Many modern sports provide not only regular exercise but also require adherence to a specific diet. To understand how to consume protein, you must remember that you need it during a long and fruitful lesson, such sport activities as fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting and other such variations of load, in which great importance is muscle strength, as the purpose of exercises is to their development.

What is a protein?

This substance is one of the main components of the human body. This is one of the names the protein. With the participation of proteins to build most of the tissues of the body, so to live without it. The body protein is essential in order to get the energy to perform full life. As you can see, its value is very important.

There are two varieties of proteins. The first are important for the body amino acids. They are essential substances, as without them the human body can not exist. The second kind are considered interchangeable acid, whose importance also cannot be overstated. The substance in its natural configuration contains the most products of animal origin. Other types of proteins found in cereals.

That the organism functioned normally, no malfunction or loss of power, it is necessary that a day per 1 kg of body weight received at least one and a half grams of protein. Best is if one eats in the proportion of two grams per day.

Types of products containing protein

Drugs that are made for athletes and for ordinary people, are not the result of modern chemical developments. They are distinguished from natural products, this removes the unnecessary substances that are less useful to the human body. Synthetic reagents or articles shall not apply so as to consume the protein can only be one that is naturally derived.

This is the best whey protein in standard form. It contains minimal amount of impurities, and more natural protein than similar drugs. He holds the record place utility and speed of assimilation by the body. Remember that together with top quality protein and the price rises, it is the highest on the market of similar products. If you use this the best whey protein should be consumed directly after your workout. It helps to fill the energy balance and to maintain the condition of muscles.


He is in a similar way, but is less thoroughly processed. The impurities in it can be a large number (60%), however, there are varieties of the drug, in which foreign substances of about 20%.


This drug has a special ability to quickly absorbed by the body. After entering the digestive tract it is accepted almost instantly and immediately begins to spread to organs and tissues. It happens because of great purity, and in conjunction with the aspect and fermentativnoi of the drug.

The body quickly takes all the necessary substances so as to use the protein in the configuration of the peptides. It has side effects: because of the rapid process of assimilation by the body causes for the breakdown of proteins received fewer enzymes than in the use of pure protein.


There are several groups of these substances, which are formed depending on which items was the donor for the manufacture of the drug:

  1. Egg protein is the most valuable and useful protein. He's usually absorbed by the body almost 100%, therefore is a model which measured the usefulness of other types of proteins.
  2. Whey protein isolate is the most valuable and effective dietary Supplement. Its composition is enriched with the highest amount of essential amino acids. The breakdown of the substance occurs very quickly, so as soon as the person receives reinforcement forces. Also this is the best protein to gain muscle mass. Take this medicine preferably in the morning when the full awakening from sleep has not occurred, and immediately after a workout.
  3. Casein protein differs quite a complex structure. To get it, curdling milk with the help of special enzymes. Casein has a special structure, so after getting into the human body has the ability to create the cheese mass, which is relatively slowly and completely absorbed. If you need a long time to get metered power, you can use it. Another common protein intake before bed.
  4. Soy protein has a composition containing a large amount of acids that allows to regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood. This protein is specially designed for those who want as quickly as possible to lose weight. If a person suffers from lactose intolerance or has a large amount of excess weight, this protein will deliver him from the problem. Dosing the drug should be used with caution, as the use of the protein you need with the idea that its main side effect is to create problems with the digestive system.

Additional varieties

Each of the following types of protein can be purchased separately or in combination:

  1. Collagen protein has a positive effect to strengthen the skin, ligaments, joints and various connective tissues. With its help you can easily improve the own body, to make it more resilient. This protein is in most cases used as a Supplement to other varieties.
  2. Milk protein is formed when you create a blend, which includes whey and casein components. They are mixed in the proportions 20% and 80%, and add milk carbohydrates.

It should be remembered that modern producers practiced the production of integrated variations of drugs that include two or more components. So did the founders, to produce the protein Matrix, applying the most useful and natural substances.

Use features

When the calculation of the optimal dosage, one should remember that there are protein to one hundred percent consists of protein. Typically, the saturation varies in the range of 50-90%, but some manufacturers produce the drugs, in which the main component is up to 95% of the composition, which confirms the protein Matrix.

Before application it is necessary to dissolve the drug into any liquid. Its quantity does not matter, however, you should make sure that you can fully stir the material. You must know that in the boiling water to dissolve the protein, as in most cases it collapses, which negates all the benefits of the application.

It should be remembered that egg protein is the most useful protein, therefore, the appearance of such possibility it is better to give preference to him. Natural protein cannot be consumed in such quantities in which it is sold in the form of the drug. It is necessary to calculate an optimum dose and do not skip hours, then the body will get enough nutrients.

The daily dose should be divided into two times. The first is usually used in the morning and then drink protein after a workout. If active sports to a specific day is not provided, it is necessary to take the drug before dinner. The basic rule of the method lies in the fact that it is impossible to use the entire dose, as in this case, it is only part of the protein.