You already had the opportunity to see the novelty of this year – mirror manicure? It gives a reflection like a mirror. Even look can. It's not what it was last year and was called "Hollywood nails". In Hollywood used foil, but the mirror... But all in order.

For a beautiful coating will require certain materials and special technology. Following these instructions will help to perform a mirror manicure at home.

What should be purchased

In this design, a special very finely ground powder, having a reflective property. She has the name of “chrome powder”. No other to the effect of "mirror nails" will not work. The substrate uses a single-phase gel Polish without a variance. If not, you will need a top for gel Polish without a variance.

Tip: the pigment of such a material is translucent. The color of the substrate will shine through the powder layer. The gold or silver dust rubbed into the black backing looks beautiful.

How to make a mirror manicure?

Consider the step by step execution of the design “mirror manicure”:

  1. Application base.
  2. Coating color gel varnish.
  3. Butt sealing
  4. Polymerization in the lamp.
  5. Application of a stamp without dispersion.
  6. Applying a small amount of pigment with an applicator rubbing movements. As soon as you get the desired effect, remove excess powder with a soft brush from the side rollers.
  7. Covering top.

Standard preparation of natural nails

  • Wash hands with soap and water, dry thoroughly with a clean towel. Some neglect this procedure, and then complain that Polish is poorly kept. In the case of applying coatings of artificial sterility – the key to success. To dust, paying special attention to the cuticle area and the side bolsters.
  • Cut nails, give them the desired shape. Baf remove the detachment and irregularities.

To cover with varnish usually don't use the buff. But SLR design need a perfectly even surface. This does not mean buffing the entire nail plate, as under the Builder gel or gel Polish. Should just remove the protruding bumps. Typically, many of them incorrect after removing artificial nails or gel Polish.

  • Move the cuticle away, clean the pterygium (the “Ceramic hoof” tool is well suited for this).
  • Burrs bite off manicure tweezers.
  • To degrease the nail plate with a preprimer.

The preprimer may be alcoholic. It is important not to use alcohol-containing liquids for other purposes! They can be added cosmetic oil.

At this point, the process of preparing for the application of artificial turf is complete. You can start to perform the coating with varnish, gel lacquer or designing gel or acrylic.

Mirror manicure gel varnish at home: preparation

For a good result, you need to prepare the necessary tools and materials. To perform the same design as in the photo above, you will need:

  • Manicure tweezers.
  • Pusher
  • Polymerization lamp (UV or ICE, depends on what gel varnish will be applied. UV gel varnish dries in the ICE lamp, and the ICE does not dry in the UV lamp).
  • The file 180 is grit.
  • Baf 220/280.
  • Primer gel varnish system of the selected brand.

It is good to use cosmetics of one ruler, then there will be no misunderstanding with the coatings curled in the lamp.

  • Powder sponge (must be hard).
  • Base for gel polish.
  • Gel Polish black.
  • Top for gel polish without dispersion.
  • Chrome powder (silver).

When will be the responsible event, accompanied by a photo shoot, this is a great reason to make the design “mirror nails” – this photo of him looks very impressive. From a modest variants can recommend sudovye shades.

Execution technology

It is more convenient to begin actions with one hand and, having completely made the design, proceed to the second. Stepwise application of materials:

  • Apply a preprimer to natural nails.
  • Apply primer.
  • Cover with a thin layer of base, polymerize in the lamp.
  • Two layers of gel polish with each drying in the lamp.
  • Cover top with no dispersion.
  • Proceed to the application of chrome dust. Perform rubbing on each finger in turn.

To correctly mirror the manicure, RUB the powder carefully. Strong pressing here will hurt. Can move already adhering particles, formed an ugly surface. It is convenient to RUB your thumb in the middle of the nail plate and solid with a sponge – rollers. Where it is difficult to get the sponge, you can apply the orange stick. When formed the design, carefully remove the excess particles of shiny dust from the rollers and handle of the blade free edge, getting rid of the excess glitter.

  • Top cover.
  • Rate the result. If the substrate is visible in some places, repeat steps 7 and 8.

Nail gel will help to solve the problem of the broken nail. They lengthen the natural nails or restore the length of one or two broken. Learning to do a mirrored manicure gel Polish, you can start lengthening nails.

