Appearance for women is very important. Nature doesn’t give an ideal appearance to all of us, but that doesn’t mean that you have to abandon yourself and become a slut. Natural charm and beauty is often the result of many cosmetic procedures.

Self-care gives women confidence and a sense of their own uniqueness. In fact, many expensive procedures, such as manicure, pedicure, hair, makeup, pilling, and so on, each of us is able to do on their own at home.

The history of pedicure

If you believe the historical data, the pedicure appeared for a long time. The need to care for the legs arose for a reason. The fact is that by the well-groomed feet, it was possible to determine the social status of a person. High-ranking nobles painted their feet with bright colors, the palette changed depending on the financial situation of people.

In ancient Egypt, the grandees with open shoes are always kissed feet. At that time, it was already noticed that acupressure of the feet affects the state of health. For example, Cleopatra was daily massaged with various essential oils.

In the Middle Ages, foot care was considered unacceptable and was prohibited, so this trend was revived only in the Renaissance. At the same time, a beautiful pedicure with rhinestones, stones and donuts became popular.

Pedicure at home - preparation

The concept of a pedicure includes: removal of horny skin of the heels, removal of corns, trimming of the regrown skin of the periungual roller, removal of the cuticles, treatment of the nail plate. So beautiful pedicure is not only decorated nails.

Before you do a pedicure at home, you need to prepare materials. For this you will need:

foot bath;

nourishing foot cream;


Home pedicure involves cutting techniques, because rarely anyone at home has a personal device with milling attachments for nail care. The skin on the toes and feet very quickly get used to the care, so in order to decorate your feet with a beautiful pedicure, you should not skip these procedures.

So, we proceed to the description of the sequence of work.

  1. For 10-15 minutes you need to steam out the feet in a bath with warm water. To soften the skin, it is better to add a little soap and sea salt to the water.
  2. After the hardened skin has become soft, the roughest patches and calluses should be removed with a safe blade.
  3. All other skin growths should be removed with pumice or a specialized foot grater.
  4. Trim nails and give them the desired shape using a nail file.
  5. Using a pusher or an orange stick, you need to lift the cuticle and periungual roller.
  6. Using scissors and tweezers, remove the stratum corneum around the nail.
  7. Apply the cream on the foot and massaged with dotted movements for 5-7 minutes.

Manicure with rhinestones - looks rich and beautiful

You can decorate your nails with anything, on the Internet you can easily find hundreds of options for how to make a beautiful pedicure. Today on the nails you can see the whole picture.

One of the fashionable options is a pedicure decorated with rhinestones. It’s really easy to make such a beautiful pedicure at home, a photo of which can be seen in fashion magazines. For work it is required perhaps that desire and a little patience.

What you need for decoration rhinestones

To make a pedicure with rhinestones, you will need:

How to create beauty

The work itself is quite simple and does not require any special instructions. To begin to apply varnish base. On the put basis fasten pastes. Pebbles need to take tweezers, previously while dipping them into the glue.

It is necessary to lay out the drawing very carefully, because when you try to remove or move the strazik on the nail there may be a stain of glue.

After all the elements are attached, you need to put a fixing base. It slightly smoothes the sharp edges of the stones and will not allow them to fall off at the first opportunity.

In order to create a picture, you need to exercise several times. In the shops you can find ready-made drawings of rhinestones, which you only need to paste. This option is ideal for beginners.

Nail art ideas with rhinestones

The art of nail art is constantly being improved, every year more and more different directions are born in nail design styles. Decoration of nails with rhinestones is one of the most fashionable trends. Rhinestones can be seen in almost any nail design. The drawings and abstractions laid out with the help of rhinestones do not look monotonous, because in any store there is a wide choice of stones of various sizes and colors.

Since this article is about how to make a beautiful pedicure at home with rhinestones, we will offer you some of the most simple designs.

  • French manicure with rhinestones - the free edge of the nail is covered with a flat strip of rhinestones. It is very fashionable to glue rhinestones through one nail, and you can also use a pebble to select a smile line or a regrown edge.
  • Chinese painting - for this species, smaller rhinestones are used, because with the help of them a small picture is laid out (flowers, patterns, crescent, etc.).
  • Simple decor - stones can be laid out as you like, in any sequence, be it a drawing, several separately pasted rhinestones, or a fully glued nail.

When decorating the nail you need to know an important rule: do not stick too many stones. It looks unnatural and probably the decoration will fall off very soon. Before you get started, look at any source photo or video tutorial. And remember, experience and practice will help achieve a lot in the nail industry.