Do you know that your eyebrows can change the way your face looks? But this is true. Careful eyebrow care may seem like a waste of time. But when they look neat and expressive, then the rest of the make-up can be very simple. But what to do if nature cheated you with eyebrows? Or if they refuse to grow after years of plucking with tweezers? All this can be corrected if you know how to draw eyebrows. In detail about this art we will talk further in the article.

Important details

Before you learn how to draw eyebrows in stages, it is necessary to know the basic rules of eyebrow makeup.

Take a thin pencil or brush. Attach it to the wing of the nose. The eyebrow should start where it touches the forehead. Then attach a pencil to the wing nose and place it at an angle that it passes over the pupil. So you will find a place where the eyebrow should be bent. To determine where it should end, position the pencil at an angle from the tip of the nose to the corner of the eye.

If you have very light eyebrows, the cosmetics for them to be two shades darker than your hair color, and vice versa (dark eyebrows - cosmetics two shades lighter than the hair).

Arsenal of beauty

For this simple, seemingly task, you will need different cosmetics. Namely:

  • Powder or eyebrow shadows. They allow you to naturally draw eyebrows, look natural and expressive. Matte eyeshadow with good pigmentation and the right color can also cope with this task.
  • Pencil - an indispensable tool. It will help to create clear beautiful lines in a matter of seconds, but it has a serious drawback - it is difficult to feather. For tips on how to draw eyebrows with a pencil so that they look natural, you will find further in the article.
  • Eyebrow gel is used to fix the makeup. It is universal and transparent with a touch. The second option helps to visually make eyebrows fuller and thicker. But it should go well with their natural color.

How to draw eyebrows with a pencil?

If you don’t have any special powder or shadows, you can still clean up with this couple. It is a pencil and a clean brush or shadow applicator. How to use them? Let's look at how to draw eyebrows with a pencil in stages:

  1. For a start, move the eyebrow down.
  2. Then start filling it with a pencil. To make the eyebrow not look painted, make very fine small strokes, imitating the hairs. Let them be slightly different lengths. At the beginning of the stroke, press down on the slate slightly more than at the end.
  3. Starting from the nose bridge, carefully blend the pencil with a clean shadow applicator, small brush or mascara brush.
  4. Transparent gel finish makeup.

Never use a black eyebrow pencil, even if yours is naturally black. It always looks unnatural, it is better to take a dark brown color.

Now you know how to draw eyebrows with a pencil. Let's see how you can use other cosmetic products to achieve excellent results.

A big difference

Still do not believe that you definitely need to know how to draw eyebrows? A “before and after” photo proves the importance of this step in makeup.

The difference is noticeable, isn't it? Let's take a look at how to draw eyebrows with a pencil and powder or shadows, with step by step photos.

The procedure is as follows:

    1. First, decide on the shape and length of the eyebrows. Start working with clean skin without cosmetics.
    2. Cover the brow area with a shadow base (primer). This is necessary in order to keep your makeup longer, and the result of your efforts was with you from morning till late evening.
    3. Now with a pencil for eyebrows bring their bottom contour.
    4. Do the same with the upper bound. But leave near the nose bridge ¼ eyebrows not painted. But her tip clearly bring.
    5. Now with an applicator for applying shadows or a clean brush from the mascara, blend both lines inside the eyebrow so that they look natural. If you overdid it and smeared the outline, you can always draw it again.
    6. Now take the powder or eyebrow shadows and fill it with ¾ of the outer part of the eyebrow with a thin brush with a hard beveled nap.
    7. Near the nose of the hair does not grow so thick, so it is important to preserve the natural look. To do this, traces its beginning with the remnants of eyebrow cosmetics on the brush.
    8. After that you can fix the makeup with a special transparent gel. Hairspray can also be used instead (be careful not to get into their eyes).

We put in order the natural data

In the previous lesson, the task was to make beautiful eyebrows from thin threads. And what if you have them wider and thicker than necessary?

Here's how to draw eyebrows so that they are clear and neat:

  1. Use tweezers to remove excess hair.
  2. Then comb them with a clean mascara brush.
  3. Applying a small sharp scissors horizontally, first to one part of the eyebrow bend, then to the second, cut the protruding hairs that extend beyond the desired contour. If necessary, comb the hairs down and gently repeat the operation from the side of the eyelid.
  4. Now with a pencil draw the lower border of the eyebrow. It should be clear, while the rest of the lines should be carefully shaded.
  5. Using a brush and a small amount of powder or eyebrow shadows, fill them in with small neat strokes. Do not forget to leave the area near the nose as natural as possible.
  6. Taking the brush from the mascara again, comb your eyebrows. Her stiff bristles perfectly align their color and remove excess cosmetic products.

Interesting tricks

How to draw eyebrows so that they are clearer and more expressive? Try using a light concealer to bring their lower bounds. If you wish, you can do the same from the side of the forehead. Eyebrows will immediately become brighter. This technique has another nice advantage: it gives the effect of an instant lifting of the century and allows you to look younger.

To expose the look, you can apply a highlighter or a drop of nacre shadows under the eyebrow curve.

These techniques are perfect for evening makeup.

Now you know how to draw eyebrows. Do not forget about the importance of this element of your makeup.