The question of how to make an air rifle from improvised materials remains relevant to this day. Many users do not give up trying to find a good way to assemble such weapons, which will save on buying a factory model. Let's look at the way of making an air rifle at home.


The most obvious sphere of application of air rifles is training, entertaining and sport shooting. Such weapons are characterized by an almost imperceptible return, low maintenance cost. With high-quality performance, an air rifle enables the user to obtain basic skills in handling combat weapons.How to make an air rifle with your own hands?

Air rifles are successfully used for firing at stationary and running targets along with small-caliber examples of firearms. However, the defeat of targets from air rifles is carried out at a much shorter distance, of the order of 10 m.

Factory and home-made pneumatics is also used as a means for underwater fishing. Often, an air rifle is used to hunt fish in clear water at a good level of visibility.

Operating principle

Air rifles work step by step. First of all, the gas cylinder is pumped in manual mode according to the required level of shot power. If the design features provide for recharging by breaking the barrel, before the next defeat of the goal, the latter is put in the starting position.

After clogging the pneumatic reservoir, a direct shot can be produced. When the trigger is pressed, the energy of the compressed gas pushes the cartridge forward.

The accuracy of shooting largely depends on the nature of the trunk. For example, the threaded version allows to give the cartridge a more stable trajectory.

Masters who are well acquainted with the standards used in the field of pneumatic weapons, note the special specificity of bullets for air rifles. As ammunition of the factory sample, cartridges of caliber 4.5 mm and 6 mm balls are distributed. As for unusual bullets, darts with a pile in the form of a skirt can be the last ones, which improves the locking of air in the muzzle channel, as well as all kinds of nails, syringes, cardboard cylinders.

Air gun with your own hands

How to make an air rifle yourself? As improvised means for assembling homemade weapons, you can use the details of household utensils, everyday items. To make a homemade air rifle, you will need the following:

  1. For the preparation of templates under the forearm suitable for ordinary wood or a piece of plywood.
  2. In the form of a pneumatic cylinder, it is worthwhile to use a reservoir from a kerosene burner. In this case, compressed gas can be fed through a small metalized hose.
  3. A standard valve from the gas stove will serve as a decent valve. If such a tool is too oversized for the implementation of the idea, it can be slightly aligned in accordance with the necessary parameters, using a file or a hacksaw for metal.
  4. The role of the trunk is suitable for a hollow narrow pipe from an old bed of any other design. The main thing is that the character of the thread here corresponds to the pre-machined part of the valve.
  5. To make an air rifle rifled, the barrel can be treated with a tool that was used to recess the valve.
  6. Do not forget to prepare the fastenings for the balloon. In order to improve the safety of the rifle, it can be screwed to the wooden housing with nuts.
  7. As a means for charging homemade weapons (pump the tank) you can use an ordinary bicycle pump.


The air rifle manufactured in the above way will be somewhat inferior to the factory samples. However, its assembly and operation do not contradict the legislative norms. Moreover, with due diligence and careful study of the parts over time, it is possible to significantly improve the characteristics of the rifle at the level of real pneumatics.