Push-ups from the floor are the cheapest exercises, because they do not require any inventory. It's enough to lie face down on the floor, place the palms parallel to the body slightly wider than the shoulders - and you took the emphasis for push-ups. This is enough for a beginner. More experienced athletes modify the classic emphasis, putting their palms closer or further apart, or even resting not on the palm of their hand, but on the fists. But there is another way to make variety in this exercise - to use a special sports equipment, called stoppers or stanchions.

More power

Push-ups are a fairly simple exercise, the muscles quickly get used to it. Therefore, after some time, training stops to give a visible effect. It seems that I worked honestly, and my muscles do not even ache. Therefore, the first advantage that is worth mentioning is that it is more difficult to wring out from the stops than just from the floor. If the usual exercises have become too simple, it is worth trying to acquire an inventory that increases the amplitude of the movements. Of course, you can use improvised means, from a brick to a thick book, but the factory supports for push-ups from the floor are more convenient and safer.

More variety

For the harmonious development of the muscles, it is not enough just to increase the intensity of the exercises, it is also important to change the emphasis of the application of force from time to time. In this regard, an important advantage of the restraints is that they make it possible to perform equally push-ups with both elbows pressed to the body and with elbows dilated to the sides. Alternating these methods, you can aim to affect different parts (internal or external) of the pectoral muscles.

More security

Many newcomers face the problem of wrist pain during push-ups. In such cases, it is usually advised to take an emphasis on push-ups on the fists, but this advice is suitable only for those who already have strong forearm muscles. But ergonomic modern equipment reduces the load on the joints and fits all without exception.

Features of push-ups with stops

All the features of performing exercises stem from the advantages described above. Since using loads increases the load, at first you will not be able to do as many push-ups as you did before. No need to chase the amount, it will come with time, the main thing is to continue to monitor the technique, that is, keep the case smoothly, press hard, without jerking, to control breathing.

The use of equipment provides additional opportunities - use them! Try to set the stops parallel to the body, perpendicular or physiological 45 degrees. The same exercise, performed with a narrow setting of the hands, is effective for pumping triceps - it is enough to put one stop for push-ups next to the other.

But if you place the stops on the bench behind your back and put your feet on the bench in front, then you can do an exercise, similar to push-ups on bars.

What are the models

The most common are the U-shaped supports. In the simplest case, this is a handle on two supports. There are variations of this model, when one of the supports is made shorter than the other, then the handle-crossbar is at a certain angle to the floor (same as the body of the person performing push-ups). This form is considered more physiological.

A stable stop for push-ups gives Z-shaped models.

The market presents more expensive products with a swivel base. On assurance of manufacturers, their production provides more intensive work of muscles at smaller loading on joints. This is explained by the fact that when performing push-ups on rotary machines, more muscles are involved, but the wrists, elbows and shoulders are always in a physiological position.

So do you need support for push-ups?

The opinions of consumers on this score are ambiguous. Some believe that the buyer wants to shake out money for an unnecessary toy, others note some advantages of training with the use of stops.

Unequivocally, the purchase can be recommended to those who during the push-ups experience discomfort in the wrists. It is worth experiencing this sports equipment and those whose progress in exercises has stopped and who would like to increase the load.

Since the price of the stops is low, for many, the best way is to buy and try and decide whether they need it or not. At the same time, undoubtedly, push-ups can be effectively dealt with without any inventory, it is enough to show a little wit to diversify the set of exercises. Moreover, the simplest stand for push-ups can be made with your own hands.

How to make a successful purchase

If you went for stops in the store, it is worth paying attention to some important details.

It is best to buy sports equipment of famous brands: Kettler, Torneo. Supports for push-up release and numerous Chinese no-fashion-and-style, not guaranteeing quality. When purchasing such products, be sure to check that the seller does not refuse to accept the purchase back, if it turns out that it is not suitable for use.

It is preferable to choose the stops equipped with anti-slip legs, then you can safely press out on the floor with a wooden or plastic coating.
Metal stops are stronger than plastic, which is especially important for athletes who have a lot of weight (more than 100 kg).

The optimal material for covering the handles is neoprene: it is soft, does not slip in the palm of your hand and is not squashed during prolonged use. The handle itself should sit comfortably in the hand: a man with a large palm will be uncomfortable to squeeze a narrow tube, for a girl or a teenager does not fit too wide.