Many women, when buying boots, face the problem of incompatibility of the shaft width with the leg volume. Most models are sewn according to standard standards, and therefore products are not suitable for all customers. This does not mean that it is worth giving up the pair you like or buying shoes a few sizes larger. There are many options for stretching the boot toe at home.

Freeze boots

Effectively expand leather shoes allows freezing method. This is one of the easiest ways to stretch the boot toe at home.

Pre-shoes must be prepared for the procedure. To do this, take a large bag with a plastic clasp and half fill with water. Squeeze all the air out of the bag, leaving a small gap in the corner. Connect both plastic sides to close the package.

For freezing it is recommended to use special packages. They have sufficient strength and are convenient for storage in the freezer.

Package size should be selected based on the size of the shoe and the part that needs to be stretched. If it is necessary to expand only the heel or sock, a liter package is sufficient for the procedure. To stretch the toe of high boots a package of 3-4 liters is suitable.

Place the filled bag in the boot in the place that needs to be increased. For example, to stretch the tops, you can fill the entire lower part with unnecessary paper, and put the prepared inventory on it. It is necessary to evenly distribute water over the entire area of ​​stretching and put the boots in the freezer.

When the water has completely frozen, pull the shoes out of the chamber and leave it to melt the ice.

How to stretch the boot boot at home: effective methods, methods and recommendations

Stretching shoes while warming up

There is no less effective way how you can stretch your boots at home. Before the procedure, you must wear 3 pairs of thin socks on your feet and pull on your shoes. If you stick your legs hard, you can remove one pair of socks.

When the shoes are on your feet, you need to heat up the part that shakes. The warm-up time of the skin boot should be at least 30 seconds. It is recommended to choose the maximum power on the hair dryer. Heated skin should be kneaded, fixing a comfortable position with the feet. Do not take off your shoes until the skin is completely cooled, otherwise it will return to its former shape. Then remove all excess socks and try on boots.

This method can be used to stretch all parts of the shoe. It is also suitable for widening the tops of high boots.

Expansion of shoes with special devices

For those who are interested in how to stretch the boot toe at home with minimal harm to shoes, there is a special device. For the soles and tops use different types of stretch marks. Such devices are a wedge with a turning handle. The device is inserted into the boot and opens for a few minutes so that the skin stretches to the desired width.

Stretching devices are usually used in shoe shops. But they can be applied at home. Special skills and knowledge to use the wedge is not required. The main thing is to fix the boot correctly.

Professional wedge can stretch shoes made of leather, suede and even rubber.

Stretch chemicals

To expand the individual parts of leather shoes produced special tools in the form of sprays. Before use, you should read the instructions from the manufacturer. It describes in detail how you can stretch the boot tops. The manufacturer also indicates a list of materials that can be processed by a specific tool. Most of these sprays can not be applied on suede shoes.

It is also important to pay attention to the composition of the spray. Some manufacturers add alcohol to the product.

Before use, it is recommended to apply a small amount of spray on the inside of the lower leg or other invisible place and observe the reaction. If the skin has not changed color and appearance - the tool is suitable for use.

The spraying spray application distance is up to 15 cm. Immediately after spraying, you need to put on boots and walk in them for a while.

Stretching the skin with alcohol

To expand leather shoes often use 70% alcohol. In such a concentration, alcohol does not harm even suede products.

How can I stretch my boots at home with alcohol? It is necessary to spray the spray on the area of ​​shoes that you want to stretch. Apply alcohol should be evenly throughout the treated area. Then put the shoes on your feet and wait 30 seconds. During this time, the alcohol is absorbed into the skin.

In order for the shoes to stretch properly, it is recommended to remain in it for some time after the alcohol has dried. Many believe that this is the cheapest and easiest method of how to quickly stretch ankle boots at home. In most cases, the desired result is achieved the first time.

Castor oil application

This tool is often used to soften hardened skin. Therefore, many masters to the question of how to stretch the boot toe at home, advise this tool. Castor oil perfectly stretches the skin with minimal harm to the product.

To increase the upper leg, you need to pour castor oil into a glass or ceramic container and heat it to 50 degrees. Pre-washed and dried boots to wipe with a sponge dipped in oil. Then you need to wear tight socks or socks on your feet and wear shoes on them. It is recommended to walk in boots about 3 hours. Then you can treat the shoes with castor oil a second time and walk a little more. The total duration of the procedure depends on how much you need to stretch the leg.

Important points

You can expand the shoes yourself, if you know the features of stretching procedures.

  1. Stretch can only shoes made of natural suede and leather.
  2. When buying shoes, you should ask whether the store provides a service to stretch the tops. It happens that it can be free.
  3. Stretching shoes when wearing is almost impossible.
  4. Be sure to expand the tops of boots with locks. In narrow shoes, the locks quickly break, which are mechanically damaged when put on each time.
  5. For stretching shoes do not necessarily use the services of the workshop. There are many effective and safe ways to increase the bootleg at home.
  6. One pair can be expanded by 2-3 cm. It is undesirable to stretch the skin anymore, since it can break.
  7. When buying boots, you should pay attention to the presence of cuts with inserted elastic. They create extra comfort and make the tops more elastic.

Advice and tips

  1. When freezing boots, it is important that the water does not fall on the skin, otherwise it may crack.
  2. Instead of water bags, you can use freezing bags filled with gel.
  3. When stretching by the method of freezing can not immediately pull out of the bag with ice packs. Frozen water increases in volume and may damage the product.
  4. If after the first time the boots are not stretched, you should repeat the method used.
  5. When stretching shoes under the action of high temperature, wipe the skin with glycerin or cream. This will restore the required level of humidity.