A question about how to become evil, interested few people. On the contrary, lately everyone is interested in selling. Namely, how become a kinder, more tolerant, more loyal to others. Because many of us are surrounded by stress, which then emits negativity on those who do in no way to blame. But no, some want to be more aggressive. There are all sorts of reasons.

How to become evil and become a strong character: quick tips and advice

Who needs it?

A question about how to become angry, concerned is usually very pleasant and considerate people, with kindness of which abusing others. At one point of their tolerance comes to an end, and they want to change the situation.

Man sets itself a very difficult task – to become the opposite to yourself. Of course, without difficulties not to manage. To become very angry at once. It is as difficult as aggressive, irritable personality to become a good man.

By the way, not necessarily to become that evil. Many confusing concepts. Better to just be tougher. And in this case the most important thing is to start saying "no". It is hard to deny, especially when people always said "Yes", agreeing to help, to rescue, to save his friend.

When a colleague at another suitable time asking, sounding thus: "Replace me tomorrow, my child matinee" should be denied. And surprised: "But you always agree?" – no smiles to answer: "I Have the day off, which I've planned out(a)". This will cause confusion among asking. He may even whisper to someone's ear, "is it an evil today", but hardly once again will approach with such a request.

To the kind man became angry, he needs good reasons. Of course, lots of people have a sharp flash. Here one thinks, "that's enough, more will not be anyone to help and nothing to forgive!" But then somehow forgets about it and continues to be “mother Teresa”.

Need motivation. How to become evil? Just be aware of the reasons for this "need." You can even write them: "Colleagues are constantly giving me the "dirty" work. When they are having fun, I stay late at the office. Not enough sleep, can't deal with personal life. It's time to stop. I still love myself". The principle is this, even if it's not working. Here is an example for the family: "I am 30 years old, but I still do things the way my mother wants. I can't resist it, it constantly indicates that I need to do. We need to change the situation – I don't feel male, and may show itself in society."

In General, in other words, one needs to make a firm decision to change something. Plus his confidence will be noticed by others wishing to sit on the neck.

Moral support

It is always important. And even if a person is obsessed with the question of how to become evil, too. Have someone to be close to you? Must be the person who will be an excellent example. About it you can remember in particularly difficult moments. Something like: "And what would he do in this situation? How would you have done?" If anyone from the inner circle, you can find a standard among the famous people. Or characters. Than Terminator or Rambo is not an example?

Also you can not overestimate yourself. Or, on the contrary, underestimate. But you certainly need to be prepared for the difficulties - it's always hard to change.

By the way, this should be done gradually, starting small. If suddenly people show up at work with a terrible grimace on her face, will all shout from the doorway, and then effectively kick a chair and break the kettle, most likely, call an ambulance psychological help. An example, of course, exaggerated, but the point is clear. If, for example, a person exploits his boss, today he had to refuse a trip to the store for an energy drink for him. Tomorrow is to refuse overtime work. The day to return him the stack of reports that need to learn a completely different employee. Gradually, the head will understand that more operate it simply will not work. Nature is not the same.

What else should you know?

Sooner or later, to the man who has achieved success in its goal, there will come a realization: "I became very angry (angry)". Desired is achieved. Now the main thing – do not overdo it with the rigidity of character. It is important that regular failures, disputes and bickering are not in the habit. When a person treats someone who is not a stranger to him (parents, friends, soulmate, the one who ever helped, etc.), you need to forget about the rigidity of the character. Otherwise, communicating with them in the usual manner, they can inadvertently offend. And that relationship affects not the best way. Because that should be the measure to the kindness and harshness. And the ability to find balance is one of the best human traits.