Outboard motors today are very popular. If we consider a model of average power, it is very compact and approximately 5 horsepower. The majority of the modifications are quite different. First of all it is connected with different types of Davudov. Additionally, note that the parameters of the device is affected by the used connector. To make your own outboard motor you can, however, be more thoroughly acquainted with its device.

How to make boat motor with your hands (drawings)

Conventional motor device

An essential part of any outboard motor is a tiller. Due to it is made by the control device. In the upper block of the model is the flywheel that connects to crankshaft. The result is a rotary motion made him on the screws. In the lower unit of a boat motor is a small head with bearings. In the middle part there is deadwood, which involves many elements. If we consider a simple modification, the sump, gearbox, and stock. Near the engine the device is located the connector. Its main objective is to control the operation of fuel system.

Features of the motors “Min Kota”

To make boat motor Minn Kota independently is quite difficult. The motors they often used dvuhtumbovye. They are designed for maximum power is about 3 kW. The flywheels in this case are bilateral. They are made for models only aluminium alloy. In order to install them, use a small camshaft. Fuel pumps for outboard motors are used a variety. Dadude they often are available with pallets.

Model “Watersnake”

Collect outboard motors Watersnake yourself is very difficult. Primarily, this is due to the fact that they have the carburettors are used with special holders. To get them in the store is difficult, but possible. Also note that the pallets in all configurations used steel. In order to strengthen the rotor, you must use the stock. The tappets are mounted in a boat motor on the deadwood.

At this step, we pre-calculate the size of the rocker, which houses the valves. In the least it is important to engage the lower head bearings. Due to the durable propellers these boat motors reviews have good. In this case they can be removed with the broken model. Clamps are used in devices is quite rare, however, for custom configurations, they fit perfect. Sharpen them at home with the help of the machine. In order to fix the clamp on the pallet, you must disassemble the starter box. After this it is important to disconnect, and then the top block will not interfere.

HDX models

To make the HDX motor boat you can use single cycle of the engine. Additionally, for Assembly you will need the crankshaft, which must be installed above the deadwood. The pallet in this case it is best to use steel. You should also pay attention to the intake and exhaust valves. They are installed in the outboard motor near the fuel system.

As the locking mechanism for the rear you can use a small metal plate. To attach it to the body by welding. Additionally, the deadwood needs to establish a Central stock. It can take with an already broken boat motor. The last thing we need to do the lower unit. Due to the high quality of these rotors outboard motors reviews deserve good things.

Devices with double-sided flywheel

Moving on to more complex models. Make equipped with a two way flywheel boat motor with your hands (drawings shown below) is quite difficult. First, you need to choose the appropriate engine. In this case it is expedient to give preference to dogtective modifications. Cooling system they have, as a rule, provided air.

To install the flywheel in the unit will need to use welding. In particular, it is necessary to stress on the camshaft. After that the flywheel can be mounted on his wall.

The next step is going to deadwood. For this stock it is best to use a large diameter because the load on it will be big. Additionally, you must pick up the tray for the boat motor.

The last block is connected to the lower unit, which consists of a head, as well as screws.

Two-stroke models

To collect two-stroke engine boat motor with your hands (drawings shown below), it is necessary to prepare in advance all the tools. In particular, you will have to use a welding machine. To determine the deadwood on a boat motor is impossible, therefore, required the assistance of two people. For the grinding pan use a polishing machine. In turn, the stock can be cut for the model using the grinder. The work also will be needed the files to fit the valve. The rocker in this situation, it is best to choose a compact size.

All this is necessary in order not to pinch the channels of the fuel system. The pushers for the boat motor are chosen separately. Flywheels for two-stroke engines often set the usual. The connectors in these models are used quite rare. Additionally, note that the head is easiest to remove with an already broken boat motor. The same thing applies to screws. If the Assembly does not include the installation of block transfers the lock to go. better not to install in the lower unit design.

Devices with four-stroke engines

To collect with a four-stroke engine boat motor with your hands is quite difficult. You first need to find a good case for the model. Next you need to prepare Strumica. With its help, the outboard motor can be installed. Impeller models use very different shapes. First one gets the deadwood for the engine.

In the next step, to collect a boat motor with your hands, it should fix the stock. Thus, the crankshaft can rotate above the tray. To install the input shaft to the head, should be set aside anticavitation plate. Only after that the anode does not block the outlet. The propeller in this case is mounted in the last turn.

Modifications on the manual starter

Outboard motors of this type are quite widespread. Suitable for most single cycle configuration engines. In order to install it, it is standard to prepare the case. Take it easy with the old model. After that, it is important to assemble the upper unit which includes the engine and the rotor. Only then can you move on to deadwood. Directly recoil starter is attached above the tray.

In order to fix it in the housing, you will need to use a welding machine. Then there is the possibility to connect the rod to the crankshaft. If he picked up the large size, it can be shortened using the grinder. Also problems when you build can be in the absence of a suitable flywheel.

In this case, it is necessary first to estimate the size of the rocker. After that, it is important to take an existing model and just to whittle down to the desired size. However, the edge of the flywheel will eventually need to be very smooth.

Fuel systems are installed on a boat electric motor of the most diverse. Two-valve modifications are considered to be the most common. They cost the market inexpensively and are extremely easy to install.

Model with a protected gear

Outboard motors are protected with gear today is very common. Collect them should be from the top of the unit. First installed the fuel system and gearbox. Then it is possible to fix the motor. In order not to block the valves in the system the flywheel should select compact sizes. The last thing to pay attention to the bottom of the impeller. To the plate it is connected by welding. Only after this fixed propellers.