Potted flowers, like all living things, have a time of growth and a time of rest. These periods should be considered. Not following the rules, you can greatly harm your pets. How to care for indoor plants, so that they delighted with their beauty, will be discussed in this article. Especially it will be useful for beginners in the cultivation of flowers.

How to care for indoor and annual plants: step by step instructions, features and recommendations

Care for indoor plants, the basic rules

  • Heat. Temperature control is an important rule for a healthy flower. Properly chosen temperature is the key to a healthy and strong plant. Which in time will please with abundant flowering or beautiful foliage. There are thermophilic and cold-resistant plants, this must be considered when buying.
  • Shine. Light mode plays an important role in the growth of indoor flowers. Before you buy a plant, you must determine exactly which side in the house or apartment windows go. If you put a light-loving flower on the north window, where there is little light, it will just wither. A shade-tolerant in the south window will burn leaves and can completely die. In winter, artificial light is used for some plants.
  • Watering. Another important factor in the main rules is how to care for indoor plants. With proper watering home flowers will delight emerald green and lush foliage, abundant and long flowering. It is with water that plants get all the necessary nutrients for life, growth and reproduction.

Observing these simple tips, you can find an approach to any flower, and to unpretentious, and to capricious. Among the abundance of indoor flowers, you should pay attention to the sweetie, or money tree, unpretentious to watering, light and air temperature. Ideal for novice florist.

Money tree (indoor plant): how to care

Crassula, Crassula, or the more familiar money tree, belongs to the family of Crassulaceae, a kind of succulent. It has about 350 species, from dwarfs a few centimeters to huge trees.

Homeland - South Africa. And this suggests that the plant is very unpretentious, for the proper care will give the grower a lush crown of fleshy leaves and small white flowers.

Basic rules for the care of the money tree

Temperature:  The plant perfectly adapts to the temperature drops in the apartment. In winter, it suffers dry air from batteries, cold from windows, in summer it easily tolerates heat, and in the fall - dampness and lack of sunlight.

In the summer it is necessary to take out the Crassoul on the balcony, loggia, veranda or garden. Temperature drops during the day have a positive effect on the growth of fatty meat. It hardens, builds up fleshy leaves, acquires strong immunity.

In winter, the money tree prefers a cool temperature, +7. +12 degrees. It is advisable not to put it near the battery. From hot air, the plant sheds leaves. In addition, they shrink, losing its appeal.

Watering. in the winter time to minimize. Water once every 10 days. If Crassula remains to spend the winter on a warm balcony, watering is stopped altogether. If you do not follow this rule, the stem and roots will rot, which will lead to the death of the whole plant.

In summer, water as the soil dries. After the upper layer has dried, you can wait another 4-5 days and then water it. The fat woman has a tendency to accumulate moisture in the fleshy leaves, so it is absolutely not at all underfilled.

Shine. loves light, but not direct sunlight. From the bright sun leaves get burned, brown spots appear on them. In the summer, plant pritenyat curtains or rearrange in a little shaded.

Although the fat woman tolerates lack of light, he still prefers bright and spacious windows. This rule is desirable to observe at any time of the year. From a lack of light, the money tree is drawn out, losing the pomp of the crown.

Zamioculkas, dollar tree (indoor plant): how to care

Another representative of Africa is the zamiokulkas, or dollar tree. This is an evergreen and perennial plant of the aroid family. Flower growers love it for its beautiful fleshy leaves and unpretentiousness. Caring for a plant is very simple, if you follow these simple rules, the question of how to care for indoor plants, will seem very easy.

Basic care for a dollar tree

Temperature. preferably +20. +25 In winter, prefers cool air: +15. +17. In summer it grows well in the fresh air. But drafts can not tolerate, can get sick.

Watering. summer and spring moderate, once every 10 days. Make sure that the potted soil is dry. Otherwise, the roots rot, and the plant may die. In winter, watering is minimized. Enough once a month to water the plant, you can periodically spray.

Shine. Prefers diffused lighting, but not dark. In order for the dollar tree to grow strong and beautiful, it needs a bright room, but you need to avoid exposure to sunlight. They leave burns on the leaves.

Bright Cyclamen

And this blooming handsome man can only be grown by experienced flower growers. The flower is bright, festive, striking in a riot of colors and malachite greens. In order for cyclamen to enjoy its flowering in winter, special conditions are required.

What care require tuberous indoor plants (cyclamen)? How to care for them in the winter to please their lush and so short flowering?

Fundamental rules

Temperature. the main parameter of a healthy plant. In winter, daytime temperatures are +13. +15 at night +5. +10. Such drops provide bloom for a month. At higher temperatures, the flower ceases to bloom. It may even reset the foliage, "deciding" that it is time to rest.

Does not tolerate stuffy rooms and stale air. Therefore, you should air the room more often, but avoid drafts. Cyclamen does not like them.

Watering:  flower demanding careful watering. Do not pour water into the middle of the outlet. Water, falling on a tuber, leads to its rotting. Water strictly on the edge of the pot, making sure that the top layer of soil dries well.

In summer, watering is reduced, but not completely stopped. The plant continues to grow and build up the root system. In order not to be mistaken with watering in the summer, you should pay attention to the condition of the sheet. As soon as the leaves lose their elasticity, it is necessary to water the plant abundantly.

Cyclamen is undemanding to water hardness. The main thing is that the water was separated and had a temperature of 1-2 degrees below room temperature. In winter it is good to spray a flower, but before the appearance of flowers. Buds do not tolerate such manipulations. They instantly showered, and if left, the flowers will be in brown spots.

Shine. bright but diffused. Cyclamen feels good on the eastern and western windows. In the summer should pritenyat plant from sunlight. Cyclamen is a short day flower; it does not need light exposure.

Following all of the above, knowing how to properly care for indoor plants, a novice in indoor floriculture will avoid many mistakes and troubles.

Children and indoor flowers

A young child is very kind to the surrounding nature. He will be happy to water, loosen and spray the flower. The main thing - to know how to care for indoor plants. Children need to tell and explain in detail what a particular room dweller likes.

A good idea is to give the child the flower you like, it will belong only to him. And the baby will be tenderly and with great love will take care of your pet.

A young plant will grow with its little owner. An invisible connection appears between them. The child becomes more responsible, he understands that without his attention, the fragile plant will simply die.

And the plant, feeling the care of the little owner, begins to grow actively, delighting those around with lush greenery. And if it is a flowering plant, it will delight the baby and his parents with abundant and beautiful flowering.

The relationship between the child and his indoor plant will last for many years. And this relationship has a beneficial effect on the baby and, of course, on his favorite flower. The main thing - to successfully pick up the right plant for the baby.

That's all the simple rules of how to care for indoor plants.