Many modern sports provide not only regular physical activities, but also require adherence to a certain diet. To understand how to use protein, it is necessary to remember that it is necessary for long and effective occupation of such sports as fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting and other similar types of loads for which muscle strength is of great importance, since the purpose of the exercises is to develop them .

What is protein?

This substance is one of the main components of the human body. This is one of the names of the protein. With the participation of proteins, most body tissues are built, so it is impossible to live without it. The body needs protein in order to get energy to carry out a full-fledged life activity. As you can see, its importance is very important.

There are two types of proteins. The first are considered essential amino acids for the body. They are irreplaceable substances, because without them the human body can not exist. The second type is considered interchangeable acids, the value of which is also difficult to overestimate. The substance in the natural configuration is found in most animal products. Other types of proteins are found in cereals.

In order for the body to function normally, there were no disruptions in its work or loss of strength, it is necessary that at least one and a half grams of protein per day per kg of body weight. It is considered optimal if a person consumes two grams per day in a given proportion.

Types of preparations containing protein

Preparations that are made both for athletes and for ordinary people are not the result of modern chemical developments. They are released from natural products, while removing excess substances that are less beneficial to the human body. Synthetic reagents or products are not used, because protein can only be used that obtained in a natural way.

This is the best whey protein in standard form. It contains the minimum amount of impurities, and more natural protein than similar preparations. It occupies a record place in the utility and speed of absorption by the body. It should be remembered that, together with the highest quality of protein, the price rises, it is the highest on the market for similar products. If this best whey protein is used, it should be consumed directly after the end of the workout. It helps to fill the energy balance, as well as maintain muscle condition.


It is produced in the same way, but undergoes less thorough processing. Impurities in it can be a large amount (up to 60%), but there are variations of the drug, in which foreign substances about 20%.


This drug has a special property to be quickly absorbed by the body. After entering the digestive tract, it is taken almost instantly and immediately begins to spread through the organs and tissues. This is due to excellent purity, and together with this aspect - and the fermentation of the drug.

The body quickly takes all the necessary substances, as it is possible to use protein in the configuration of peptides. It also has side effects: due to the rapid process of absorption by the body, less enzymes are released to break down the incoming proteins than when consumed in its pure form.

Types of proteins

There are several groups of these substances, which are formed depending on what elements served as donors for the preparation of the drug:

  1. Egg white is the most valuable and beneficial protein. Usually it is absorbed by the body by almost 100%, therefore it is a sample from which the usefulness of other types of proteins is calculated.
  2. Whey protein isolate is the most valuable and effective food additive. Its composition is enriched with the greatest number of essential amino acids BCAA. The splitting of this substance occurs very quickly, so in the shortest possible time a person receives reinforcement of forces. It is also the best protein for gaining muscle mass. Take this drug preferably in the morning, when a full awakening from sleep has not yet happened, as well as immediately after the end of the workout.
  3. Casein protein has a rather complex structure. To obtain it, the milk is made with special enzymes. Casein has a special structure, so after being ingested into a human body it is possible to create a curd mass that is relatively slowly completely absorbed. If you need a long time to receive dosed energy, you can use it. Also taking protein before bedtime is common.
  4. Soy protein has a composition containing a large amount of acids, which allows it to regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood. This protein is designed specifically for those who wish to lose weight as soon as possible. If a person suffers from lactose intolerance or has a large amount of excess weight, this protein will relieve him of the problem. It is necessary to dose the drug with caution, since it is necessary to consume protein with the idea that its main side effect is the creation of problems with the digestive system.

Additional varieties

Each of the following types of protein can be purchased separately or in the complex:

  1. Collagen protein has a positive effect on strengthening the skin, ligaments, joints, and various connective tissues. With it, you can easily improve your own body, make it more resilient. This protein is in most cases used as an additive to other varieties.
  2. Milk protein is formed by creating a mixture in which whey and casein components are involved. They are mixed in a proportion of 20% to 80%, and also add milk carbohydrates.

It should be remembered that modern manufacturers practice the manufacture of complex types of drugs, which include two or more components. So did the creators who made the protein Matrix, using the most useful and natural substances.

Use features

When calculating the optimal dosage, it should be remembered that there is no one hundred percent protein protein. Usually the saturation varies in the range of 50-90%, however, some manufacturers create preparations in which the main component takes up to 95% of the composition, which is confirmed by the Matrix protein.

Before use, it is necessary to dissolve the drug in any liquid. Its quantity does not matter; however, one should make sure that the substance can be completely stirred. It is necessary to know that it is impossible to dilute protein in boiling water, since in most cases it collapses, which negates all the benefits from the application.

It should be remembered that egg protein is the most useful protein, therefore, when such an opportunity arises, it is better to give preference to it. Natural protein cannot be consumed in such quantity in which it is sold as a drug. It is necessary to calculate the optimal dose for yourself and not to miss the hours of intake, then the body will receive a sufficient amount of nutrients.

The daily portion needs to be divided into two times. The first is usually applied in the morning, and then it is recommended to drink protein after exercise. If active sports on the particular day is not provided, you must take the drug before dinner. The basic rule of administration is that it is not possible to use the entire dose at a time, since in this case only part of the protein will be absorbed.