A country house ... Urban residents consider the owners of such real estate to be the daughters of fate or who persevere towards their goal. The presence of a country house says only that a person loves nature, is willing to work hard to realize a dream. But this applies only to those for whom such a waste of money is not just an investment, but a way to find a place where you can always physically and morally rest. Such owners invest in building a house and a private plot all the way, they do not invite designers or masters, and everyone prefers to do it themselves.

Great offer

Do you belong to this category? Do you want to refine the site and bring a note of freshness to it? Then why not make a waterfall yourself? The master class of this process is described in this article. There is nothing super complicated in this. In addition, you will learn how to make a waterfall in an aquarium with your own hands (this is for those who care about the atmosphere inside the house).

How to make a waterfall with your own hands? Step-by-step instruction

Choose a place

The reservoir on the plot, if done correctly and with a soul, will look great in any place. But ideally you need to think over a few nuances.

  1. The waterfall should be located on the slope. But if there is no such site, it is quite possible to organize an artificial mound. This is necessary for the water to flow naturally downward.
  2. Do not forget about the practical component of the forthcoming process. You will need to deliver construction materials to the desired location. Will there be an excavator (for large structures) or a wheelbarrow to transport stones?
  3. Creating a waterfall with your own hands, you should remember about the need for free access to water and electricity.
  4. Even before the commencement of work, it is worthwhile to find out where communications are buried underground, so as not to damage them by carelessness.

Waterfall with our own hands: choose the shape

Designers recommend choosing the wrong shapes. They look more natural and attractive. After all, in nature there is nothing perfect. Carefully inspect the terrain of your site. The waterfall should become its natural continuation.

The design purpose dictates its depth. If the only function of the object is the accumulation of water, then nothing restricts you. But if you suddenly decide to have beautiful decorative fish or fill the bowl with plants, then its depth is optimal - half a meter. So you will be able to protect living creatures in the cold from freezing. Many decide to combine the pool with a waterfall. That is, it is assumed that members of the family will bathe in it. In this case, of course, the depth should be at least one and a half meters.

Important nuances

Have you decided to equip the waterfall with your own hands? A step-by-step instruction will help you with this. And you should start with the selection of the necessary materials. The pool of the future construction consists of two parts. To do this, you need two tanks: the bottom one is ideally larger in volume than the top one. You can use prefabricated blocks in your work or prefer natural stone. Only you decide where to get the materials: on the river bank or in the construction shop.

In any case, do not do without priming, sand, pebbles, quartzite, cement. It will also require a waterproofing and glue mixture, fiberglass. A mandatory item is a water pump.

Do a waterfall with your own hands, start by driving the pegs and pulling the ropes between them along the previously outlined contour of the pit. When you dig it, you will get a decent amount of land. It must be cleaned of debris, stones, roots of plants, etc. The arrangement of the waterfall implies its further use. When the pit of the depth you have chosen is ready, sand should be covered on its bottom. The thickness of the layer is about 12 centimeters. Sand should be carefully tampered with.

We equip the base

By making a waterfall with your own hands, you can choose different material to create the base of the structure, for example, film, brick, concrete. The finished form of PVC is also on sale. This is the most convenient option.

  1. Under the concrete foundation, the waterproofing is mandatory. Only then the concrete is poured, and a special reinforcing mesh is pressed from above. A second layer of concrete, approximately 5 centimeters in thickness, is also required.
  2. The most time-consuming option - with a brick. Masonry is made along the contour of the future reservoir.
  3. Application of the film assumes that at the bottom of the pit you will fill in wet sand (a layer about 3 centimeters). The film is pressed against the edges with stones. Do not worry, it will take on the necessary form, once you fill the pit with water. Do not forget to cut the film around the edges. It is better to do it at this stage. It is necessary to leave a reserve of about 20 centimeters. The bottom of the pool is filled with soil, there are placed natural stones.
  4. Those who know how to make a waterfall with their own hands, will say that the option with PVC film is the most relevant and simple. You will need to just buy it in the store and lay it on the bottom of the pit. The film benefits from durability (service life is more than 15 years). But you will have to remember one important nuance: in the winter, you need to drain the water. This is due to the fact that when the water freezes, the water expands, and the film, even the most high-quality and durable, always tears.

