We all remember from childhood funny smiles with dimples on the cheeks. But in adulthood they are not so easy to meet. Therefore, sometimes, in particular, the female half of the population begins to wonder whether it is possible to make dimples on the cheeks.

Dimples on the cheeks - an element of charm

Dimples on the cheeks - a unique and very gentle element that gives attractiveness and charm to its owner. According to some beliefs, they are also called the "kiss of an angel" or "the mark of happiness." But, unfortunately, not all lovely women can boast of dimples and often wonder how to make dimples. The answer is simple. There are two methods that have been used for quite a long time:

  • at home by yourself;
  • plastic face.

How to make dimples: the basic methodsUsually, dimples are given to a person from birth, they have a slightly round or vertical view. Often, when their face is relaxed, they are imperceptible, and they appear when a person smiles.

Although in fact the dimples themselves are nothing more than a defect of the muscle, which is called the large zygomatic muscle. Therefore, they are very often found in young children, in whom this muscle is not yet sufficiently developed.

Why do people like dimples so much?

This cute defect is usually associated with romance, a little childish way and playfulness, which causes sympathy and trust. In fact, not all people like them that much, but for most of us, a smile and dimples evoke positive emotions. In some countries it is believed that their presence gives their owner attractiveness and sexuality.

But even if you had “marks of happiness” from birth, they usually disappear with age. And sometimes this fact is so unacceptable that people ask themselves: “What to do to make dimples appear?” There is no argument about tastes, so scientists and doctors have developed whole sets of exercises that contribute to the formation of dimples. Also in the field of plastic surgery, a new operation appeared, which is called dimplectomy.

Facial plastic surgery

The latest trend in the world of plastic surgery is an operation to artificially create pits. Thanks to her, many girls have to stop tormenting the question of how to make dimples on their cheeks. This very common operation in England and America is not yet so popular in the countries of the Union.

The operation is quite in demand due to its low cost. In addition, it is completely uncomplicated and can be done with any face shape and skin type. However, it is worth remembering that the result of this operation cannot be reversed. At best, it will be possible to only slightly reduce the dimple or its depth.

Implications of dimplectomy

Immediately after the operation, the result will be noticeable. Initially, dimples will be noticeable constantly, regardless of whether the person is smiling or not. But after some time it will pass and they will be visible only with a smile, since the thread that was used during the operation will dissolve and the skin will even out. This period each lasts differently. For some, it only takes a few days, while for others this process can take a whole month.

The field of operation is also possible the occurrence of pain, which, in principle, it is not surprising. They appear quite short. Although if they interfere strongly, they can be easily removed with the help of painkillers and drugs that are usually recommended by doctors after surgery.

Also, antibiotics are usually prescribed, which are mandatory during the first days after surgery.

Special attention also requires a meal in the first days after the procedure. Do not eat too hard food. And after a meal, rinsing the mouth cavity with antibacterial solutions is essential to minimize the chance of infection.

How to make dimples at home

But not every girl will go under the knife. But to make dimples on their own is subject to each. Doctors have developed a range of activities aimed at training the facial muscles. But for a positive effect, this must be done patiently and constantly. Then the problem will be solved, how to make dimples on the cheeks.

Exercises are best to start with the application of nourishing cream on the face, which will prevent the occurrence of wrinkles. Then you should stand in front of the mirror and smile to your reflection several times. It should be ensured that the lips are tightly compressed. To enhance the effect, it is worth a little to press those places where dimples should appear, with index fingers. This exercise is desirable to do very slowly. At this time, muscle tension should be felt.

The second exercise is also done with the fingers on the cheeks. Alternately rises first right corner of a smile, then left.

The last exercise is called "smile inside." To do this, you need to draw in your cheeks and try to smile like that several times.

Such exercises need to be done 15 times in two approaches. And it is best to follow the progress of the implementation, do everything slowly. Then the result will certainly appear, although not the next day (as is the case with surgery).