So, you decided to try yourself in the insurance field. The insurance industry in Russia is developing dynamically: the companies expand their borders, open additional branches, introduce new products. A significant impact on the growth of the industry was provided by the Law on Mandatory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (hereinafter referred to as OSAGO). With its adoption, the circle of potential clients of insurance companies increased, as did the need for new agents.

How to become an OSAGO insurance agent?

How to become an insurance agent of OSAGO: requirements for the applicantTo become an insurance agent of OSAGO and to be able to earn money by selling policies, you must enter into an agreement with one or more insurance companies. The contract with the agent presupposes freelance employment. However, the insurance company, as a rule, makes all necessary deductions to the Pension Fund on the basis of the actual earnings of the agent (that is, all the commission policies received from sale).

If you want to get a job in the company, then you need to track opportunities in the section "Jobs" on the websites of companies or on major job search portals.

Future agents are subject to certain requirements that need to be met. Let us consider them below.

Basic conditions for employment

  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation, reaching the age of 18 years.
  • Availability of documents necessary for employment - passports, TIN and SNILS.
  • Absence of unexpunged or outstanding conviction for articles related to economic crimes.

Education and experience

  • Both secondary and higher (or incomplete higher) education. Some companies are not ready to see a full-time student among agents (for example, Renaissance Insurance).
  • Experience of working with people is desirable.
  • Preferable experience in the field of active sales.

Other skills and personal qualities

  • Desire to learn (there will be a lot of information).
  • Desire to work with people.
  • High communication skills.
  • Readiness for stressful and conflict situations.

When applying, remember that all companies provide training for beginners. Usually it lasts no less than 3 working days in a row. If you live in the region, distance learning will be provided for you and the other applicants. So, you fully meet the requirements and still do not know how to become an insurance agent of OSAGO. What to do? Read on.

Obligations of the insurance agent of OSAGO

All insurance companies describe the functional of the future agent approximately the same way:

  • Active search of clients (working out of own client base).
  • Advising clients, assistance in choosing insurance programs.
  • Conducting meetings, negotiations (visits to clients).
  • Conclusion of insurance contracts, execution of documents.

Also keep in mind that today all OSAGO policies are issued in special programs and printed on the printer. Therefore, it is desirable to use the computer and the Internet with confidence. And remember that you need to enter data very carefully - if you make at least one letter or figure wrong, the OSAGO policy will have to be altered.

First steps

So, to the question of who you want to work with, you answer: "I want to become an insurance agent of OSAGO!" Well, when there is a goal - it's wonderful! But, as is known, to achieve the desired single desire is not enough. The applicant must perform the following actions. First of all, you need to sign a contract with an insurance company. Such a document will allow you to carry out activities for the sale of insurance policies. His conclusion is preceded by several stages:

  • Interview and / or testing.
  • Verification of your identity by the security service (takes up to 30 days).
  • Training and internship.

After filing an application or filling out a questionnaire, the manager of the company will invite you to an introductory interview where he will tell in detail how to become an OSAGO insurance agent. They will also explain the working conditions, ask about your experience and skills. The security service of the company will check you further: whether you are the one you are betraying yourself for, whether they were convicted and so on. This check is due to the fact that the agent has to make daily cash payments, and most often cash. The company wants to protect itself from fraud and theft. For verification, you will need to remove copies of your main documents - passports, TIN and SNILS.

How to become an OSAGO insurance agent faster?

After approving your candidacy, you will go on training. You will have to study on working days, usually several days without interruption. The educational process consists of a series of seminars on insurance products and tariffs and basic training on sales. In addition, you will be taught how to work with the program or agency portal for insurance. Even if your goal is exclusively insurance of OSAGO, you will have to learn everything and on general grounds. After the training you will pass the certification and join the ranks of the agents.

Almost all companies provide for an internship under the guidance of a mentor lasting up to three months. Freelance agents tend to work on a flexible schedule, however, you will need to regularly visit the office to provide reporting.

Are you still wondering about how to become an insurance agent of OSAGO and what company to choose? The steps described above on the way to the title of insurance agent are basic for all UK. Often, applicants for OSAGO insurance agents choose companies such as Rosgosstrakh, Ingosstrakh, Reso-Guarantee and Alfa-Insurance for cooperation. These companies have a high reliability rating and a good indicator of insurance payments. We learn how the selection of agents in each of them takes place, we will study their conditions and requirements for candidates.

How to become an insurance agent of OSAGO ("ROSGOSSTRAKH")?

The company "Rosgosstrakh" is present in the insurance market about 95 years. This provides it with good visibility and a wide range of clients. "Rosgosstrakh" is constantly hiring new insurance agents. Here will be glad to see among the trainees active, energetic man with a large circle of contacts. Huge plus: the company is widely represented in the regions. If you live and work in a small town where everybody knows you, or has retired from the position of teacher, physician, or military, me thinks you are the perfect candidate. The company also welcomed managers of the network companies with experience in active personal sales. To request the conclusion of the Agency contract, you can do one of the following ways:

  • Fill a simple questionnaire on the company's website.
  • Visit the office convenient for you and fill in the questionnaire on the spot.

