For normal functioning of the brain, like the whole body as a whole, it is necessary to train. Especially with age. As is known, the human brain uses its working potential for a maximum of 10%. People often notice that it becomes more difficult to absorb the information received over time.

But there are a lot of situations when it is necessary. For example, duties at work or at all a new post, a specialty, moving to another country, which requires compulsory knowledge of the local language, and so on. All these changes sometimes require you to turn on the brain to the fullest. However, often a person notices that, in addition to stupor and fatigue, his attempts do not lead to anything. What to do in a similar situation? How to develop the brain, or rather, increase its potential?

How to develop the brain? Games that develop the brain

As you know, each person has two hemispheres - left and right. There are general methods for development, as well as special exercises aimed at training a certain percentage of it. How to develop the left hemisphere of the brain? The easiest and most accessible way is to read. Thanks to the book, visual memory develops, vocabulary replenishes, the nervous system calms down, and the ability to concentrate increases. In addition, the horizon is expanding and qualitatively improving literacy. Since the left hemisphere is responsible for the reading ability, this can be considered an excellent exercise for his training.

Learning languages

How to develop the brain? You can study a foreign language. This knowledge not only activates the "main computer" of the body, but also contributes to the expansion of personal abilities.

For example, even though you know a little language, you can visit the relevant country, get acquainted with its culture, make interesting acquaintances. By the way, people who are able to speak even in different dialects, there is less probability of occurrence of such diseases as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and others.

Unusual ways of doing regular exercises

How to develop the brain? Useful for the body as a whole is doing ordinary things in an unusual way. For example, reading the text inverted. At first it will puzzle the brain, but after a while it will seem not such a difficult task. It is also useful to make a variety of absolutely everything that surrounds a person. It is often necessary to change the route from home to work, to make a rearrangement in the house. Learn new places.

How to develop the brain in the usual ways? Now tell. As it turned out, this is not too difficult. The next level of training contains special exercises that have a specific effect on the hemisphere of the brain. But first you need to figure out who is responsible for what, as they say. The hemisphere of the right side perceives the data in the form of images and symbols, is responsible for imagination, musical abilities, creativity, and also sexual activity.

For his training, there are simple and fun exercises that can be performed even by children. The first is to seize the lobe of the opposite ear alternately with the left hand, and the nose to the right, and then vice versa. That's how to develop the right hemisphere of the brain. If this method is too easy, you can complicate the task. For this, it is necessary to add cotton between hands.

Draw with both hands

Now consider how to develop the brain, with both hemispheres at once.

We will describe the second exercise. He needs a sheet of paper and a pencil. If the person is a right-hander, then you should start drawing exactly with the leading hand. You can write letters, print patterns and anything. The second hand should repeat the pattern in symmetrical reflection almost simultaneously. It is better to start with more simple versions and gradually complicate the task.

How to develop brain games aimed at coordination? A simple exercise is familiar to many from childhood is called "the ring". To do this, connect the thumb of one hand with forefinger of the other. And Vice versa. Turning over so the fingers, the speed should be gradually increased. This is a simpler version of the exercise.

If it seems easy, you can try to complicate it. To do this, to the thumb of one hand, you must alternately put the index, middle, ring and little finger, forming a ring. Games that develop the brain, not only contribute to the activation of the thought process, but also serve as a variety during leisure. After all, there is nothing difficult in doing such exercises.

Funny activity

How to develop a brain? Also fun fun, and at the same time and effective movement, is the familiar simultaneous stroking of the abdomen with one hand from the childhood and tapping on the head of the other.

This is another way of developing the brain, designed for the child. You can perform this movement at speed by arranging fun competitions. By the way, laughter and humor is an excellent and effective way to improve brain activity, as well as the general condition of the body. It turns out that the useful is simple and enjoyable.

Developing the left hemisphere

How to develop the left hemisphere of the brain? This topic should be considered in more detail. First, a short excursion, for which this area is responsible. The left hemisphere is actively involved in the processing of information obtained in the form of numbers and signs. Further, this information is subject to a phased analysis. Most people on the planet write with their right hand. So, for this order of things, the left brain share is responsible.

To develop it, one should solve mathematical or logical problems every day. As an alternative, stop using the calculator and count in the mind. By the way, representatives of past generations were deprived of all kinds of computer creations, so they had a clear mind and excellent memory until old age. What only it was worth remembering the intercity numbers of all relatives, and in fact the notebook was not always at hand.

Crossword puzzles and games

Also a good way is to solve crossword puzzles, especially since it excellently activates memory. Next, it is good to do the usual things with the help of the right hand and foot. For lefties this may seem difficult, but this is the essence of the exercise.

There are also games that develop the brain. And many of them can be taken from a number of habitual ones. This technique is excellent for left-handers, as it will be more effective because of an unusual position. For example, a great game - badminton. Racket should be taken in the right hand and work only for her. At first it may seem complicated, but after a while the brain will get used to and will execute the commands. The movements will be more coordinated. Suitable games will also be table tennis, bowling and others.

An excellent game, which also excellently develops brain activity, especially the left hemisphere, is chess. Thinking over the strategy, calculating the probable moves effectively activate the work of the "main computer".

How to develop the brain of a child and an adult? There are several other methods. These include:

  • Regular physical exercise. Thanks to it improves blood circulation, trains the cardiovascular system, which is directly connected with the activities of the brain. Also in the process of exercise develops coordination of all the limbs and body in General. Another advantage active supply brain cells with oxygen, which improves its activity.
  • Listening to music. It is desirable to hold such sessions after a working day, giving the body to relax. Need music to watch your breath, then, when it becomes habitual, you should close your eyes and use your imagination. I try to draw images, appropriate musical motif. Exercise calms the nervous system, relieves tension. Here is how to develop the right hemisphere of the brain.
  • Drawing. You can paint your own work of art. And let no appropriate skills, the main thing – desire. If a person experiencing stress or anguish, every time, instead of moral samopoedaniya or pregnancy of revenge the offenders will sit down at the easel or just take a sheet of paper, his life will be filled with colors. Should the drawing to introduce a habit. It is perfectly develops imagination, expands horizons and increases self-esteem. This activity is able to distract the brain from the issues at hand, while giving him tasks that contribute to the effective development. The most complex version of the drawing with the hand that are not ready for it.

For the brain to work well, do not forget about nutrition and proper drinking regime. Also for productive work is important quality rest, 7-8-hour sleep.


Now you know how to develop the brain. As you can see, there are many methods. So do not forget to develop it. Good luck!