Volunteering is quite a range of works associated with the provision of voluntary and, more importantly, grant assistance to all who need it. In most European countries this movement has a mass character, but the volunteers of today are just beginning your path of goodness and mercy. Almost no non-governmental organization that aims to help and support socially vulnerable groups of the population, can not do its work without assistants. But how to become a volunteer in Moscow, Astrakhan or Rome, where to begin and who exactly can you help? This is the theme of today's article.How to become a volunteer? Who is a volunteer?

Who are volunteers?

The very word "volunteering" comes from the Latin voluntarius ("voluntary") and covers a fairly wide range of concepts, including both gratuitous physical labor for the benefit of society, and the provision of a variety of services and moral support without waiting for monetary rewards. However, volunteering can be viewed not only as a waiver of monetary compensation - an important aspect is also the moral aspect.

Helping other people or nature, doing good deeds for the benefit of society, volunteers often find their own peace of mind and balance, level internal protest against social inequality. This sense of self-importance is so important for some people that an increasing number of them are thinking about how to become a volunteer, how, without having great financial resources, to participate in something really important for society as a whole. That is why in Russia and other countries of the world there are more and more associations of not indifferent people connected by a common goal, disinterestedly bringing good to those who need it.

Why do so many people wonder?

Before you become a volunteer, you need to decide what exactly you need it for, what this means for you. For a better understanding of the essence of the matter, let's try to make up a list of motives that push people to join the volunteer movement:

Satisfaction.   For any person is characterized by a desire to be involved in something important, to become a "cog" in the machine of the universe. This kind of activity makes a person feel needed, evokes a sense of self-esteem.

Socialization. Quite often volunteers are people who are in need of additional communication. For them, engaging in volunteer activities is an excellent chance to find new friends, to gain additional opportunities for self-development.

Transfer of personal experience.   Sometimes people become volunteers, survived various diseases, personal tragedies - they like nobody else know what to advise in a difficult situation, how to overcome a life crisis.

And a few more reasons

Creation. Regardless of the education received, a volunteer can do what he really likes. For example, nothing prevents the machinist of the tower crane from holding a master class for drawing children from the orphanage, drawing or artistic modeling (of course, if he knows how to do it).

Self-realization.   Volunteering opens the way to new knowledge and skills, helps to establish the right connections, to strengthen on the step of the social ladder, to gain respect and weight in the society.

Finance. Despite the fact that the very volunteer activity assumes a lack of payment, many centers allocate funds to employees for food, accommodation and finance trips to other countries.

Travels.   Volunteering is one of the most inexpensive ways to see the world. International organizations arrange various trips and send volunteer teams to different countries of the world.

How to start a volunteer activity

So, how to become a volunteer in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Rostov or any other city in Russia?

  1. Determine for yourself who exactly would like to help and which job attracts the most.
  2. Choose a charitable organization that best meets personal interests. To familiarize with the statutory documents, terms of employment, prospects of development.
  3. To study the activities of the selected organization: the expected types of assistance, the schedule of work, risks and responsibilities, the provision of material resources necessary for the performance of work.
  4. Fill out the application form, submit other necessary documents and pass an interview with the representatives of the organization. It is worth thinking about what you can be useful in this particular case.
  5. Based on the results of the interview, be accepted into the ranks of the chosen volunteer movement or be refused.

What you need to do

Well, how to become a volunteer is more or less clear, but what can such volunteers do? In principle, you can do anything, a common goal - free help to those who need it.

One of the priority activities of volunteers is rendering assistance and support to orphans or children deprived of parental care, disabled people, homeless children, pensioners and so on. However, before becoming a volunteer in an orphanage, hospital or hospice, think about whether you can work with such categories of people as patiently and kindly as possible, daily letting through their pain and suffering, treat them without pity, and with active participation and understanding.

Also volunteers can provide support and psychological help to people who suffer from alcohol, drug or gambling addiction, to participate in the social adaptation of former prisoners.

Other activities

Volunteers can also:

  • participate in various animal protection and environmental protection movements;
  • to hold open events related to defending the interests of socially unprotected strata of the population;
  • organize charity concerts, exhibitions and other events in order to raise funds for various needs;
  • participate in environmental programs - landscaping of territories, planting flowers, trees and shrubs, to carry out measures for garbage collection, clearing of rivers, lakes and other water bodies;
  • take part in socially significant projects initiated by the state: assistance with natural disasters, sporting or cultural events of state scale;
  • providing psychological support on various Internet resources, hot telephone lines;

Nuances and features of work

Despite the fact that today volunteering is gaining popularity in Russia, not everyone understands its principles and features.

  1. The volunteer movement is based on the principle of voluntariness - no one can impose this kind of activity on you, and also indicate which help and whom to provide.
  2. The help of volunteers is not paid by the state, nor by charitable organizations, sometimes, however, volunteers are compensated for the costs of food and accommodation.
  3. To become a volunteer, you do not need any special professional skills - everyone does what they can.
  4. Good volunteer — a person is even-tempered and patient. To them, a sober assessment of their personal qualities. If you are explosive and impulsive person, it is likely that you will not do working with people — look at projects, for example, ecology.
  5. Volunteer often works in a team, so the skills of coexistence in the team, mutual assistance and a sense of elbow are welcome.
  6. Volunteering is responsibility and responsibility, in any situation it is necessary to respect your colleagues, make the maximum amount of effort to achieve the goal, observe the internal rules of the organization.

"Club of Volunteers"

This is one of the first mass volunteer communities in Russia, created back in 2004. More than 3000 volunteers participate in the activity of this organization annually, and the main task is to establish communications with orphanages and boarding schools. The "Volunteer Club" united managers, teachers, doctors, students, sportsmen and business leaders - all those who are not indifferent to the fate of the younger generation, children who do not have loving parents who can take care of them.

This organization is only one of many hundreds and thousands scattered all over the country and beyond. The space for using its potential is unusually high - you just need to want it!