Well, you clearly realized that you have found your soul mate, and are ready to link your life with her forever. Now it remains only to offer your beloved an original hand and heart. This day must be the best and brightest in your life. We offer some tips that will help to organize everything and not to puzzle over how to make an offer to a girl to marry.

Ways to offer your favorite hand and heart very much, but you must consider the nature of your girl. For sure, she often told me what, in her opinion, there should be an offer. Remember and embody her desire into reality.

How to make an offer to a girl to marry? Original ideas

Public offer

This type of offer is the most popular, it is often recorded on video so that there is something to remember in the future. On the Internet, these videos are gaining a lot of likes and hits in a short period of time. To ask for a hand and a heart in this way means to make considerable efforts and, most importantly, to show imagination.

For example, you can lead your beloved to a concert of her beloved band, agree in advance with the performers, so that they say something like this: "Irina, will you marry Alexander? Yes, yes, it is Irina who is sitting on the 37th place of the 12th row, it's about you. "

You can also go with the girl to the cinema and agree in advance with the manager that he at the beginning of the movie put your video proposal. Before the beginning of the session, the guy leaves allegedly behind popcorn, then begins a video about their love, then follows the sentence. The girl is experiencing a storm of emotions at this moment. And especially she will be happy when her beloved returns, but not with popcorn, but with a bouquet of flowers and a ring.

If your girlfriend is currently on a long trip, then this is a great chance to make an offer at the airport when she returns. Instead of a name plate, as is usually done, take a sign saying "Marry me!"

The offer in the park or in other crowded places will surely be remembered by the girl for many years. By appointing a date in the specified place, you must carefully prepare: musicians, actors, flowers, etc.

If your lover has a car, and you are wondering how to offer a girl to marry with a car, then this method is for you. Sprinkle the car with rose petals, and on the windshield, attach a postcard with cherished words. At this point, hiding in a car is not desirable. It will be best to stand around the corner of the house or behind a tree that grows next to you. Also, the trunk and interior of the car can be filled with flowers. Glad your beloved with such a pleasant surprise!

Suggest to the girl: ring for dinner

Put the ring in a glass of wine or in a croissant. Of course, a tempting offer. However, you should do this with care, so that your evening does not end in the hospital. Put a ring only in those drinks that the girl will drink through the tube. Thus, she can see the ring and not swallow it.

Very impressive, when the waiter brings a ring under the lid instead of the desired dish. The girl will be pleasantly surprised, and the young man, in turn, should make a beautiful proposal and put on the ring of the beloved on the finger.

"Sweet" offer

If your girl is a sweet tooth, then get a regular chocolate egg in the store, cut it with a blade, put the ring inside and wrap the treat in foil. The ring is best placed in a capsule, which usually comes complete with a chocolate egg.

If you do not want to go to any restaurants, and you want to make a delicious surprise, we offer a mini-recipe for home gatherings. You no longer have to puzzle over how to make an offer to a girl to marry. Just make cookies for her with a surprise!

Melt the butter on a water bath, add the powdered sugar and carefully stir. Afterwards, we send the egg whites and flour, once more we stir the mass thoroughly. While you knead the dough, the oven should warm up to 180 degrees. Cut the dough from circles of the same diameter and put it in a preheated oven for 6-7 minutes, until the edges of the cookie begin to ripen. Then quickly take it out, put a prepared surprise in the center and fold the "lozenge" four times. Very convenient at this stage are special forms for baking cupcakes, although you can do without them. Place the cookies in a mold or just on a tray and put them in a cool place to cool.

It is not necessary to make an offer alone. You can invite a family or go to a restaurant and ask the waiter to bring the cookies you cooked. Be sure: your lady will appreciate your efforts. After all, she must have looked more than once, as the other guy makes a proposal to the girl. Hit it and you!