Then everything is according to the standard scenario: interview - check - training. Rosgosstrakh has a Corporate University. Training takes place continuously on working days. Existing freelance insurance agents receive insurance policy forms for work and go to work "in the field". Staff members are in the office and work with clients who come on their own initiative. In Rosgosstrakh, OSAGO insurance is carried out without reference to the region in which the particular branch is located. That is, a Muscovite without any problems will buy the OSAGO policy in Kazan, and vice versa. Also to pluses it is possible to carry the following: at the company the forms of checkup, it is not necessary to send the client with the delayed diagnostic card in point of passage THAT.

How to become an insurance agent of OSAGO: Ingosstrakh

Ingosstrakh is one of the top insurance companies in Russia. Branches are widely represented throughout the country. Declare your desire to become an agent simply:

  • Residents of major cities fill out a questionnaire on the site and are waiting for feedback.
  • Residents of the regions find their city on the company's website in the "Offices" section and contact the representative on their own.

The company's website says that training lasts 5 days, but usually it takes 3 days. On the first day - general information and auto insurance, in the second - products for property insurance, in the third - life and health insurance. The company will supply you with necessary leaflets, brochures, memos and so on. In Ingosstrakh there is provision for supervision for beginners. The company usually does not put a plan for new agents. But in case of a complete lack of results within a few months the contract with you can be terminated.

The Ingosstrakh agency portal for policy design has an intuitive interface, it is extremely easy to use.


And in this company how to become an insurance agent of OSAGO? "RESO" is considered one of the most reliable SC. The range of insurance products is standard: from OSAGO to VHI policies. In this company, in addition to the interview, psychological testing is provided for candidates. You can register for an interview in the following ways:

  • Fill in the application form on the company's website and send it to the specified email address.
  • Call on the phone and make an appointment for an interview.

If you successfully pass the test, you will be invited to attend the School of Company Agents. Obligatory condition for enrollment in students: purchase a life and health insurance policy for the amount of 1500 rubles. The training lasts 2 weeks, runs continuously on working days. There are morning and evening groups, the duration of each class is 4 hours. Students are provided with methodical aids, and distance education is also provided.

After completing the training and passing the certification, one of the company's branches will enter into the contract with you (usually one that you will be comfortable visiting). Next, an internship is to be held at the selected branch within 3 months under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

Insurance agents of OSAGO of the company "RESO" work in a special program called "Citrix". This program is provided for registration of all auto insurance products: OSAGO, CASCO, DSAGO, etc. It will take time and practice to master it, the interface of the program is quite complicated.

Alfa Insurance

Alfa Insurance is part of the Alpha group of companies, has more than 4,000 employees throughout Russia and is considered a democratic company. Become an agent of an insurance company for OSAGO ("AlfaSurance") is simple. You need to fill out a questionnaire on the site, and you will be contacted by a manager for dating.

Training lasts several working days. Having learned the rules of insurance, having studied tariffs and products, you will pass the certification. In case of a successful outcome, the company will conclude an agreement with you. Alfa-Insurance guarantees its agents timely payment of the commission and participation in motivational programs.

Portal for processing policies is easy to learn, in addition, all your work will be presented in graphs and figures.

Single agent or broker

How to become a single insurance agent of OSAGO? As a rule, future agents for contracting turn to the largest and most trusted UK. Many conclude contracts with several companies at once. They understand that they will be able to offer the client a wide range of products and tariffs, but they will also learn more - in each company separately. Until recently, the work of an agent on several firms was banned. Now everything has changed, and the agency agreement does not include such an item.

Often agents that work with two or more insurance are mistakenly called a "single agent" or "broker". This is fundamentally wrong. "Single agent" is not a person, but a system for selling OSAGO policies, according to the rules of which an office of one insurance company offers a client to issue for him a policy of another organization. For example, you came to "Rosgosstrakh" and received the policy "VSK". In this case, the distribution is carried out based on the vehicle's passport number.

A broker, in turn, is a natural or legal person that has an appropriate license and is registered with Rosstrakhnadzor. The broker, when carrying out insurance activities, earns only part of the commission from the sale of the product. Thus, an agent who has a contract with several companies at the same time can not call himself a single agent or broker, although the latter is often used for simplicity of understanding.

Work in a brokerage agency

How to become an insurance agent insurance at home? Some of the applicants, wishing to reduce the steps and simplify the employment process, contact the brokerage. If you want to work with several companies, but do not want to waste your time checking and training in each of them can do the same.

Brokerage agencies usually work with more than a dozen UK. They take full responsibility for concluding contracts with companies, training their employees and documenting reports. Such an agency will conclude an employment contract with you and issue a power of attorney for the right to enter into insurance contracts on its own behalf.

Your income will be formed from interest from the sale of additional services, for example, a contract between the client and the agency. And the commission from selling policies to other types of insurance - life or property - will have to share with management. Another feature of the work will be the need for a permanent presence in the workplace. Most often, employees of such agencies work on a shift schedule. Now it became clear how to become an agent of an insurance company for OSAGO? Dare!