We all want to be brave. More often to accomplish his desire. How often do we hear from their friends and relatives: “Oh, if I were a little braver, I would have jumped then, together with you with a parachute/ we went to that girl/ wouldn't give up for yourself/ ask the salary increase”, and then regret it if not the rest of my life, a very long time. But it is worth remembering that brave not born, they become. Of course, you need to put a lot of effort, so as to be more courageous it is not easy, but worth it and the results will exceed all expectations.

What is fear?

How do you become bolder? How to become more confident?

Fear arises when the life or health (physical or mental) of a person in danger. And then your brain puts it in front of a choice: fight or flight, while highlighting special substance – a hormone called cortisol which causes stress and enters the body in a state of enhanced activity. If a person does not have the courage or strength to fight, he spends all his powers for salvation. And it's not bad.

First and foremost, fear is our protector, which exists since the appearance of man, to protect him from predators. He is with us throughout life and, if it is misused, can develop into a phobia.

In the modern world people often suffer from compromised mental health. For example, a constant problem shy guys to approach a strange woman and talk to her. Or to get a date with the now-familiar lady. In this case, he is afraid that the girl refuse him, obsmeyut, and then show it to your friends and they are all together it obsmeyut. This may be preceded by a similar incident that happened with him before. Maybe he was not so terrible, but the fantasy is powerful stuff, when afraid of something. This poor guy really wants to be bold and maybe even know how to become bolder and more confident, but still can not. Fear has a nasty paralyze common sense and makes a person to submit to the primary instincts – run, to escape. Therefore, such people often turn around and leave, instead of to act.

How do you become bolder?

Daring the same people, on the contrary, skydive, meet up anywhere with different people, put into the mouth of the crocodile head. And all say: “What a fearless man. I would like that.”

In fact, these very brave not fearless. They still may be afraid of heights, skydiving, or break while riding on the race car. However, they decided that they have had enough to go on about fear, and understand how to be bolder and more decisive, how to overcome itself and to open the door to a world of new and interesting. It does not matter you're a man or woman, what skin color and race, these qualities can be possessed by any man. And the following tips will help to become brave girl, and to have the courage guy.

Where to start way

Every journey begins with its purpose. Why do it, what's the point. Why do you need a way to become more courageous? With this, you need to start. People should know what to strive for what reward he will receive, and whether this is a game of candles. However, in this case, the rules are a little different: the future daredevil appoints a goal and a reward, and he is entitled to change these settings or to adjust.

Take the right attitude

It is very important to properly configure itself. It might be nothing, but 90% of the results of all deeds is dependent on the attitude. You need to get up the nerve to stand in front of a mirror and loudly, clearly, looking myself in the eye, say to yourself: “I can do this. I'll do it. I will succeed. I know how to be brave and courageous, and I will never pass this way”. And every time doubt and fear will creep up, you need to remember that man looking in the mirror and say these words.

How to become bolder with this? Everything is quite simple. Man behaves as he feels. If the attitude is to failure, the behavior with other will be very calm, exciting for himself, and he'll look as small and poor. If the mood cheerful, and with others will be fun, to joke, to flirt and to get pleasure from communication. When the attitude of “I have confidence in myself. I can do anything. I'll do it,” I feel encouraged, confident, strong, able to move mountains. However, one attitude is not enough.

Don't be afraid to fail

Many do not even begin to do something because you're afraid of losing what they can to make fun of. This is extremely wrong. Losses accompany all human life. They are an unlimited source of experience that you can use to achieve their goals. And the sooner people realize this, the sooner he will find a way to become bolder and more confident.

No one learned to walk without falling a hundred times. No cook would not be able to skillfully prepare, yet will not burn and will ruin hundreds of their meals. Mistakes and losses give valuable advice on how to do that next time to win. Very useful to visit their past errors and go through them again. Yes, it's very frustrating and even a little humiliating. But! Every time when faced with it, you accept them, analyze and make conclusions, turning it into experience.

Therefore, the most important thing is never to lose heart after a loss, never give up and believe in yourself, whatever happens and no matter what anyone said – that without which can not do this brave and winners.

To look fear in the face

As you know, fear can not completely defeat, and this is no good. Why kill the natural defense mechanism that helps to survive. However, the person causes the fear not the fear itself, and his alleged reason, seasoned with a generous pinch of imagination. For example, many people are afraid of the dark. But not really dark, they are afraid, and of what might be in it, that is, different monsters. Or else. People are not afraid of heights, and falling and hurting myself.

Given this, we can understand how to become strong and brave. You just need to understand that in the dark no one, and I'm afraid you're a Ghost who just saw a horror movie. And, knowing this, you need to make a step forward, then another and another, until the goal is achieved. And if there is a desire how to become bolder, your fears need to meet as often as possible. Soon get used to them and not be so afraid.

To always do something new

Constantly need to do something new, something that was afraid or shy to do previously. To call the girl or guy who liked to go to a movie, all of a sudden to buy a ticket to somewhere and go (or fly) on the weekend. It is worth repeating these actions a few times, as fear begins to slowly erode until subsides completely. Thus, to leave the fear of the unknown.

Praise and encourage yourself

Everyone loves, when his praise. This means that he is recognized and his work and efforts are appreciated. So why not praise yourself for any successful business. Say, did its job – buy yourself a candy bar, go get a coffee, call your best friend and set up an appointment on Friday. Yourself need to love and not to offend.

Many people, on the contrary, constantly grounding myself. And they are only getting worse. Not only that, the job is not done, so it is still himself beloved punished. Because of this, the mood can fall, and the rest of the forces at work will disappear in an unknown direction.

Risk – a noble cause

As the saying goes, he who doesn't risk doesn't drink champagne. Simply put, who does not risk, that not wins. Moreover, does not even have a chance to win, because it was not made and steps to implement your goal. What does how to become more courageous?

Let's take the same example with a beautiful girl. From a shy boy has no chance to meet her, if not he will risk everything he has, and not suitable to her. Even if he nothing good of a mouthful and will stagnate in one place. Even though she would snort at him and walk away. It doesn't matter. The important thing is that he put at stake his pride and feelings, took a chance and got valuable experience that he can use next time. But if he did not come, he would not have received even this experience, which pushed to how to become a brave man.

A little summarize

If you have already decided to turn from a grey mouse to a courageous lion, we must act. The here and now. No tomorrow, the next day, when I buy new shoes or "if I had a wish." No excuses. If indeed there is such a desire, how to become bolder, the first step is to sit down, put a piece of paper, take a pen and write all your dreams, desires, what you want from life and what it prevents. When goals are identified and priorities are determined, we begin to act. For a start, set yourself up for success, believe in yourself and swear never to give up, not to lose our way because of our own judgments and the opinions of others. After all, if this happens, then the return would be extremely difficult. When the initial work is over and the mind is determined to fight for a bright and bold future, you go to practice every day to change and improve, and raise their courage with the smallest. Nobody said it would be easy, it will be very difficult. However, this game is definitely worth it and those who have passed from beginning to end and won, was much more than was planned from the beginning.