Russia has developed a well-managed tax system. Tax revenues play the role of the main source of income for municipal budgets of all levels. Relevant inspectorates carefully monitor the timeliness of payment of these payments, and when they form a debt, they are initiated to enforce them. It is necessary to follow all the rules, that is, it is extremely important to track the formation of personal tax arrears and to extinguish them in time without any help. Further on this in more detail.

Definition of debt

How to find out tax debt for TIN?

At present, the tax service on the same basic platform is developing various innovations that will simplify and make the system of interaction with the FTS very convenient for taxpayers. This is important. For most of the emerging issues of interest to ordinary taxpayers, now you can quickly find the answers on the official website of the FTS. In this case, it is not necessary to spend time on endless queues in the respective organizations. With the help of an electronic service provided on the Internet by a division of the service of a specific subject of the Federation, the tax burden on TIN can be clarified. This will be discussed below.

Initially, it is necessary to find out what the abbreviation is. TIN stands for “taxpayer identification number”. In other words, the TIN is a digital code that streamlines the accounting of taxpayers in the Russian Federation. In Russia, it is issued to every citizen and is obligatory to receive.

Receiving TIN

This process is not complicated. In order to obtain a TIN, you must appear in the tax authority of your permanent registration and fill out the appropriate TIN form. After that, a certificate of TIN assignment will be issued personally. It will be certified by the signature and seal of the inspection supervisor. Initially, an individual receives a TIN certificate for free. However, in case of loss of this document for its restoration, it will be necessary to pay the state duty set by law in the amount of 200 rubles.

How to find out INN debt?

The answer to this question is quite simple. To establish your own tax debt on the TIN, the easiest way is to use the electronic resource of the territorial unit of the corresponding service. Having opened this site, you need to find a section on individuals. Then, clicking the appropriate tab, go to the links. Among them will be the direction to determine debt. This link in different regions may be of different names and types. Having opened it, it will be necessary to indicate your personal TIN and full name. If you do not have evidence of this document at hand, you can find it out at the tax office at the place of registration. When the system is in working condition, the amount of debt or a notice of its absence will appear on the screen. Here you will also see the contact phone numbers where you can contact the relevant tax inspectorate.

Personal account on the FTS website

Its presence is important. You can find out the tax debt on the TIN using your personal account on the FTS website. To do this, you must log in to the electronic resource of the corresponding service, however, to login to your personal account you will need a login and password. They need to be received in advance, appearing personally with a passport to the FTS unit at the place of registration. In this case, it must be done. Then you can freely use all the capabilities of the site resource. In your account, enter personal data. After that, the search for information about the debt. Also online you can print a receipt for tax payment. In order to do this, you need to have Adobe Reader on your computer. If not, then it can be downloaded directly on the FTS portal.

Determination of tax debt on TIN using SMS

This is another way to do this. It is the best option to quickly clarify the status of personal current tax arrears. It is necessary in the appropriate department at the place of registration to find out a special short number. To send an SMS to him from a mobile phone in order to find out the amount of his own debt on his personal TIN. To do this, in a specific special format adopted by the tax inspectorate, type in a message and send it to the specified number. Its content should contain your own ID number. In response, you will receive a message from the FTS office about the amount of your tax arrears requiring repayment. It should be borne in mind that information on taxes through SMS is provided only as a paid service, the cost of which is determined by the tariff of the cellular operator. In this case, the receipt must be downloaded from the site of the Federal Tax Service Office, typing the amount of tax arrears received in the message.

Other ways

By other methods, if you do not have passwords and logins to your personal account or without contacting the bodies of the corresponding service, you will not be able to find out the tax debt on the TIN. In order to obtain the required information, you will have to stand in a queue at least once. Then you can find out the amount of debt and get a receipt for its payment.

If the seen result turns out to be wrong from your point of view or requires clarification, then it is better to contact the tax inspection by email. It is necessary to set out in detail the essence of the question. If for some reason it is difficult, then you can contact the inspector by phone, ask all your questions and express doubts about the fairness of tax charges. Well, the most faithful way is a personal visit to the FTS office. This will not only solve all the issues on debt, but also to consult on the latest changes in legislation relating to the collection of taxes, to learn about the benefits, if you are supposed to, how to use them, and what documents will be required for this. In all cases, qualified specialists from the relevant authorities will prepare you an exhaustive answer to any questions and reissue a receipt to pay the debt, taking into account penalties and fines. If you provide a receipt confirming that the payment has already been made, but there is no data on this for some reason in the FTS database, the inspectors will make the necessary changes. When visiting the inspection department, do not forget to grab your passport and personal TIN number - this will significantly speed up the computer search.

Today you got acquainted with the methods of ascertaining personal tax arrears. As can be seen from the above, these procedures are not complicated, are carried out quickly enough, but are very important. In the event of late payment of taxes, debt collection will be entrusted to bailiffs, and issues will have to be resolved in court.