Every girl dreams to look perfect. As you know, the eyes are a mirror of the human soul. But at the same time, to make them beautiful, you need to look after them. More precisely, in the care need not the eyes themselves, but the eyebrows and eyelashes. After all, with their help you can not only emphasize the beauty of the eyes, but on the contrary - spoil their appearance. Therefore, the choice of a suitable form of eyebrows should be approached with the utmost responsibility.

Choosing the right shape

As already noted above, with the help of well-groomed eyebrows, you can emphasize the features of your face. At the same time, groomed eyebrows can ruin even the most beautiful makeup. Therefore, any experienced make-up artist pays attention not only to the make-up of the eyes, but also to creating the correct shape of the eyebrows. Of course, you can do it yourself. It is necessary to understand that what the final form will be depends more on the face oval and the planting of the eyes. In addition, by creating the right eyebrows, you can correct some of the shortcomings of your appearance. So, we can distinguish several basic forms:

  • "Broken" or eyebrows "house." This shape is best for a round face. But we must remember that too sharp a break can, on the contrary, emphasize round features. Therefore, you should carefully pull out each hair, so as not to overdo it. Although they can easily use and girls with other facial features.
  • Horizontal eyebrows are perfect for an oblong face.
  • Slightly raised eyebrows will perfectly correct the face, which has a triangular shape.
  • And girls with wide cheekbones perfectly fit curved, highly raised eyebrows. Although you can hide the square face with the right haircut. In this case, you can use any form.

Three points of eyebrows

It is very important in the process of creating a form - take into account the dimensions and facial features. Ideal eyebrows are considered a "house", which were created after determining three necessary points:

  1. Internal border. A long straight object should be applied to the nose wing vertically. Where he crosses with an eyebrow, and its first boundary will be determined.
  2. Determine the rise or the highest point. The same subject must touch the wing of the nose, and the other end must pass through the point of the pupil. At the intersection with the eyebrow and will be the highest part of it.
  3. The outer border. The object should touch the wing of the nose and the outer border of the eye. At the intersection, another point is obtained.
  4. To see how the eyebrows will look like a "house", you can connect all these three points. A scheme will be obtained, according to which it is possible to pluck them.

How is the plucking process going?

Many girls are interested in how to make eyebrows a "house". After all, they are universal and fit almost any form of face. In fact, plucking the eyebrows is a simple process, but only if there is experience in this matter. That is, the first time you should not pinch your eyebrows yourself. It is better to seek help from an experienced master who will choose the right form. After that, you can adjust them yourself. Either way, plucking happens like this:

  • Prepare all the necessary tools. This is a tweezer, a large mirror, a pencil (or any other oblong straight object), a brush and an antiseptic.
  • First of all, it is recommended to warm up the face so that the eyebrows are easier to break.
  • Contour pencil should draw a schematic line, through which you can pluck out the future eyebrow.
  • To pull out it is necessary on one hair. In this case, the skin is better to stretch - it will be much easier.
  • Start plucking eyebrows "house" from the tip to the middle, and then - from the beginning to the middle. So their shape will be much neater and more beautiful.

Possible errors in correction

Although many know how to make eyebrows a "house", still in the process of correction there are a number of errors:

  • It is not recommended to pull out the hairs on top of the eyebrows, otherwise it may appear that they are omitted. Therefore, the look may seem evil.
  • Using too sharp tweezers, you can slightly injure the skin. If all the same wounds could not be avoided, then it is necessary to have with you any antiseptic.
  • The form must match the type of person. You need to look as natural as possible.

Do I need to draw eyebrows?

Many believe that the drawn eyebrows look unnatural. But it is not so. If the girl has learned to select the right eyebrow makeup, then no one will even guess that she resorted to such tricks. After all, sometimes it happens that because of one wrongly torn hair breaks the shape of the eyebrows, and you can fix it with a pencil or shadows. If there is a desire to learn how to draw eyebrows "house", then the instruction suggested below will help:

  • The beginning of the eyebrow is better not to draw, otherwise it will look unnatural. Therefore, it is better to retreat a few mm, and after that - to start coloring.
  • To the center it should be slightly darkened, and on the tip of the eyebrow - make a thin, barely noticeable line.
  • It is important that the color of the eyebrows correspond to the color of the hair, otherwise they will catch your eye.

What cosmetics to use?

To draw beautiful eyebrows "house", you need to use only high-quality cosmetics. Firstly, with its help it is much easier to carry out this process. Application and feathering do not take much time. Secondly, it does not adversely affect the skin around the eyes. And after all it is necessary for it to give the most attention, as the first morshchinki appear just here. Thirdly, natural cosmetics looks more natural. But if there is no money to buy it, then you can use the usual means. So, in order to draw the shape of the eyebrows "house" looked almost perfect, they use such means:

  • A pencil for the eyebrows (and not for the eyes). Experts recommend that blondes draw eyebrows for two shades of darker hair. But brunettes and brown-haired women, on the contrary, should make them lighter (also in two colors).
  • Shadows. Usually they include only 2-3 colors, so that you can select a light and dark part.
  • Gels. With their help, you can give the eyebrows a volume, adjust the color. In addition, they will keep in shape.