Everything has its ending, including the most memorable part of life – childhood. The main part of our nation's children attending the kindergarten and most of the time there. To leave a memory about this period of a child's life, to create children's portfolios for kindergarten.How to make children's portfolio for kindergarten: step by step instruction

Children's Portfolio

Now it's not just fashionable, but it became necessary to show children's portfolio when entering the kindergarten group. The portfolio of the kid of 3-5 years is a kind of a piggy bank of activity of the kid on the main directions of development. Criteria directions are processed in accordance with federal requirements for mandatory development programs for children in preschool. They are represented in general education programs "From birth to school" and "Origins".

The children's portfolio for the kindergarten is designed to help parents establish a closer and more trusting relationship with the child, spend free time together, celebrate the child's successes in a timely manner, and support interest in activities in the areas of development:

  • socially-personal;
  • cognitive-speech;
  • physical;
  • artistic and aesthetic.

The portfolio's parents will help shape the self-knowledge of the child, that is the answer to the question “What am I?” and also to acquire experience that will be useful in the future. Children's portfolio for kindergarten can be useful not only to parents and their children, but also teachers, Tutors.

How small you were

In childhood the child is immersed in a world of fantasies and dreams, and he is still poorly oriented, where reality is, and where fiction. Therefore, the design of this document is often in bright, colorful tones. Ideally, the portfolio for the baby will be the most beloved book with pictures and the subject of his pride.

It is necessary to explain to him that this magic book you will collect together, and for what it is necessary. Do not be afraid, thinking that the child will not understand or he will quickly get bored. Already all three-year-olds love bright books, and a book about yourself is the most fascinating. She will gladly accept creative works, she will treat fascinating fantasies with special attention, and after a while with love will help remind you of how you were, baby.

The child in the preschool age actively learns the world around him, develops rapidly and grows, is engaged in creativity, so the children's portfolio for the kindergarten contains photos that reflect the activities of the child, drawings, photo articles, and also there is a place for photos of friends and tutors, all those , who takes an active part in the life of the child.


The cover sheet is a kind of entity across the portfolio. Taking it in hand and look, it is possible to form the first opinion about the child and his family. The cover sheet does not need to be overwhelmed with information, for this there are a lot of pages inside a folder, so you specify only the information on the owner: who is, how old is, where he lives or studies, it is desirable to place the photo. Portfolio kindergarten ready, full, includes a title page and six sections, which are described below.

Section One: "My World"

Any information that is important and interesting for the child is placed here.

  • Name. It tells about the meaning of the name, why it was decided by parents to call it that way, you can also explain the surname, if it is rare, this can also include the meaning of the character on the horoscope.
  • Name at baptism. Often give a second name, which corresponds to the religion, if it was baptized.
  • A family. Here the child talks about the names of his family members or draws a family tree.
  • Friends. There are photos of friends, information about them is given.
  • Place of residence. The information about the native city is given, in photos and descriptions it is possible to tell about its interesting places.
  • Kindergarten. Information about the kindergarten and the group.

Section Two: "Favorite Activities and Games"

Portfolio of the kindergarten is ready, filled, in the second section describes the activities and games of the kid:

Section Three: "Holidays"

This section can include photos from birthdays, holidays held in kindergarten, for example, New Year, Mother's Day, etc.

Section Four: "Growth"

Portfolio for kindergarten (templates) can have the following headings:

"Physical development"   - information of anthropometric measurements is placed. They are designed in the form of interesting diagrams, graphs, tables or figures. Here you can put not only data on the height and weight of the child, but also on the day of birth, tracing the contour of the palm and the feet and every year to watch how they grew up.

"General Development"   - social-personal, cognitive-speech.

  • The lips of the baby. Write interesting words, sayings of the child.
  • Learned letters.
  • As a child reads in three, four and five years.
  • As he thinks in three, four, five years.
  • Favorite song.
  • Favorite poem.
  • Playing musical instruments.
  • Dance.
  • The world around the child.
  • Peace within the child.

The portfolio of kindergartens includes the rubric "Creative development" - here you can find drawings, photos of creative works and participation in performances of the children's club or kindergarten.

  • Drawings in different genres and different means (watercolor, pastel, gouache, crayons, etc.).
  • Molding from various materials, for example, clay, plasticine, sculptural mass.
  • Application.
  • Designing.
  • Photo of articles from natural materials, paper, cardboard and other photos of participation in exhibitions.
  • Theater performances with a list of roles and photos.

"Records"   - this rubric is filled with diplomas, diplomas received in kindergarten. To encourage efforts and stimulus, you can also arrange a reward for participating in contests and games with friends at home. All the contents of this column are in chronological order. Further, there are data on participation in sporting events, holidays, competitions, etc. Based on these materials, a personal rating of the results, achievements necessary for studying the dynamics of learning outcomes is formed.

Section Five: "Impressions"

In this section, a portfolio for a kindergarten (templates often contain this information) can include information about visits to theaters, museums, excursions, hikes, and a description of the child's impressions of them.

  • Travels.
  • Discoveries.
  • Excursions.
  • Impressions of visiting exhibitions.

Section Six: "Testimonials and wishes"

In an arbitrary form, reviews of educators, parents, teachers on additional education are made. Self-esteem of a child is increased due to the efforts made by the teacher. Here, reviews, wishes, recommendations of teachers, as well as parents on the results of the school year and participation in the organized event are written.

Portfolio for kindergarten teachers

Why should an educator portfolio? Its purpose is to increase self-esteem and encourage the professional growth of the educator children's educational institutions. As well as the assessment of the qualification level and quality of activities as a professional (for certification, determine the size of the promotional and incentive payments).

The structure of the kindergarten teacher's portfolio includes sections:

  • "Introduction",   where the tutor informs about the professional status, education, work experience, personal data. (To form this information, the teacher asks for help from the head of the DOW.)
  • "Portrait" consists of the essay "I and my profession". It educator in the free form reflects the aspects: why did you choose the profession, talks about the qualities needed for success, describes the stages of formation in a profession, personal and professional interests, perspectives and achievements, sets out the credo of pedagogy, analyzes the professional competence, refers to the themes of innovation, reflects the creative achievements.
  • "Folder of achievements in the profession" – this section of the portfolio for kindergarten carries information about the following materials: plans, presentations, publications, contains a description of experience, list of developed manuals, videos, different forms of work with pupils, colleagues, parents, parents etc.

  • Folder achievements of pupils also included in the portfolio of a kindergarten teacher. It contains the certificates of participation of children in various activities, diagnostics, products of the creativity of children. The content of this section testify to the professional competence of teachers.
  • The completed kindergarten teacher portfolio includes a section"Folderdocuments ". It contains certificates of participation in creative and professional competitions, contains documents on passage of training courses, continuing professional education, etc. the content of this section indicate the official status of the caregiver.
  • "A folder of expert assessments".   It contains letters of gratitude, patents, reviews, reviews, etc. These documents are forms of assessing the activities of the educator and stimulate his further growth.