In recent years more and more people tend to think that having developed physically in shape is considered normal and not exotic. However, in practice this is done not everyone can do it, because most of such people has a problem with too-large buttocks, which did not get rid of. In this article, the reader will learn how to reduce ass and to get acquainted with several very effective exercises that will help to solve the problem with an oversized buttocks.

How to reduce your butt, hips and stomach at home? How to reduce ass man?

The biological aspect

No sports practice will not solve the problem with surround buttocks until overlaps the abundant deposition of fat in the body. Of course it would be possible to suggest a diet, but not everyone is able to overpower her along with exercise. The reader is therefore a set of rules that must be followed to achieve the goal:

  1. To completely eliminate sweets, including sugar, added to tea or coffee. Sweet carbonated water also falls under the ban.
  2. No fast food, fried pies, pasties and other food, which is designed to satisfy hunger outside the home.
  3. Complete cessation of alcohol consumption, including kvass. How to reduce ass, if alcohol will eliminate any sporting achievements? This is a very important point.
  4. To increase the intake of plain water at the rate of 30-40 ml per kilogram of its own weight. Water should be ingested throughout the day in small portions (not more than 200 ml at a time).
  5. To include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables. If their presence in your city problem, it is necessary to begin the consumption of vitamin-mineral complex.

Proper training

Any strength training leads to muscle growth. But the total mass loss responds cardio training, which is done with minimal weight high reps at a fast pace. And if a person thinks about how to reduce butt and thighs, he must be ready for a very challenging and intense workouts that will force the fat in his body to be burned forever.

The fact that leg muscles in humans are the largest. If you force them to work for timely supply of all tissues with oxygen require a fast work of the heart. The whole running mechanism is going to need huge volumes of energy that the body will have to be taken from fat deposits.

Any man must understand that get rid of fat only in one place is possible only through surgical intervention. But the cardio will burn fat proportionally throughout the body. If the percentage of fat most on the priest, the road to the goal a little lengthy.

Most effective exercise

Many people are interested in how to reduce ass at home, they proofread the description of many of the exercises, but due to the complexity of their execution stop at the beginning of his own way. In fact, before training the body you need to ask the vector to give a small burden with which he will have to adjust to the new way. And then you can force the muscles all sorts of training.

The most effective exercise to do is considered walk a moderate pace (5 km/h) at the Park area. At first enough to give this exercise 20 minutes a day, but at the end of the month it is recommended to gradually increase walking time up to 80 minutes. Professionals recommend to refrain from eating for 1-2 hours after walking, forcing the body to eat just by its own fat. Often in the initial stages of such classes clothing novice athlete then abundantly impregnated with the smell of ammonia. It's no big deal: fat cells are broken down so quickly that they do not have time to waste disposed of and removed from the body afterwards.

Simple steps to a great sport

At home, at work or in the gym – no matter where, it is important that will need the most simple and effective exercise called "squats". Many who are looking for information about how to reduce ass, definitely get some advice on the squats. There is no difficulty in the exercise. There's a technique, but it is very simple, namely that the process of back squats was always smooth, and the knees never went over the line at socks.

To perform squats you will need a chair and a small focus for which you can take to help yourself to embark on the initial stages of training. If the chair is low, do not have to sit my ass on it, it is enough to control your hips reached parallel with the floor and return to starting position. Squats it is recommended to perform 4 sets with the maximum number of repetitions, not more often two times a week. When he reached 50 reps at a time, you need to adjust the exercise. If the question is about how to reduce the ass man, it is recommended to use weighting, but women need to exercise with more intensity, setting records on the run-time.

Increase the load on the hips, buttocks and abdomen

Many people are interested in how to reduce ass and belly at the same time. There is no difficulty with this, because the fat out evenly, and have it on hand for any beginner. To get working the biggest muscles using a very effective aerobic exercise. Standing on all fours, you need to pull the toes toward you and lift the leg using the hip joint, upwards. It is important to control that leg at the knee joint has not changed the 90 degree angle. During the exercise the back should be smooth. The approach is 25-35 times. Should feel work the gluteal muscles.

The second exercise of this series requires a full straightening of the leg back with the toe itself. In the initial position the leg is parallel to the floor, and the lift is performed up to the maximum height allowed (5-15 degrees). After performing this exercise you need to lie on your back, bend your knees to 90 degrees. Focusing feet into the floor, lift your pelvis 10-15 cm from the floor so that your thighs are in one line with your back, then return the buttocks to the starting position.

In conclusion

Recommended in this article exercise will help everyone to get rid of excess fat in the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. In the initial stages, everyone will have difficulties, but they must be overcome, as did the millions of people who and leave their positive feedback about the training in the media.

And if a person is interested in the question of how to reduce the ass without performing any exercises, the answer is obvious. Without surgery it can be done. Therefore, to achieve the result will have to work a lot in sweat.