Every working person at least once in their life wondered about how sick leave is calculated. Unfortunately, few people familiar with this procedure and is able to skillfully operate the necessary knowledge. To avoid cheating by unscrupulous employer, let us examine how the calculation of sick leaves and that is the reason for the renewal of a certificate of incapacity.

A little bit of information

  • Starting from 2013, payments on sick leave are assigned to the Social Insurance Fund.
  • From January 1, 2015 the minimum wage is 5 965 rubles.
  • The Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation authorized doctors to write out sheets of temporary disability for a period of up to 15 days.

How are disability payments calculated

In order to calculate the sick list, you must have information about what kind of wages received by the employee during the previous two years. For example, to calculate sheet disability in 2015 the accountant will need the following information for 2013-2014. The calculation will be allowed only the official salary, which was used for contributions to FSS.

For the start of the sick list calculation is to add the wage of the employee over the past two years. The resulting amount should be divided by 730. The final figures will reflect the average daily income in further calculations it is multiplied by hospital days.

Receive payment in 100% amount is possible only in a situation when the insurance length of service will be not less than 8 years. Experience more than 5 years but less than 8 years will be paid at 80%. If the experience is less than 5 years, you can count only 60%.

This information about how sick leave is calculated implies the availability of information about the employee's seniority, and insurance. To date, various charges relating to social and insurance payments, including calculation worksheet temporary disability, conducted according to the insurance experience. The duration of seniority not matter in the least. Carrying the sick list calculation, take the amount of deductions that have been made over the previous two years. All necessary information is contained in the certificate 2-pit.

As sick leave is calculated at the minimum wage

In some cases, the calculation of sick leave is made according to the minimum wage. We will understand how the hospital is calculated on the basis of the minimum wage.

If during the previous two years, the employee changed jobs and did not submit a certificate 2-pit at the current company, the calculation of a leaf of temporary disability will be made according to the minimum indicators.

The calculation of the hospital for the minimum wage is accompanied by the following conditions:

  • The insurance experience of an employee is less than six months.
  • The employee did not have charges.
  • Monthly wage of the employee is less than the minimum wage.

It is important to note that in this situation, if the sick pay payment per month may not have the amount above the minimum wage. For calculation of certificate for incapacity for work average daily value, as before, must be multiplied by the number of days of sick leave.

Errors in sick leave

There is such a thing as a technical error. It may be related to the presence of extra white space, any punctuation or typographical errors spelling. The presence of this defect does not oblige to the renewal of the certificate for incapacity for work.

Importantly, the employer could obtain information about the period when the employee was unable to work. And for the social insurance Fund is necessary to set the specified piece in the hospital registration number. Necessarily correct filling in data on doctor and medical facility. The seal impression must be clear and readable.

In the event that the place of work is incorrectly indicated in the sick-list, the FSS has the right to recognize such a document as invalid.

Error correction does not allow the use of "putty". If an incorrect entry were made by the employer, it is necessary to cross, and on the reverse side to write the correct data. Next, the entry "corrected to believe" and stamped with the seal.