grow, flower!

How to learn about the early pregnancy, using a normal house plants? People have long argued that human chorionic gonadotropin (though many years ago, ordinary people not close to medicine, I did not know anything about him, and just drew conclusions from what he saw) gives you the opportunity flowers, herbs and everything else to grow much faster. To test this, it is sufficient to collect a portion of urine and water any houseplant. If after this procedure, the flower quickly grows in size, produces new sprouts and begins to blossom, the woman is likely pregnant. If everything remained the same, and the conception took place. That's how early I learned about pregnancy. However, in this method there is no medical or scientific justification and basis of his superstitions and omens.

Here you are, "interesting position"

It is clear that in the beginning of the "interesting situation" a woman's belly undetectable. But even before there was a delay of menstruation, it is (especially if this is not the first pregnancy) can understand everything in its forms. After all, when it begins to fill the breast during pregnancy, it becomes a little bit more and moms feel the sensitivity of the mammary glands. It may happen that in tight pants ladies may not fit. However, these signs are not always verbs about the birth of a new life. If a woman suffers from hormonal diseases, the symptoms are the same.

If the woman doesn't know people's methods of determining the birth of a new life in it and not sure what are the first signs of early pregnancy it can observe, you will just need to listen to yourself, to your feelings. The expectant mother acute intuition and develops the notorious sixth sense. A change in this period is quite banal and obvious: drowsiness and malaise, changes in taste preferences

Magic Pulsating Point

After a short time after conception, while still a little, the expectant mother can feel the pulsation at a certain point, located in the lower part of the abdomen. Its appearance is associated with enhanced blood circulation in the uterus. You can lie on your back and gently palpate the abdomen. If we can find a kind of pulse, we can assume that conception came true. Many women believe that this is the first sign of pregnancy to one month. However, one can argue that this method will be one hundred percent correct. If the girl fragile physique, it can also feel a pulse, not being in expectation of the stork.

Due to a change in the hormonal background, many women may change their sexual desire: for some they decrease, for some people there is a surge of emotions.

There are still some methods for determining "interesting situation". They are the place to be, because no matches exist. But scientific evidence they do not. For example, over the abdomen of the expectant mother on your own hair hung engagement ring, which begins to sway from side to side or in a circle. If the ring is safely hanging, pregnancy is not. Or another: two cups planted two bulbs and the cups are signed – "pregnant" "not pregnant". The onion, which will sprout early, and will give the answer to the question.

And yet, among the variety of such tips and methods, toxemia in early pregnancy will be a more accurate definition for a woman’s condition.

It remains to add one thing: in such a delicate matter should not trust only your feelings and assumptions. The exception is if it is possible to observe simultaneously several indirect evidence, claims about a possible pregnancy. But their "company" should be checked medically. So for sure the right thing is to donate blood for HCG.