Mirror manicure has long attracted the fair sex. His second name is Hollywood. It differs in that it is an imitation of a mirroring metal coating. In this case, the nails shine brilliantly and are able to attract enthusiastic views to their owner. In the execution of this type of manicure is quite simple, and the effect is obtained simply fascinating.

Ways to create a mirror manicure

The effect of specularity can be achieved in various ways. Fortunately, the nail industry does not stand still and constantly offers the beautiful floor new nail decoration techniques. In order to masterfully learn how to perform the necessary procedures, it is not necessary to constantly visit salons and look for famous masters. About how to make mirror nails at home, knows almost every true fashionista.

Mirror manicure can be obtained by applying a special reflective lacquer, sticking manicure foil, film, or by rubbing sand. Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, after studying which you can determine what exactly suits you best.

Mirror Manicure Reflective Film

How to make mirror nails on their own and not spoil your nerves? This question asks almost every girl. The easiest and most effective way is to stick a special reflective film, which is freely sold in any cosmetic store.

How to make mirror nails at home?

When creating a glamorous manicure using a film, orange sticks, a base for applying lacquer, transfer foil and a lacquer matching the color of this foil, as well as a clear lacquer are also useful.

Creating a mirror manicure at home

Many people really like the mirror shine on the nails, how to make it yourself, also a lot of people think. And the procedure is very simple, the main thing is to follow the sequence and some nuances of implementation.

Always start the procedure with a regular hygienic manicure, with which your nails will be turned into ideal surfaces for further creativity. Particular attention should be paid to the shape of the nail plate, carefully remove the cuticle from it. On the surface there should be no roughness, irregularities.

After the hygienic manicure, the base remedy is applied under the lacquer, which contributes to making the plate less brittle and protect it from the effects of aggressive environmental factors. Then you can begin to paint the nails. The color of lacquer and foil should be exactly the same. After all, with a bad foil print, holes can form, which should veil the previously applied colored varnish.

Step by step manicure with foil

What are mirror nails, how to make such beauty at home becomes more or less clear. It remains to understand step by step, what actions should be taken.

After the colored lacquer has been applied and the coating has dried a little, all the nails should be alternately smeared with special foil glue. Then there is a pause of a few minutes, and small pieces of foil are applied to the still dry and slightly sticky glue. The foil is pressed a little with fingers, so that it is well linked to the surface. With the help of an orange stick the layer is carefully leveled. The protruding edges abruptly break off.

You should not apply in this case the topcoat, because a manicure can lose because of this its metallic luster.

Mirror manicure, done with lacquer

How to make a mirror effect on the nails, if you do not have almost any experience and are afraid to take on complex manipulations? A special lacquer with a reflective effect that simulates a mirror metallic luster can help. It is applied easily and simply, does not cause any difficulties in the application. Beginner will easily cope with the task.

Manicure with a mirror lacquer is done very quickly and simply, but it also has its drawback: it is very short-lived. Its service life depends on the quality of varnish. From simple varnish with glitter, you can easily distinguish it by the word mirror on the label. You just have to decide on a shade and proceed with the application.

Tips for choosing varnish

How to make mirror nails with lacquer has become more or less clear, but how to choose this lacquer correctly remains to be seen. After all, the obtained result directly depends on its quality. The silver shade should be natural, without dirty, and gold - like dim antique gold. You should not stop your choice on the lacquer, which is metallic, as it will most likely be dull and you will not get the desired mirror shine. An ideal coating can be obtained only with the use of homogeneous consistencies, without any additional impurities or shiny particles.

A brush should have a wide varnish, which subsequently will be good to recruit. When using a conventional brush, you may not get a perfectly smooth finish, and the result may be somewhat disappointing.

Experts do not recommend to dilute a mirror varnish if it has thickened for some reason. The solvent breaks its structure, and in the future the coating will no longer be a mirror, but just a metal one.

The use of film to create a mirror manicure

How to make mirror nails using nail film? Yes, very simple! The technique of execution is similar to that shown in the same procedure using foil. Only the foil is replaced with a special film, which is selected in accordance with the size of the nail plate. The coating is obtained resistant, capable of a long time not to lose its appearance when exposed to mechanical damage.

It is not necessary to use glue: there is already a sticky layer on the film. Fixed such a sticker is also quite simple, but before that you should make a hygienic manicure and achieve perfect smoothness of the nail plate.

Use of mirror rubbing

Many have already heard about this innovation, but not everyone knows how to mirror a mirror and what materials are used for this. You must first take care that there are no bands and breaks on the nails, since the sand can ideally lie only on perfectly smooth surfaces.

The mirror effect in this case can be achieved by using a specially designed mirror file for this purpose. After putting the nail plate in order, a layer of base gel is applied to it, which is sprinkled on top with a layer of shiny sand. When the material is completely dry, a fixing layer of clear varnish is applied on top of it. The resulting coating is tempting shines glitter and very impressive shines.

Applying powder to create a mirror manicure

How to make mirror nails powder, modern women of fashion have more than once thought. Moreover, the mirror powder-shine, produced by various manufacturers, has in its arsenal a variety of shades, among which there are chameleons. The technique of using powder is available even for beginners.

How to make mirror nails using powder? As in the previous cases, the hygienic manicure procedure is preliminarily performed. Then a base coat is prepared, which is best used as a gel polish. It is applied in two layers, producing a preliminary drying of each of them. The adhesive layer, which may remain after drying, must be removed.

After that, proceed to the application of a mirror powder. Apply it with a sponge or finger. And the latter method is more preferable, because it gives the opportunity to control the force of pressure as much as possible. Apply powder to rubbing movements without gaps. Excess then easily removed with a brush.

In conclusion, the top of the nail is covered with a glossy transparent coating and carefully dried. The result is very impressive, capable of pleasing you for a long time. The procedure itself is very simple, as is the use of ordinary mirror lacquer, only for the service life the resulting manicure will please you much longer.

All the methods discussed above are good in their own way, have their own advantages and disadvantages. After reviewing them, you can choose the one that is ideal for you.