The most original offer to the girl

Go to the mountains. It is there that the most beautiful sunsets are. At this point, make an offer to your lover. Do not forget to stand on one knee, and hold the ring in your hands. In this situation, you will not have to say anything - the girl herself will understand everything.

In the United States and Europe, "air advertising" is becoming increasingly popular. To the tail of the rented plane clings a poster with the inscription: "Marry me!" Recently, this method has become possible to use in Russia.

Many countries offer hot air ballooning. It's when emotions go off scale, that it will be more successful to make an offer. Although there is a single "but". If you are not sure of the answer of your lady, if there is even the slightest chance that she will say no, we do not advise you to go to heaven. In this case, the girl will feel like a submarine, with which she can not escape.

Proposal for a photo shoot

Photoshoot - it's a great idea to make an offer to your beloved girl. Your lover does not expect such a scenario of events, which means that her photos will show her unique emotions.

Set a tripod, camera, turn on the "series of photos". Invite your girl to take a picture. During the shooting, give her a ring. So you get photos with real feelings. Pictures will serve as a reminder for the rest of your life. In addition, there will be something to show children and even grandchildren.

A dream come true

If you are thinking about how to properly make a proposal to a girl, then this scenario can be called the most successful and at the same time the most difficult. Every man can forcefully ask his lover about her cherished dream, and then turn it into reality. Naturally, everything depends on the desire of the man himself and on his financial capabilities.

A girl can dream about traveling to another country, about jumping from a parachute and much more. A truly loving man will overcome all obstacles and become a real magician for his beloved.

Offer in a game style

Waking up early in the morning, the girl does not see her lover next to her, and instead of him on the pillow is a note. The text in the note will indicate the place where the girl should go. Collecting this way hints, she will finally move to that part of the house / apartment where the groom will wait for her. This is also one of the original ways to make an offer to a beloved girl.

Of course, be sure to show imagination. The proposal should come from the heart, you can choose some method from the ones suggested in this article and slightly improve it, adjust the character of your lover and the style of your relationship.


Scenarios of this kind of proposals are very many. You can negotiate with a musical or a theatrical group, so that they help you make a show that will win the heart of your chosen one. In any case, the focus should be your girlfriend. But if you are interested in the question of how to make an offer to a girl to marry and invest in a certain budget, then we recommend that you read the above options, since this method will cost a lot of money.

A proposal that does not mind the money

Negotiate with the radio station and put on a romantic song of your own composition. However, be sure to find out if the girl listens to your radio address, otherwise the surprise will not be successful.

Rent a balloon, climb into the air. For this case, you need a few helpers. While you are flying, the heart must burn or some kind of inscription on the ground. Assistants are needed in order to set fire to the message, and they will monitor that there is no fire and does not spoil the whole holiday. Yes, this method has its drawbacks, since it will have to work with fire. But you still have quite a few places where you can make an offer to a girl.

Leave for warmer countries. You have to find a shell on the seashore, and maybe even in the sea itself. During the rest, tell the girl that you will be away for a few minutes, and go ahead and prepare a surprise. If the shell is large, pour in it sand and small shells. If your shell is small, you can put a little sand in it, and put a ring on top. In this form, you present the ring to your chosen one and say the words that she so long dreamed of hearing.

Romance in Simplicity

Get up early, go for fresh food. In advance, find the recipe for a romantic breakfast, of course, do not forget to cook it. Wake up your darling with a passionate kiss and invite for breakfast. At the beginning of the meal, you can make an offer. From the emotions you received, your girlfriend simply can not hold back her tears.

Arrange your future bride spa-salon at home. Dial a whole hot water bath, scatter the rose petals all over the room. If your beloved is still asleep, you can make a kind of path from bed to bathroom. When the girl takes a bath, dip the duckling with the ring into the water and tell her the cherished words.

So, you have a solid baggage of ideas and thoughts on how to make an offer to a girl to marry. In principle, you should not have difficulties with organizing this important event. Sincerely we hope that your only one will say "yes"!