The appearance of the finished product for the consumer plays an important role. This is especially true for bakery products. Here the art of a baker, as they say, is visible to the naked eye. Some samples are simply amazing original technique. The question involuntarily arises: how to make beautiful buns, while maintaining their quality and without violating the cooking technology?

Masterly work

Being engaged in baking, each housewife seeks to make her product not only tasty, but also outwardly attractive. Such an ideal combination with strict adherence to the formulation can be achieved only through the original design. How to make beautiful buns, so that each of them at first glance caused appetite? To do this, there are different technologies through which the usual dough preparation turns into a unique semi-finished product. It requires a truly virtuoso and very neat work. Experienced housewives probably know how to make beautiful buns. For novice cooks, we can recommend one very simple, but quite original way:

  1. First, from the finished dough, you need to roll an even bundle.
  2. Then on the cutting board from it you need to make a loop, leaving the free ends, divorced in opposite directions.
  3. Tie a harness on the knot.
  4. Wrap the long ends in the course of weaving.
  5. The remaining pieces to connect and hide to the bottom.

How to make beautiful buns: useful tips and interesting ideas

Now the workpiece will only be sent to the oven, smearing its surface with a beaten egg, milk or melted butter. This is another secret of how to make beautiful buns. For this, an additional silicone brush is required. It is very soft, comfortable and does not crush the tender dough at all.

Air baking

Yeast dough is the easiest to mold. The fact is that during baking, it additionally increases in size, which makes it possible to smooth out any irregularities and surface roughness. It requires only a great desire, and the ability and experience will appear over time. How to make beautiful buns from yeast dough? The main method in this case is weaving. Dividing the dough into individual pieces, they must first be rolled out into thin bundles. After that, the long elastic strips can be interlaced in the most fanciful way. Everything will depend only on the culinary fantasy. For decorating simple products, various powders in the form of poppy, nuts, ground cinnamon or sesame are often used. How to make beautiful buns from yeast dough, if they have a filling? Then you can build a design in the form of an original flower.

One interesting option will do for this:

  1. First of all, the dough should be rolled into a layer.
  2. Put the stuffing on it and twist tightly in the form of a roll.
  3. Roll up the blank with a ring and then carefully cut the outer edge using scissors.
  4. Expand the obtained pieces in opposite directions, distributing them in a checkerboard pattern. You can just turn each of them out, distributing in a circle.

It turns out the original roll in the form of a flower or snowflake. And if you make it large, it can easily replace a real cake.

Curvy Bagels

In order to bake buns, do not need any special reason. This can be done daily. The main thing is that the hostess has free time, since baking is a rather long process. In addition, the molding process requires special attention and effort. After all, it would be desirable for such a product to cause appetite at first glance. To do this, you need to know in advance how to make beautiful buns from dough. There are many different options - from simple models to super-complex designs:

  1. Round loaf. It is the easiest to do. You just have to roll the ball. For variety, you can sprinkle with seeds or make a small incision on top.
  2. "Tie" when the dough harness is wrapped in a characteristic way.
  3. "Snail". In this case, the same billet is twisted in a spiral.
  4. "Chain".
  5. "Carved horseshoe." For her, a thick harness should be slightly flattened and wrapped in shape. Then after a little proofing from the outside you need to make a few cuts.
  6. "Monogram" is an option when the ends of sausages from dough are wrapped in opposite directions, and then enclosed under the middle.
  7. "Pretzel". The test harness should be bent in the shape of a horseshoe, and then the ends should be crossed crosswise and left on top.
  8. "Vitushka" - interlacing several flagella.
  9. "Bagel". For him, the dough must first be rolled into a layer, and then divided with a knife into 6 equal parts. After that, each piece needs to roll roll, starting from the wide side, and then bend the design in the form of a horseshoe.

Each of these options is good in its own way.

Flight of fancy

Having been engaged in baking for a long time, you can think up your beautiful forms of buns. How to make an option, not like the others? First you need to master the already known technologies, and then just take up their own development. For example, there is nothing easier than to twist the usual "snail". But if you make deep cuts along the entire length of the harness with scissors, then after baking you get an original openwork flower. Ears with sugar also look very impressive.

Usually they are made from puff pastry using the simplest technology:

  1. A piece of solid layer need to twist into a roll.
  2. Fold it in half.
  3. At the site of the fold make a deep cut.
  4. Expand both parts in opposite directions.
  5. To grease the billet egg and sprinkle with sugar.

This technique is also suitable for pastry dough. And if you put the stuffing inside and put two such blanks side by side, you get a very original version of the roll, the size of which can be chosen at your discretion. In addition, from the usual round billet get wonderful bunnies. It is necessary only with the help of scissors to make a couple of small cuts, which will eventually turn into small ears. Children should definitely like this option. With a certain imagination and special skills, you can portray almost any idea in the test.