Buying beautiful shoes, many believe that it will have a flawless look for a long time, without much effort, but the external negative factors, such as the impact of technical salt, acid rain, snow and mud, do not justify these expectations, and like any other thing, for shoes require special care.

How to care for leather shoes: tips, methods and recommendations

The following tips will help you understand how to care for leather shoes. And to avoid premature damage to any boots or shoes to maintain their good condition for many years.

How to care for leather footwear – recommendations

Care of shoes depends on the season. Understand how to care for leather footwear in winter. Due to a forced drying on the radiators and the water saturation, the strength shoes reduced. To avoid this, you need to:

  • at least twice a week to put on shoes cream
  • to buy a special brush
  • using a worn toothbrush can clean out of reach places and fine wrinkles.
  • the upper part is covered with a thin layer of cream, and in heels and socks to put a thick layer of creamy paste
  • leave to dry
  • cleaned with a brush or soft cloth or barchacky.

The treatment process of the Shoe

A thin layer of coating will ensure the closure of major long, but some of them will continue, and the sweat secreted by a man when walking, to go outside, that is, the repulsion of water will be provided, and, respectively, hygiene requirements are met.

How to properly care for leather shoes? Important here is the choice of cream.

Choose a Shoe

Organic dyes – Shoe Polish, consisting of paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, solvent, and colorant. Absorbed funds on this basis is slow, therefore they are more suitable winter shoes. When you purchase should pay attention to appearance, which is characterized by a glossy, smooth finish and uniformity in color. There should not be cracks, but if any, it means that he's old.

The emulsion contains a large amount of solvent, therefore, is most soft. It can help to clean the skin with a cloth, foam or a special pad, since the porous film will be formed better. These funds are used to warm weather and is essential for the relief pattern. Creams on this basis, non-flammable and non-toxic, without sharp smell.

Other means for processing

  • Sprays and aerosols, to ensure vodootlivnoj.
  • A special softening treatment for masking mechanical damages.
  • Cleansing shampoos, protectors and polishes.
  • Specialized deodorants.

If the shoes or boots become dirty, before actual processing, it is recommended to wash off the dirt with soap and water.

Useful tips

Before addressing the question how to care for leather footwear, you need to first prepare it. The care should match the color of shoes, if you select to get the exact tone is not possible, then a great option is a colourless cream.

If the boots are cracked and have long lost their luster, with the help of vaseline they can be polished with velvet or soft cloth. You can use a solution of baby soap with ammonia or whipped milk, protein and sugar in equal proportions.

Spot oils become less noticeable if you apply vegetable oil to soften and a solution of baking soda prepared at the rate of teaspoon in half a glass of water. Put cooked medium until the foam, then blot with a soft cloth.

To ensure that the skin refreshed, mix 4 drops of milk with a small amount of turpentine. The shoes rubbed and cleaned in the usual way.

If your favorite shoes look worn, you can RUB them with orange peel, their appearance will become much more attractive.

How to care for leather footwear in winter? When wet skin no need to strive to put the shoes to the heat source, drying should occur in a natural way. After this procedure, wipe it with vaseline and clean with a brush or cloth.

Often, when boots was long preserved, and their skin became solid, wear them, therefore, became difficult. It is recommended to RUB the surface with turpentine oil and Shine, applying cream.

How to care for white leather shoes?

If the skin is white, you need to use a colourless cream can also be cleaned with milk or soap solution. When choosing milk must be completely dry, and then RUB until a Shine.

If bright shoes are water stains, it is recommended to lubricate with vaseline and leave for 6 hours to remove excess fat and RUB the creamy pasta.

White shoes will retain color if they are periodically cleaned with a mixture prepared from half a Cup of milk and whipped chicken protein.

To impart properties of water resistance, you can use castor oil, glycerin, flax seed oil or fish oil. Film formed from these products, not only to pass water, but will soften the shoes. After twelve hours of impregnation be polished with a special tool.

For wiping the shoes yellow you can use lemon juice.

If the area of skin unbent or formed a scratch, on the reverse side you can apply nail Polish or glue "moment", then press firmly to the base material and after a few seconds the situation will be corrected.

After purchasing boots, boots and shoes, it is recommended before the operation to lubricate them with cream and Polish to a Shine, if it does not, it is recommended to use lemon juice. To solve the problem, if the Shoe is too tight, you can, ovladev inside her vinegar and after walking in it for at least three hours at home, she will take the foot size and will not cause further inconvenience.

After about a week of active socks is recommended impregnation with castor oil to provide moisture resistance. Not be amiss and once a week to Polish the skin lard to ensure the longevity of favorite shoes.

To avoid slipping in icy conditions, a leather sole can be rubbed with sandpaper or before the exit to the street be treated with a piece of raw potato.

To create water resistance, there is an effective recipe: take the wax and fish oil at the rate of 10:40, and add a few drops of turpentine. Melt the prepared ingredients on a water bath to produce their treatment.

Any footwear "dreams" about the rest, and if possible, then at least two days, she needs to stand up to completely dry and again to "breathe".

New shoes: care and storage

How to care for new leather shoes? To save winter shoes or boots, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • dry thoroughly at room temperature
  • to maintain the shape use of special pads, but if they are not, then you can use the old method to fill inside of the shoes dry newspaper
  • kept in boxes, but in any case not in polyethylene.


To keep the shoes, made of genuine leather, it is undesirable:

  • to wear, pulling the heel with your fingers, for this there is a special blade
  • with my boots, pressing the heel toe of the opposite leg
  • come in for putting on the heel
  • not to clean the shoes from mud, snow and other contaminants
  • to put shoes intensive drying
  • leave for a long time in the damp, as under the influence of moisture it is stretched, which leads to deformation;
  • the use of sponges with silicone, as this substance clogs the pores and stops the shoes to breathe.
  • contact with acetone, bleach or gasoline, because they destroy the collagen fibers.

Boots or shoes made from natural materials, will last a long time, and their impermeability, softness and elasticity will be provided, if cared for properly. Data and useful recommendations will help you to understand how to care for leather shoes.