Suede shoes never go out of style. The unique style and grace of this material has been applied in the manufacture of shoes for any season. In the winter, the care of the presented material requires knowledge of several nuances. Although many people are afraid to buy suede shoes, in fact it is a practical, durable material. In order for it to retain its original appearance for a long time, you need to know a few secrets for the care of this fabric.

During the cold period, it is necessary to pay close attention to cleaning and protection of shoes. During this period, snow, slush can spoil the delicate material. How to care for suede shoes in winter? This will help the advice of experienced experts. They will tell you how to simply and efficiently carry out this process.

Suede designation

When buying a new pair of suede boots or boots, you first need to clearly understand its purpose. It should not be worn for a long time, when hiking trips over long distances are coming. It is, rather, the ceremonial version of shoes. Models created from this material look really sophisticated, festive.How to care for suede shoes in the winter at home? Effective methods, recommendations

This delicate material does not tolerate moisture. Therefore, wearing it in the fall or spring is not recommended. But for a snowy winter, it will fit perfectly. If the weather is frosty outside, this option of shoes will be most welcome. How to care for suede shoes in winter? There is nothing complicated about it.

Suede shoes will well emphasize the coat of classic tailoring or soft fur coat. Many models of stylish, extravagant shoes designers create it from this material. They argue that every person should have at least one pair of boots, shoes made from this material.

Actions at purchase

First of all, it should be noted that there is natural and artificial suede. The second variety is somewhat inferior to the first in its qualities. But caring for her also requires no less thorough. Suede needs proper protection.

Before the first time shod a new pair of boots, they should be wiped with a dry cloth made of soft material. For these purposes also not too rigid brush will approach.Then it is necessary to treat the material with a water repellent. Considering the question of how to care for faux suede shoes in winter, it should be noted that the same actions are performed with it as with natural material.

Nanospray is best suited as a water repellent. It should be sprayed over the entire surface of the material. At the same time it should be slightly wet. After this procedure, the shoes are left to dry for about 12 hours. The protective layer will need to be periodically restored. This will save shoes from moisture, pollution, salt solutions.

Winter period

Caring for suede shoes in winter does not require much effort and time. Having come home from a walk on a frosty day, the snow simply shakes off boots or boots. To do this, you can use a brush or a soft flannel rag.

Cleaning is done very carefully. You can not make this effort. Otherwise the fibers will close. The appearance of the shoes will be irretrievably lost.

Considering how to properly care for suede shoes in winter, it is necessary to pay special attention to the process of drying. After removing snow from the surface of the material, it should be left to dry. In no case should not put shoes close to the battery or other heater. The room should be warm, but from the heat the appearance of the material will also be spoiled.

Cleaning brush

Studying technology, how to care for yourself at home for shoes made of suede, you need to pay attention to the permissible options for brushes. For cleaning, after the first walk of the pile skin, you will need to purchase a special porous material. This brush sponge has high rigidity.

It is used in combination with a special foam cleaner. This will allow you to quickly remove the top layer of dust in dry weather.

To eliminate greasy deposits, you should acquire a special eraser or a brush with rubberized teeth. You may also need a crepe cleaner. After its application, the surface becomes velvety. For convenience, small brushes are on sale, which combine the two types of cleaners presented above.

For deep cleaning a special flannel brush with coarse pile is used.

Dirt removal

There are many proven methods for caring for suede boots. Cleaning methods are different. It all depends on the degree of contamination. Worst of all, if the material got dirt or moisture. In this case, have to work hard.

Do not clean shoes while they are wet. Before the procedure, the material must be well dried. To remove stains, you must use special tools for suede. At the same time they use even the usual stationery eraser.

Well removes stains foam cleaner. It is sold in aerosol packaging. This tool eliminates even deeply absorbed contamination. To do this, the tool must be applied to the shoes, distributing it evenly over the surface of the flannel napkin (not rubbing). When the product dries out after a few minutes, it is removed along with the dirt.

Pile raising

To understand how to properly care for suede shoes in winter, you also need to consider the procedure for raising the pile. This should be done when scuffs and shiny spots appear on the surface of the material. This will require a cotton swab with ammonia. Faded places are treated with the presented agent. Then the pile is lifted with a special or stationery eraser.

You can also resort to the method of using steam. Above the pot of boiling water need a few minutes to hold shoes. Next, the surface is treated with a soft cloth. If the pile is steamed out, it instantly takes on its original appearance. Also, a similar procedure is performed after cleaning the material.

Color recovery

Considering how to care for suede shoes in winter, it is necessary to study the technique, allowing to restore the color of the material. Such an unpleasant phenomenon as fading, occurs as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight on boots or shoes. Therefore, special aerosols are used to restore the brightness and saturation of the color of the shoe. They are selected in accordance with the shade of the shoe.

Before the procedure, the material is cleaned and well dried. Then evenly distribute the paint from the can over the entire surface. After the shoes are well dried again and lift the pile with an eraser. Such tools gently affect the material.

Knowing how to care for suede shoes in winter, you can save its spectacular appearance for a long time. Such simple procedures can perform each. Stylish, fashionable boots, shoes will please for a long time impeccable appearance of its owner.