To do this, purchase:

  • Constructing gel, single phase (transparent).
  • Single phase gel varnish without dispersion (preferably black).
  • Top
  • Forms.
  • A brush for designing a gel (for short length, synthetic No. 4 is suitable).
  • Primer for building.

Mirror on extended nails

Technology "mirror manicure at home" on the extended nails includes the following step-by-step application of materials:

Stepwise application of materials:

  1. Standard nail preparation.
  2. Primer application for nail extensions.
  3. Rub a thin layer of single-phase gel with a brush (short movements), polymerization.
  4. Put the form on five nails.
  5. Single-phase gel applied with the extension of the nail plate (small, so as not to have to saw and form), polymerization.
  6. Removing the dispersion and processing buff.
  7. Single phase gel polish without dispersion in two layers with drying.
  8. Rubbing powder.
  9. Top

Design options

Mirror manicure gel lacquer goes well with some designs.

On black or white gel Polish to put colored powder. If you mix some colors, do a deep iridescent color. Release holographic chrome powder, with the effect of "chameleon". Looks spectacular dark options. They are richer in the reflection of the shades.

You can make an interesting mirror manicure with different substrates. Depending on what color of the substrate to use, even with one chrome powder you can achieve different design options.

For a gold or silver mirror, the substrate must be black. Then will fully reflect the light chrome powder.

Interesting options are obtained with a very dark coloured substrates. Bordeaux, turquoise, cherry is a good tone for gold. The mirror turns tinted glass in an expensive car. Blue, lilac, gray, and white tone for silver. In warm shades of yellow looks good gold, copper, pink and orange powder. On cold, chrome, silver, purple and lemon powder.

If you rub a warm powder on a cold shade, you may get an unclean, grayish color. Mirror manicure will be annoying. Also, if on a substrate of a warm shade, apply cold powder.

Gold and silver need to choose carefully. There is a beautiful honey shades, and there are like a samovar. It looks cheap and ridiculous. It is better to take white gold. It has a cold tint, and it is suitable for all skin types to any outfit.

Produced powders of different colors. This facilitates the choice of design. For deeper colors need tone enough to check the samples of powder and to choose the same color substrate gel Polish. Then get a clean, bright color.

The design with a silver jacket on a black background, a golden jacket on a cherry background, a chrome jacket on a pink cold tone, looks great.

Mirror jacket

How to make a mirror manicure-french, will show instructions for step-by-step application of materials:

  1. Standard nail preparation.
  2. Application of preprimer.
  3. Primer application.
  4. Covering five nails with a base.
  5. Two layers of black substrate with intermediate drying in the lamp.
  6. Removing dispersion, sticking patterns for a smile and drawing a line top.
  7. Rubbing chrome powder on the smile line. Correction sawing free edge.
  8. Brush off extra sparkles.
  9. Carefully remove stencils.
  10. Top cover.

Plain boring design. So the stamping will help to diversify the mirrored manicure. The photo below shows an easy and beautiful option of design. You can make a pattern with one or two nails, they will look spectacular.

Stamping - fast design

Mirror manicure at home with a stamping will require the following materials:

  1. Base.
  2. Gel Polish black.
  3. Top for gel polish without dispersion.
  4. Chrome powder (silver).
  5. Stamping kit (professional patterned disc, black and white stamping paint, scraper, print).

The technology for performing the design “mirror manicure with stamping” is presented below:

  1. Standard nail preparation.
  2. Preprimer
  3. Primer.
  4. Base.
  5. Two layers of the substrate.
  6. Rubbing in
  7. Top
  8. Erase dispersion.
  9. Apply black paint to the stepping disc, remove excess with a scraper.
  10. Roll print on the disc.
  11. Roll print on the coating.
  12. Print all the options with black patterns and cover with top for gel polishes.
  13. Clean the disc and apply white paint on it, clean up the excess with a scraper.
  14. Roll print on the disc.
  15. Roll print on the coating.
  16. Print all the options with white patterns and cover the top.

Tips masters

Knowing how to make a mirror manicure at home is not enough for a good nail condition. To always look well-groomed, you need to pay attention to them. This is not so much:

  • Do not open their jars and shower gels, do not wash the dishes without gloves, in time to seal the end face with a colorless varnish.
  • Do not remove the cover of the barbaric way, learn civilized methods.
  • Time to remove pterigy.
  • Regularly nourish the cuticle oil.

And then the nails will always please their mistress.