Any girl wants to look great always and everywhere - at work or at a party, at home, walking through the park, during shopping, etc. In all these cases, not only accessories and clothing play a very important role. One of the most important components of any image is makeup. Bright or casual, with an emphasis on the eyes or lips - any of these options can be translated into successfully and effectively, if you do not forget about the most important rules.

The main rules of makeup

1. In any case, you should not forget whether your image is appropriate in any given situation. If the makeup is bright, and you are at work, it is unlikely that the authorities will appreciate such a significant deviation from office canons. Leave aggressive tones for parties and parties, and for everyday makeup use neutral and pastel colors.

2. It is important to remember the golden rule: it is necessary to emphasize either the eyes or the lips. If you use excessively bright cosmetics for all parts of your face, your image will look vulgar.

3. Learn how to choose the right tone. This is one of the key answers to the question “How to make a bright makeup?”. More than half of the success of your makeup depends on how true and well you can manage to choose tones. You need to do this, relying on the color not only of your clothes, but also of accessories, hair and eyes, etc.

4. Mask the flaws. With the help of make-up, you can hide plump cheeks, too high forehead or a thick neck, visually shorten the nose or hide a crook in it. It is important to be able not only to emphasize the merits, but also to hide the shortcomings. In this case it is absolutely unimportant whether the makeup is bright or casual.

How to choose cosmetics

Any cosmetic product is in direct contact with the most tender parts of your body, and that is why its choice should be approached carefully. Many girls very quickly get the idea to create a bright makeup. Photos of the consequences of the use of expired ink, chosen in a hurry, really terrify. In order to buy the tool that is ideal for you, it is not necessary to arrange the pursuit of expensive brands.

It is enough just to pay attention to a few nuances:

- before buying mascara or lipstick, make sure that its packaging is intact, has no chips and other defects;

- all the letters on the bottle should not be blurred;

- always check the expiration date of the funds;

- choose only the cosmetics that suits your skin type;

- always test for an allergic reaction - apply the product on your wrist and wait a few minutes; if it causes redness and itching on your skin, it is strictly prohibited to use it;

- be careful of fakes, because it can harm your health.

Create a foundation for a spectacular makeup.

If you summarize all the knowledge about how to properly create an image, you can deduce a few basic rules that are applicable in any situation. The situation is the same with cosmetics. Makeup is bright, evening, neutral or wedding - this is absolutely unimportant. For any of them there are certain common features that we will consider.

1. Cosmetics is applied only to a clean face. Pre-wash with a special tool.

2. It is better to apply the tonal tool on a slightly damp skin with a sponge. For greater durability, you can fix it with powder on top, but for everyday makeup this is too “hard” way - the pores are clogged, the skin does not breathe. Also, if desired, with the help of powder, you can emphasize the cheekbones or visually reduce or increase the required part of the face.

3. Any, especially bright eye makeup, requires the ability to effectively emphasize eyelashes. To make them appear thicker, you need to powder them a little before applying the ink. Mascara is applied in zigzag movements on the lower or upper eyelid in one or two layers, if necessary, the cilia are separated from each other with a dry brush.

How to choose the shape of eyebrows

The key to the success of any makeup are properly stressed eyebrows. If this is necessary, then take time to give them a neat and regular shape. Oddly enough, the eyes and nose will become the main guideline for creating the desired effect. To calculate where the maximum brow fracture should be, draw a guide in the middle of the eye. The beginning and end of the eyebrow should create a straight line and a diagonal line, respectively.

Make your eyebrows clearer to help special shadows or pencil. If the eyebrows are too thick or the hairs on them are long, at the end of the makeup you can lay them with a special gel.

Makeup with an emphasis on lips

This makeup has long become a classic thanks to Audrey Hepburn and her beautiful image. It is perfect for office work or a date.

1. We put a tonal basis on the face, mask the minor flaws.

2. We begin to carefully draw the arrows with a pencil or marker, using a special template if necessary.

3. Paint the eyelashes.

4. We start to form spectacular lips. We select a pencil and lipstick of one shade. We outline the contour of the lips, visually increasing them. We paint lips with a resistant and bright lipstick, if necessary we fix makeup with the help of a special tool.

Wedding make-up

At the word “wedding”, associations with the sophisticated image of the bride immediately arise, one of the most important components of which is bright wedding makeup.

We need to find a middle ground so that it is not aggressive, and at the same time makes the eyes expressive.

1. Cover all the space under the eyebrow with white shadows, gradually descending to the inner tip of the eye.

2. In the middle of the moving eyelid, we apply a basic shade and gradually begin to apply shades to a darker tone, moving towards the outer corner of the eye. From the inner corner of the eye we move to the middle, also gradually increasing the shade by one tone.

3. Draw an even black arrow.

4. Carefully paint over your eyelashes or attach overhead.

5. To complete the makeup we cover the lips with a gloss of a delicate shade.

Incendiary party makeup

For ceremonial events or parties, we always select outstanding clothing and many stylish accessories.

Exactly the same rule we follow when choosing a bright evening make-up.

1. Under the maximum fracture of the eyebrow, paint the eyelid with white shadows. From the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the moving eyelid, we paint the eye with silvery shadows.

2. Between the white and silver conduct a strip of gray. Further, moving from it to the outer corner of the eye, gradually we tint the eyelid to a darker tone. Maximum dark shadows will be concentrated in the outer corner.

3. We carry out eyeliner barely noticeable arrow.

4. Paint the eyelashes or attach overhead.

5. Apply a flesh-colored or cool pink lipstick to the lips, fix it on top with a neutral gloss.

Smoky eyes makeup

Perhaps smoky eyes can not fail to mention if such a topic as bright makeup is being discussed. Photos of many models and actresses confirm that over time, he only gaining popularity.

1. Select the space under the eyebrow with white shadows. Paint over the inner corner with white or pale pink color.

2. Over the entire length of the century, we begin to make the transition from pink to black, using brown, gray, smoky and black color.

3. Use eyeliner to stain the lower eyelid, and on the top we display the up arrow, protruding behind the eye.

4. Lips are simply covered with shine.

The final word about the make-up

Cosmetics - an integral part of every woman's life. But do not chase after other standards of beauty. Love yourself the way you are, and learn how to feel comfortable with and without make-up.