Mobile phones are tightly integrated into our daily lives. Even children already use them from the very first classes of the school. In order not to throw your gadget just on the table, let's look at how to make a phone stand from improvised materials.

The first option: from Binder

We will analyze how to make a stand for the phone with your own hands from what is available in almost every home. There are a lot of ways. In this master class we will make it out of binders (clips for papers).

This model is well suited for widescreen phones. It will be very convenient and practical, and the creation will take literally two minutes.

For work, you need binders and a sucker.

  1. Connect the binder with the suction cup (the towel holder will also fit) in the place where the hook is located.
  2. To this suction cup attach the back cover of the phone, when you need to put it, and everything is ready.

The advantage of this type is that you can position the phone in any position, both horizontally and vertically, or at an angle.

The second option: from paper

When there are a lot of pieces of paper of different colors at hand, the technique of modular origami comes to mind. Let's look at how to make a phone stand out of paper.

To work, you need 24 white check marks and 23 pink. Checkboxes are the simplest element of modular origami.

To make the modules, do the following:

  1. The triangular module is composed of rectangles to make them the same size, take A4 sheet and cut it into 16 or 32 small rectangles.
  2. Bend the rectangle in half.
  3. And once more in half, then straighten, to get a fold line in the middle.
  4. To this line, bend the edges of the rectangle, and those where the first fold line goes.
  5. From below you formed a ledge, its corners curl up to the edge of the first part.
  6. Now, the rest of the lower fabric is bent upwards, so that you get an even triangle on the back.
  7. Fold it in half. And you will see that you have got pockets on both sides.

Now we turn to our question, how to make a stand for the phone from such modules:

  • Fix in a circle the white tick.
  • Then put pink flowers between each pair. So you will have a tapering cone.
  • Continue collecting the structure to the desired height, and everything is ready.

This method is suitable for fans working with paper in the modular origami technique, if you like to cut and paste more, then pay attention to the following model.

The third option: from a bottle of shampoo

How to make a stand for your phone with your hands from a bottle of shampoo? The work will be very stylish, despite the simple materials, it will look expensive, like buying.

  1. Choose a suitable size bottle of shampoo.
  2. Make a line in the middle and cut it. For convenience, it is better not to make a straight line, but on the back side to leave a ledge with a slot so that you can not only install a stand on the table, but also hang it on the wall.
  3. Take a beautiful paper with an ornament (you can use a wrapper), wrap it with a stand and glue it.
  4. Gently trim the excess wrapper around the contour. Your work is ready.

This hand-crafted article will look great in your house, especially if you correctly choose the color and pattern of the wrapping paper. You can independently come up with a form for this work or make a model. It was one of many ways how to make a stand under the phone.

The fourth option: from chopsticks from the popsicle

One of the most original options, how to make a stand for the phone, is the use of chopsticks from ice cream "Eskimo". To do this, ask friends and relatives beforehand not to throw out such sticks.

When you get enough, they will need to be glued together:

  • first, make a bottom;
  • then the backrest on the height of the phone;
  • the lateral well will look slanted.

You can join details not only with glue, but also gluing a cross stick for a larger strength.

There are many ways how to make a stand for the phone from the materials at hand. We examined only a few of them. It all depends on your mood and imagination. Even from the old "Lego" designer you can make an excellent version or sew from a dense fabric a wonderful cover on the wall.

Use any idea. Enjoy your creative work!