The first kiss is an event in life that you will always remember until old age. You need to know some "rules" that will help make this important event unforgettable. Some young boys and girls do not know how to kiss for the first time, what you need to do in order to remember a kiss for life and to impress your partner to repeat romantic meetings and prolong relationships.

Is the first kiss a problem?

How to kiss for the first time? Kiss magic

It often happens that neither the girl nor the boy knows how to kiss. And therefore deliberately delay this moment. It would seem that the girl is simpler: she follows and repeats the movements of the young man. No special initiative is required. You shouldn't be ashamed of your inability to kiss: if the guy is smart, he will appreciate it and will treat the girl with more tenderness and attention.

The young man on etiquette must show initiative and perseverance without shyness and brute force. And the first sign that the girl is ready for a kiss is a long look in the guy's eyes. If the young man looks away or starts talking about something irrelevant, then he is not ready for this crucial moment.

In any case, always be natural, and if you feel the desire to kiss your partner and at the same time have the appropriate romantic atmosphere, then do it and have fun. And do not worry much if you do not know how to kiss the first time.

How to learn to kiss?

Many young boys and girls delay the first kiss, because they do not know how to kiss for the first time. What do we have to do? How to behave? What movements can be done and which cannot? The decision to kiss can ripen suddenly, but more often young people prepare for it both morally and physically.

It should be noted that there is no real and clear advice on how and where to do it. You yourself will feel that the time has come for this exciting moment. The first kiss should match the romantic setting, and at the same time it is important that you like your partner. It is necessary that no one interferes with you, and it is desirable that the witnesses are absent. After all, not only the girl is worried, but also the guy, and unexpected questions or comments from others can spoil the first kiss, and then it will not be easy to decide to do it the second time.

Practical advice

Tips for learning to kiss for the first time include not only the kiss technique, but also the preparation for this event.

You can create a romantic setting yourself. For example, invite a partner to the cinema to the last row. And it does not matter who will do it first: boyfriend or girlfriend. It is a dark room, a film about love to have the first kiss. Only in the cinema one can often see how a young boy and a girl kiss. And you can kiss your beloved or beloved after a good evening together with you. In this case, the behavior of a partner on a date will show you whether he is ready for the first kiss.

You shouldn't ask a guy a girl if she can kiss her: it will put her in a difficult position, make her embarrassed, and a kiss that will be remembered for a lifetime will not work.

Preparation for a kiss

It must be remembered that the pleasant smell from the mouth, as well as the aroma of your body sets the partner to a romantic wave. Therefore, it is important to take a shower or bath before a date, use deodorant, perfume or cologne with a mild smell. You should not take on the eve of such products as onions, garlic, spicy and fatty foods, alcoholic beverages. Smoking is contraindicated. You can use peppermint tablets or chewing gum. But you should not chew her on a date - it can discourage any desire, and advice on how to kiss for the first time may not be necessary.

Lips can be smeared with sugar for their brightness and softness, moisturize with the help of lipstick (this is advice for girls).

If you are ready for the first kiss, then you should set up your partner: you can gently talk with him, smile naturally, take her hand or embrace. At the same time, looking into your eyes, you should not quickly look away. A sincere look can say that you are ready, and by this push the partner to take the first step.

The first kiss should not be too short or long. According to psychologists, the optimal time is 20-30 seconds. At the same time you will feel a big explosion of emotions and get great pleasure. And do not need to experience complexes about the fact that, they say, I can not kiss. Your feelings and mutual desire will help you.

What to do when you first kiss?

If the initiator is a guy, then he needs to attract a girl to himself, tilt his head to the side and gently touch her lips with her lips. Then, opening the mouth, hold the tip of the tongue over the girl's lips. Then you can kiss the girl with her lips without aggression and pressure.

A girl can also take the initiative. This is best done at parting. It is necessary to come close to the guy, thank for the wonderful evening, gently look into his eyes and touch his lips for a while. The best in this case will be the quick departure of the girl without delay, in order to wake the hunter's desire in the guy: he will look forward to the next date.

Do not delay the kiss: the first time a guy and a girl kiss no more than a minute. This time is the most optimal for an emotional explosion. Do not be alarmed if you have excessive salivation: many people like it. When kissing, the eyes close by themselves: this is an indication that the person is detached from the surrounding reality and plunges into the world of feelings. It also means that people like each other, and the first kiss is the beginning of a new, brighter relationship that later turns into love.

How to get rid of an inferiority complex?

Many are afraid to kiss because of the lack of experience of communication with the opposite sex and the fear that your kiss will not make a proper impression on your partner. Do not be afraid of this. Even if you are embarrassed and make some awkward movement, this is not a reason to laugh at you. If you like a partner, and he feels sincere feelings for you, then it is he who will help you to forget about your fears.

Books on the psychology of relationships will tell you how to kiss. The lesson can teach you a good friend or video. Now there are also many interesting articles about this important event.

What you need to do to want to kiss?

There are some more tips on how to kiss for the first time and what you need to do so that you are desired for your partner. First, it is necessary:

  • regularly visit the dentist to eliminate all problems (sometimes you do not hear the smell from the mouth, but for others it is unpleasant);
  • brush your teeth not only in the mornings and evenings, but also before the date;
  • be sure to clean the surface of the tongue, because it accumulates a large number of bacteria that can cause bad breath;
  • the guy should be clean shaven, and the girl - neatly combed and without defiant makeup;
  • the girl should not apply bright lipstick: natural attracts more;
  • friendliness and smile should be your constant companions.

The first kiss is the magic of love.

For the first kiss to be remembered for a lifetime, you need:

  • kissing only a person that you really like and who you feel with your soul;
  • do not drink alcohol for courage;
  • not to succumb to provocations and kiss without desire only in order to gain experience;
  • you should not kiss the guy first: it is important to set him up and show by your appearance that you are ready for the first kiss (although exceptions are possible).

And it should be remembered that the first kiss should be with the one or only one to which you have a feeling. And it does not matter whether you get a kiss or not. Anyway, he will be remembered for a lifetime, and you will be able to repeat it with your loved one after even a few years.