Grinder grass - a reliable assistant to all gardeners and truck farmers. With its help, it is easy and quick to clean the area of ​​debris. What is this unit and how to do it yourself, read in the article.

Why do you need a chopper for branches and grass?

Owners of their own land have to spend a lot of time and effort to put in order the garden or garden. To facilitate heavy manual work, people have come up with electric grass grinders, thanks to which quickly, and without additional effort, you can get rid of twigs, grass and dry leaves.

How to make a grass grinder yourself

These devices crush the garden garbage, turning it into a biodegradable mass, which is buried in a compost pit, and subsequently receive organic fertilizer. It is a good idea to mulch the plant debris with mulching soil, which will be fed as an organic additive. If there is no need for it, the mass processed by the chopper is packed in sacks and taken out from the site. It will not be difficult to do it yourself without resorting to the help of a vehicle.

How to choose the right electric shredder?

This question is not easy and requires some knowledge. To choose a garden electric grass shredder, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Engine type and power.
  • Knife system.
  • Reverse. It happens that the knives become clogged with grass or are unable to process a large branch. Then using the reverse can quickly stop the blades and make them spin the other way. Therefore, the garbage, the processing of which has any problems to come back.
  • Weight and mass of the device.
  • The presence of the follower. With its help, the debris is moving in the funnel. It is not recommended to do this work with bare hand, you can get injured.
  • Possibility for processing garbage of different origin.

  • The size of the receiver and the funnel, through which is fed the garbage. Easy to maintain unit with slanted funnel in the form of a cone. Better if there are a few holes of different sizes: some are to be inserted, branches and other vegetable wastes.
  • Possibilities of automation and protection. It is better to choose a unit with a locking self-start. It happens that at some time the electricity disappears and then suddenly appears. If there is no lock grinder herb included independently, and the differential current can fail. With the lock he himself will not turn on.

Classification of the engine by power

Amateur class. It differs by a disk knife system, which is driven by an electric motor with a capacity of 1.6 kilowatts. The unit of this class is designed for grinding vegetative debris and branches with a diameter of 30 millimeters.

Medium-heavy class. The engine's engine capacity can reach 2.5 kilowatts. The system of knives of such units is milling, so they are used for grinding large debris and branches with a thickness of 40 mm.

Professional class. The engine power of the unit of this class reaches 4 kilowatts. Knife system - milling. With its help, large branches with a diameter of 80 mm are processed and pressed. If you use such a grass shredder, then productivity will increase and you can save space on the site.

Types of knife system

Depending on the principle of action, it happens:

  • Disk. In this system, work is presented on a rotating disc with blades from tverdosplavnoy metal, which of necessity can be replaced. This type of knife is used for processing the remains of plants, grass, leaves and small twigs with a diameter of twenty millimeters, which are small damp dust.

  • Milling. This system has a powerful rotating cutter having the form of gears, which are attached to the blade of hard metal. These knives are able to shred thick branches up to five inches in diameter, the bark of trees and even the roots. Product processing is a major shavings, wood chips or small wood pieces.
  • Milling and turbine. It is a universal knife system, capable of processing dry and wet waste and vegetable gardens, regardless of their hardness.

Making grass chopper for chickens

You can cut the grass with an ax. It is convenient and does not require any adaptations. But if the farm has many chickens and grind the grass daily, it takes a lot of time and is pretty boring. You can fix the situation and make a grass chopper for the hens yourself. Its design is simple. To begin with, four legs from the old stool are connected in pairs. They put a tray of boards eighty centimeters long. And the front knives are fifty centimeters taller. In them grooves are cut, which end below the tray bottom. The groove has a width that allows the blade of the braid to move freely, to the blunt end of which the handle is welded.

The point of the braid is attached to the foot pedal by means of a system of levers. There is a grass chopper for chickens on this principle: with one hand the homemade knife is pulled up. Vegetable mass with the other hand is pushed to the cutter, and the foot presses on the pedal. Grinded grass begins to pour into the container, which was previously set for this purpose. That's the whole technology: easy, simple and affordable.

How to make an electric garden shredder?

To do this, you will need:

  • The body and the engine from the washing machine.
  • Saw, old from time.
  • Fasteners: bushings, bolts, nuts.
  • A bucket or a large saucepan for making the bottom container.
  • A saw-bolgar, a screwdriver, a hammer.
  • Legs from an old stool.

Homemade grass shredder consists of upper and lower containers, knives, racks and engine. It is better if the body of the unit will have a cylindrical shape. For this purpose, the washing machine is ideal. A cylindrical part is cut off from its body by a saw-bulgarian. This will be the top container. To make the structure stand, you need to attach the legs to the bottom. As an upper container, you can use an old saucepan. To do this, a hole should be cut from the side and it should be paneled with sheet metal. Through it will come out the processed material.

From the lengths of the saw, knives are made and fixed on a bush fifty centimeters high. You can make it yourself or order it to a specialist. A hold the entire structure will be a rack of durable material, for example, the legs of the stool. For fastening works, water nuts are best suited.

Further work with the engine. It is removed from the pulley. He is no longer useful in the work. The motor is fixed to the casing with clamps, which are at the same time and tightening the design. The inner diameter of the hole at the top of the cylinder must be the same as the diameter of the shaft in the engine. Fixing drilled two holes with a diameter of eight millimeters. They are coated with thread M8, to which are fastened the bolts. Before the pinned sleeve on all sides of the shaft, made a small indentation. For output of processed raw material under the knives of the hole. If it is not possible to make a hole at the bottom of the top container, it must be cut on the side. Collecting the crushed mass is made in a box attached to the body by bolts. Homemade grinder herb ready. This simple device from scrap vehicles can be a faithful companion for any owner.

Precautionary measures

Grinder grass - the simplest means of minor mechanization. But with improper operation, there can be a risk to human life. To avoid this, you should follow some rules for safe operation of the unit.

  • During work, wear protective goggles or a mask, so as not to get injured by flying chips.
  • Gloves should not fall off your hands.
  • In the absence of a self-tightening device on the unit, work with a special pusher.
  • Grind branches allowed for this type of aggregate thickness.
  • The funnel should not get stones, glass, clothing, plastic objects.
  • If the plant is processed with roots, the earth is shaken off.
  • Branches should not dry up. When they are wet, it is easier to break up.
  • In the absence of a curtain preventing access to the knives, it is prohibited to work on the unit.