The form of "cascade" has not lost its relevance for many years. Looking at fashion magazines, you can see that most modern beauties choose just such a haircut. The hair on the vertex and temporal zones is trimmed slightly shorter than the total length and laid in light waves. Despite the fact that the form seems complicated, with a certain diligence it can be performed at home. So, how to cut the "cascade" yourself?

How to cut the cascade yourself

For what hair is a hairstyle suitable?

This form is not one of the most common. Haircut was invented in 1980 and quickly began to be considered universal, since it is suitable for almost all girls, regardless of the length and texture of the hair. All kinds of "layered" haircuts allow the curls to look more dense, lush. The silhouette of the hairstyle becomes voluminous, and the image as a whole turns out to be more feminine. Especially the shape looks good on curly and curly hair. Its distinctive feature is the splendor in the crown area. This makes the haircut suitable for thin, thin hair. In addition, it can be performed on any length, both short and long.

How to cut a "cascade" on long hair

Hard canons are not here, an experienced master always focuses on facial features and structure, hair length. Carrying a haircut on your own, it's easiest to take as a base the basic technique. The main condition is a smooth transition from short layers to long ones. In order for it to be performed correctly and the length of the hair is preserved, the haircut must be started from the top of the head. So:

  1. Moist curls and comb. Spend two gaps. One from ear to ear. The second from the center of the forehead to the nape of the neck. For convenience, secure the obtained zones with clamps.
  2. In the center of the crown (place of intersection of the parting), select a rhombus size 2 × 2. Pull the resulting strand at an angle of 90 ° to the head and shear at the desired level (usually 15 cm).
  3. In order to understand how to shear the "cascade" further, imagine that the resulting strand is the main (control) strand. It should always be at an angle of 90 ° to the head and all subsequent strands will be separated by diagonal fences and be pulled to it.
  4. For convenience, first cut the left side of the head, then the right one. All the strands are separated by thin cuts 1 cm long, pulled to the control and cut at the desired level.
  5. When all the hair is trimmed, complete the design of the bangs and trim. To do this, comb the locks in the direction of their growth and adjust the length by treating the temporal zones, the nape, the bangs.

How to cut a "cascade" on medium hair

The haircut can begin with the occipital area. "Steps" in this hairstyle can be of different length and depth. So:

  1. Dampen the hair. Using a comb, perform the separation: part from ear to ear on the back of the head, at the level of the tips of the ears. Upper hair, pull up and lock with clamps, lower comb in the direction of their growth.
  2. Start a haircut from the lower occipital area. Remaining hair under the parting gently squeeze and cut at the desired level.
  3. The hair of the crown zone should be cut at an angle of 90 ° to the head, orienting to the desired length (if the hair is up to the shoulders, then the length of the crown is 10 cm or more).
  4. Temporal zones pull towards the nose and cut, focusing on the length of the crown.
  5. Make a bang and line the edging.

How to cut the "cascade" on the middle curls just below the shoulders? By the same principle. Always focus on the main length, pulling the hair of the lower neck to the locks of the crown zone. This strand will be the control for the entire haircut. Either form a new main strand, choosing a length different from the main one.

The modern "cascade"

In today's interpretation, this form implies not only classics, but all silhouettes with torn ends and graduation. This includes "ladder", "Bob-kara", "layered" haircut and others. All of them look fashionable and stylish. Many modern beauties prefer this hairstyle in combination with a bang. With a triangular face, an elongated oblique bangs will look good. For a square one, you can use a straight line or a semicircular with a thinning. And for the round face oblique. How to cut a "cascade" so that it looks modern? The main distinguishing feature of this haircut today is smooth transitions. Sharp "steps", straight lines are a thing of the past. Actual light, imperceptible contours. A coloring or coloring in the technique of "ombre" emphasizes the flowing, flowing curls and the volume of the hairstyle.

Universal solution

It is believed that the "cascade" in the classical version most goes to the owners of an elongated face. The shortened vertex, the volume in the middle part of the haircut visually approximates the shape of the face to the oval. All other variations of this hairstyle are very diverse and each one can choose a suitable variant for himself. If you doubt how to cut a cascade - a photo in stages, as well as a video with the execution techniques can be found on the Internet.

The most advantageous shape looks on long and medium hair. It perfectly softens sharp features, corrects the shortcomings of round and triangular type faces. Holders of short hairstyles can also afford to wear a "cascade". Ragged strands, laid with a hair dryer, curling iron, ironing, allow you to create an extravagant, interesting image.

Who does not go "cascade"

Before deciding on this form and get acquainted with information on how to cut hair "cascade", you need to evaluate whether it really suits you.

If the hair is weakened, damaged, very thin - it is better to stop the choice on the other silhouette. Also, the hairstyle is not recommended for girls who are about to grow their length. Locks, trimmed at different levels, will grow unevenly. It will take more than one year to equalize all the transitions.

Despite its versatility, the haircut requires constant care, styling. Only if the hair is very thick and docile - the hair will be good to hold the volume without additional manipulation.

In spite of small shortcomings, the haircut is considered to be universal. This is a simple, but effective hairstyle, which is preferred by most modern girls.