How to make a person lose weight? Many representatives of the fair sex think about this, and not only polnenkie. Often the owner of a slim figure has round cheeks that visually increase the face and create a rustic, simple-looking image. To give the appearance of refinement girls try to make this part more thin.

Do I need a professional?

Surprisingly, this is quite easy to implement. You just need to choose the right make-up and hairstyle. The simplest version of how to visually make a person lose weight is to turn to a professional make-up artist. But you can choose the right option without visiting specialists.

How to apply makeup to visually reduce the face

If the task is how to make a person thinner only with the help of make-up, you should observe some tricks. To begin with, you need to define a correction zone that requires processing.

The face, as a rule, looks larger due to the double chin, big nose, round cheeks and closely set eyes. It is with these shortcomings that you should work to visually make the appearance desirable.

In problem areas, it is best to apply matte and shiny tonal means of darker shades.

The areas to be highlighted are covered with a light, light texture. If the eyebrows or lips are lengthened, the face will look wider. Therefore, if there was a question, how to use makeup to make your face thinner, cover your lips with a shine of a light or transparent shade. This will give them naturalness. When applying, it is necessary to work with their central part.

Eyebrows should be made shorter. They should be ascending and slightly curved. Raise the hairs will help a special gel.

How to make a person lose weight? If the cheeks are prominent, the eyebrows can be left unchanged, and the main emphasis should be on the eye.

Depending on the shape of the face

If you really need to make a thin face of a round shape, then apply makeup should be without rounded lines. Dedicated eyes and lips should not be round. In this case, you should be careful about the styling of hair. In the image it is better to exclude a magnificent hairdress, a straight parting or curls. This will make the face even more voluminous.

The most advantageous option - loose hair of medium length. At the same time, cheekbones and cheeks should be darkened, and shadows should be applied strictly along the border of the century. Blush should be approximated to the corners of the mouth in the form of an inverted triangle.

Owners of the oval face should not be lengthened even more. These beauties can afford any hairstyle. But for a more harmonious make-up you should use a few tricks. For example, apply blush in round movements, and shadows blossom beyond the boundaries of the eyelids.

To make a skinny square type of face, you can use oval-shaped packing. So visually removes the angularity. Sharp angles should not occur in make-up.

How to make a person thinner, if it is triangular in shape? To do this, you need to determine the type of triangle. If the chin is wider than the forehead, then it is necessary to darken the face of the face. Blush while applying horizontally - so you can achieve proportionality. In the hairstyle, a voluminous upper part is welcomed (for example, curls curled upwards). A thick and bulky bang is very appropriate.

If the face is in the form of an inverted triangle, then the darker shades of the tonal remedy are better applied to the temples and cheekbones. A high hairstyle is not desirable at the same time: it will put an emphasis on the problem area. The most advantageous option is a curled hair.

Some general rules

How to make your face look thin with makeup? There are a number of simple tricks for this. Some of them have already been mentioned here.

  • Turn your eyes. To do this, you need to allocate more carcasses to make the eyelashes larger. The shape of the eyes can be emphasized by eyeliner, and the line of the eyelashes is penciled. When you focus on the eyes, an illusion of a slender face is created.
  • Highlight the cheekbones.   So the face becomes more "bony", and therefore, thin. This can be done with the help of powder on the tone of the darker face and blush. The brush should bring the cheeks diagonally to the ear. So cheekbones will visually look higher.
  • Avoid double chin.   This is especially important to think of chubby women. Hide the double chin will help self-tanning. It should be gently mixed with cosmetics, which must be applied to the neck.
  • Identify the ideal shape of the eyebrows.   Just pulling out the eyebrows is not enough. They need to be penciled in color by a tone darker than natural hair. This will help to emphasize them. Do not make your eyebrows too thin.

What should be the makeup?

How does make-up make a person lose weight? Much depends on the properly chosen tonal remedy, which should be several shades darker than the skin. This is ideal for evening make-up.

If the face is full, it is better not to use a creamy consistency. Suitable here is a dry translucent powder, lighter than the skin.