Many, especially avid fishermen, want to have a good boat, but not everyone has the opportunity to buy it. So the question arises: how to make a boat with your own hands? To those who consider such a task impossible, we immediately reply that this is not so. The main thing is to apply strength and diligence.

Board Boat

When thinking about how to make a boat, you first need to decide on wood. An alder, a willow or a fir tree is perfect for this, but, as the craftsmen say, there is no better boat made of simple pine planks. Maybe such a boat is too heavy, but the resinous tree practically does not rot.

How to make a boat from wood or rubber by yourself

In addition, it is not necessary to paint it. Masters believe that under a layer of paint, wood is steamed and abated. It is quite enough to saturate the board, and used engine oil is suitable for this.

Wood preparation

On sawmill sawn boards to a thickness of 30 mm. After that they need to be cut to a thickness of 25 mm. That will be quite enough. Moreover, they are struck only from the side that will be inside the boat.

Those who are not quite sure how to make a boat should know that the length of the boards will be the length of the hull. Choose it at its discretion. It can be from 4 to 6 m.

In the manufacture of the boat, take into account the fact that the wider the board, the smaller the cracks will be in the boat, and this, accordingly, will reduce the potential leaks. When joining and bending the boards, the slits will be in any case, which is why they should be caulked right away. To do this, use moss or construction harness, and then additionally lubricated with silicone.

Fastening all the elements of the boat

If before the boards were fastened together with nails, now they are replaced by self-tapping screws, which makes it possible to do this reliably and quickly.

Thinking about how to make a boat, do not forget about the shape of the sides. They can be both inclined and vertical. Although the latter are simpler to manufacture, the shipping quality of the boat deteriorates as a result. Therefore, many prefer to bend them. This is not to say that it is easy to make it, but absolutely real. The main thing is to know what to use for this device. It is good to do this with the help of special clamps, and it is necessary to bend slowly, gradually increasing the load. Boards should be moistened periodically with water. This gives them flexibility.

For greater reliability, the boat is supplied with stiffening ribs. They are usually made of oak boards. It is used for the device of the pointed nose of the boat. Board boards and bottom are inserted into it, and in special slots. Screws are not used for fastening.

When deciding how to make a boat, you should immediately estimate the width of the front and the stern. Usually in the bow part the width reaches 80 cm, and in the stern area it decreases to 30‒40 cm. At the same time, it is better to make the boards no more than 40 cm high.

This form of the boat makes it easy to manage it from the stern, using a single paddle.

Rubber boat

Many fishermen prefer to use inflatable rubber boats for fishing. They have a number of advantages over wooden ones - they are compact and weigh little (no more than 6 kg), and with careful attitude they serve for a very long time.

Those who do not have the opportunity to buy a factory-made boat, think about how to make a rubber boat on their own. With certain skills, this is a completely solvable problem.

Necessary materials

The best material for the manufacture of rubber boats - rubberized fabric BCC. It is used for the production of army personal protective equipment. It is very thin, light, strong, not subject to rotting and rubberized on both sides.

To sew the main elements of the boat, apply a kapron thread (No. 30). Spread them on a sewing machine. For bonding elements using rubber glue 4508 with natural rubber.

Manufacturing process

  1. The basis is taken drawings rubber boat.
  2. Patterns for boat elements are cut out of thick cardboard.
  3. On a large table, lay the fabric face down, put on it patterns of parts and cut them, and make an allowance for the seams of 1 cm.
  4. The finished parts of the boat are first baited with a nylon thread, and then stitched on a typewriter.
  5. Then, 50 mm wide strips of fabric are cut and all seams are glued on top of them.
  6. Thus collect the bow and the stern part, as well as side cylinders.
  7. After assembling the whole structure, install a valve for inflation. For it, you can use a small piece of rubber hose or buy ready-made factory-made.
  8. Then proceed to the manufacture of the bottom. To do this, pump up the already made balloon of the boat. A fabric is spread on the floor, a balloon is placed on top and a circle is laid around it.
  9. For the bottom you need to make two patterns. They are glued to each other and the resulting double bottom is glued to the bottom of the boat.

Such a brief instruction gives a general concept of how to make a boat yourself, as well as determine the materials and scope of work. We hope that our advice will be useful to you, and you can effortlessly make the boat yourself.