Full, soft and sexy lips attracts men's views of his sensuality. They do smile obvorozhitelnaya talking about the youth, dobrodosli and optimism of its owner. Thin lips though, and add a touch of feminine elegance and refinement, but they very few people like. Often they give the impression of haughtiness and evil disposition. So most women want to achieve a sensual smile and add volume. How to make lips bigger without injections and drastic decisions? What methods and tools exist to give the effect of "poured" lips? We will tell about this below. We will give practical advice to the lovely ladies about how to make your lips bigger with makeup.

How to make lips bigger: step by step instructions

The axiom of shades and colors

When choosing clothes stylists advise to pay attention on dark colors, if we want to look slimmer and hides imperfections, and light, if, on the contrary, we wish to emphasize and highlight the volume. The same rule applies when applying makeup. Dark lipstick or shades visually reduce the eyes or lips. And bright shades extend, add volume and emphasize the expressiveness.

Therefore, when applying makeup, remember that lipstick beige, coral, peach, light pink tones will visually give lips volume. But the palette of red, maroon, carrot and crimson colors should be avoided.

Choosing the right texture of lip makeup

When applying makeup do not only value the colors and shades of lipstick, but also their texture. Like this? A suitable choice of the texture of the lipstick can also make lips more and chuvstvennoe. It is desirable to stop the choice on mother-of-pearl, cream and satin options. The light reflected on the surface of the lips makes them more voluminous, while the matte texture visually reduces them. A wonderful addition will be a special gloss applied to the middle of the lower lip and shimmering mysteriously in the light.

The importance of the correct shape of the lips

Professional makeup artists suggest the use of makeup as a "weapon" in the form of a seductive smile learn to choose the correct form of drawing lips. This moment coupled with skillfully applied makeup can give a great result. Mainly makeup artists use five basic options.

  • The "Bud". This form is ideal for owners of long and thin lips. To create it very simple – just draw the circuit on a 2 or 3 mm further from natural. Bright representative used this technique, is the inimitable Dita von Teese.
  • "Petal". This form is the most advantageous among the other options. It helps to achieve the most noticeable results. To achieve the "Petal" we need to make the lower lip oval. Smoothly draw the amplitude contour with a pencil. And the top sponge should be slightly less. And not to forget the corners of the mouth – they should be slightly raised.
  • "Pie". For this characteristic the identical form both the upper and lower lips. The line is smooth and convex. To submit this form, just look at the lips of Brigitte Bardot.
  • "The Letter M". The top lip should be as pointed and was selected in the "Cupid's bow". It resembles the shape of the letter "M".
  • "Fish". To achieve this form, his lower lip draws smoothly, as in the "Cake" and the upper separate clear and smooth lines. It's simple. Such seductive lips remember all the inimitable beauty and Flirty Marilyn Monroe.

For self-adjustment it should be remembered that outline the damage must not extend beyond the natural more than 2 mm. Otherwise, instead of charming and sensual smiles you can get and vulgar mask.

Special means to increase the volume of the lips

If for any reason there is no desire or ability to create multiple layers of make-up, you can make the lips more with a special varnish. This innovation appeared on the market not so long ago and has already gained wide popularity among fashionistas ease of use. Special and chic properties of this cosmetic product are of rich color and 3D effect. In the composition of the varnish is composed of minerals and special oils, smoothing wrinkles on the lips, making the surface perfectly smooth and provides extra volume.

Another innovative way to give the lips some volume is plamer is a special lip gloss. It includes such well-known and a warming substance, such as Cayenne pepper, menthol, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Wonderful properties Plumer is based on the heating of the skin, lips included special additives and blood flow. This makes the mouth raised, tender. But the action of the cosmetic lasts up to 4 hours. After a time the Shine again you need to apply on lips as necessary. And it costs dearly.

The use of improvised cosmetics

How to make lips seem bigger by using lipstick and gloss, we have considered above. To achieve the desired volume it is possible not only with lipstick but also using other products that will always be on hand at each girl. If nature gave you such a luxurious lips like Angelina Jolie, it is possible to use a conventional cosmetic products, the efficient use of which can give a stunning result.

Next, you will be given practical advice. How to make lips bigger with the help of the integrated use of Foundation, powder, pearlescent eyeshadow and a highlighter, contour pencils, lipsticks and gloss? For makeup you will need a small soft brush and a mirror.

How to make lips more at home?

Algorithm for applying makeup on the lips:

1. Apply foundation to face or foundation. They also obscure and lip area.

2. When dusting the face it is necessary to apply a very thin layer of powder on the mouth.

3. Outline the lips with a highlighter. It is necessary to shade very carefully. We mask the natural contour.

4. The border of the lips outlined with light eyeliner, experimenting and choosing the most advantageous form that suits you. One should not draw too wide mouth. Rude and clumsy simulation will give the opposite effect.

5. Glossing over the entire surface of the lip pencil selected light shade.

6. Then a pencil of a darker shade draw the outline, starting from the corners of the mouth and ending in the center.

7. Paint the lips with lipstick and selected a little shaded her brush across the surface.

8. Apply a little shine to the middle of the lower lip. After some time you should close your mouth in order to evenly distribute the shine.

This method of applying makeup is based on optical effects and the play of light and shadow.

The trick with brown pencil

You can achieve the effect of the sensitive mouth and make the lips more of a pencil light brown. For this you need to draw a line slightly above the natural contour. And be sure to apply glitter to the center of the lower lip. A little secret also can give volume to the lips.

How to make lips bigger using folk remedies?

In addition to traditional ways of makeup, you can resort to folk remedies add volume to lips. They were used even by our grandmothers.

1. Mix a small amount of clove oil with a daily used lipstick or gloss. A small drop of oil is enough to make the lips a little plump.

2. A remarkable result gives the application of the lips of a mixture of cinnamon powder and paraffin oil. It's very simple. To the butter add a little cinnamon, mix thoroughly and apply the mixture on lips for 15 minutes. Then gently remove with a tissue.

Typical mistakes

At first glance, everything seems to be very simple: they applied contour, lipstick, gloss - and voila. But the main thing here is to be careful and not overdo it. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite effect.

It is desirable to distribute the tonal basis on the lips with your fingertips - this is how you can achieve a very thin and uniform layer.

For women in the age avoid the use of contour lip pencil, as it will accentuate fine lines near your mouth. It is better to use a light highlighter which clears up the areas near the contour. Lipstick should be applied and circled on the surface contour.

The contour pencil should be darker than lipstick by 1 or 2 tones, but not more.

No need to deceive yourself that the glamor mouth will be obtained immediately. Only everyday practice and patience can help in this case.

It is best to use branded and resistant cosmetics that will last longer.

This article was described by the readily available tricks and the tips many pretty women about how to make lips bigger. I really hope that following these rules will help to achieve the desired effect and make the dream a reality.