Let's talk about cascades

Those who make waterfalls with their own hands, the instruction always tells about the possibility to create different cascades. The options you have are:

  • Stone steps. Such cascades look natural. Choose for fitting flat and wide stones. But the height of the fall of water you are free to regulate themselves in the process of construction. The stones are cemented together with cement mortar.
  • Ready cascades. This is an option for the lazy. In any construction shop you will find similar designs.
  • Vessel, decorated with stones. This is the simplest option.

If you want to be creative, create different obstacles for water. For example, make the ledges of different heights. Designers argue that the most convenient and functional size of the cascade is one and a half meters.

Do not forget about the scenery

If you do not know how to make a waterfall with your own hands, then, following all the previous recommendations, think about the methods of decoration. Depending on what materials you use, the effect will be different. For example, water will break into streamlets, if you use chipped, uneven stones. And you will get a slow flow using slabs with a depression in the middle. This option is more suitable for quiet people looking for peace. In any case, each ledge is created with a cement solution.

Pump - the whole head

Without this element, you can not create your own waterfall by yourself. It is necessary to ensure that the water somehow falls on the upper tier. The power of the equipment depends on the height of the cascade. For example, at a height of about a meter and a half the power of the pump should be 70 W. To make up the system, you need a low-voltage transformer, usually located in the utility room, and not on the street. A transformer with a pump connects the cable.

The device is located on the bottom of the pond. In one of its holes, water will be sucked in, and from the other - it will be pushed out. Any "handy" man with this figure.

After pouring water and starting the pump, your miracle design will start working. In the waterfall you can settle the fish. Do not forget about decorative flowers, moss and other plantings. They will decorate the finished structure and decorate it.

Have you finished making changes in the landscape design of the yard? Now you can go to the house.

Aquarium is easy to decorate

Decorative waterfalls with their own hands can be created not only to improve the design of the infield. A talented person can always make changes to the interior of the apartment. If you have an aquarium (and such designs can now be found quite often), try to refine it yourself, without resorting to a hike in the store for finished products. It is commendable when the owner of the house lands something with his own hands. We bring to your attention an uncomplicated design, which will be exactly available to you.

Necessary materials

Prepare two plastic bottles (1.5 and 0.5 liters), a rubber water hose (diameter you choose yourself - up to 30 centimeters), a dropper. You will also need a silicone sealant, a plastic water pipe (37 centimeters long), a compressor, a narrow adhesive tape, a sharp knife. That's all, we can proceed. As you can see, nothing special is rare and inaccessible.


  1. Plastic water pipe must be cut into 3 parts along, then bend them. So you got support for the future design.
  2. Now the tube should be glued together with the hose. Leave from the bottom edge of the hose approximately 3 centimeters, and then make an oval incision (size 2х1 centimeter).
  3. Take a bottle (capacity 1.5 liters), cut off the top with the neck. We get the cup, along which it is necessary to make an incision.
  4. Now you can put the hose on the bowl by bending the incision that you made earlier (the one that is 2 x 1 centimeter).
  5. Adjust the diameter of the bowl, tape the ends with adhesive tape.
  6. Sealant should glue the place where the bowl with the hose dock.
  7. At the top of the hose, you need to make an incision of the oval shape diagonally (2.5x1 centimeter).
  8. Take the plastic tip from the dropper and glue it to the bottom end of the hose.
  9. Now put the tip on the tube from the dropper, and connect the other end to the compressor.
  10. We test the waterfall in the aquarium. If it's okay, make a visor cover from the bottle (capacity 0.5 liters) to adjust the release of sand.
  11. Cut off the top of the bottle so as to get a bowl 3 cm high. Make an incision on the side, attach it to the top of the hose. The visor is fixed with adhesive tape and is glued with a sealant to the hose.
  12. Let the design dry and decorate it at your own discretion.

That's all. Just a few hours of work - and the waterfall for the aquarium is ready and pleases you.

If you are accustomed to the creative approach to the design of the home and the local area, the fountain, the waterfall to make by themselves - will not be a problem. The main thing is to perform all the operations step-by-step, find the necessary materials and do not forget to use imagination and ingenuity. This design move is always considered a winning move. And you do not need to spend huge sums, attracting professionals to the design. The maximum that you can do is to get advice from a landscape designer. And then you have all the cards in hand.