In large modern cities, there is no escape from aggressive advertising and huge shopping centers, calling for buying even more and regularly. At the same time, according to statistics, low-income and simply poor people in our country still remains quite a lot. How to live on 10,000 rubles a month without debts? We will try to find an answer to the question that interests single pensioners, students and many young families.

Define the main items of expenditure

To start planning a personal budget follows with the definition of approximate monthly spending. Even if you've never thought about spending and optimizing them before, try to record basic purchases and payments. The basic items of expenditure are considered to be utility bills, meals, transportation costs, personal hygiene products and household appliances. Each individual person spends his money on the listed items monthly.

How to live on 10,000 dollars a month? Learn to save on everything

If your goal is to learn how to live on 10,000 rubles a month, most likely, the available money will have to be distributed exactly between these items of expenditure. This amount is relatively small. If earlier your income was higher, many usual expenses will have to be abandoned. Visiting paid centers of beauty and health, sports clubs, restaurants and entertainment facilities - all this is not a top priority. Care should be taken and your own bad habits, if any, you have. By refusing cigarettes and alcohol, you will save at least 2-3 thousand rubles a month and bring enormous benefits to your own health.

Secrets of personal financial planning

Be sure to start home accounting if you have not done so before. Write down all your expenses, take into account even trifles like traveling on transport and buying chewing gum. You can conduct the budget in any form convenient for you - in a paper notebook or a text document on your computer. Today there are even free applications for smartphones, designed specifically to control costs.

It is enough to keep the budget at least 30-60 days, and you will understand how to live for 10,000 rubles a month. Your task is to analyze all expenses and understand which of them can be reduced. In fact, there are a lot of ways to save on life without compromising its quality. Let's try to make out the most effective of them.

Savings on monthly payments

Communal payments - one of the mandatory items of expenditure for each individual. We recommend you always on time and in full size to pay bills. How much do utilities cost and how to save on them? If you have counters installed, it makes sense to start consciously to consume resources. Do not turn on the electrical appliances "just like that"; when exiting the room, extinguish the light, turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Dozens of such tricks have been invented by our compatriots. But what if the counters in your apartment have not been installed yet? As practice shows, payment of utilities on their real consumption is beneficial only on condition that the apartment actually has a smaller number of people than registered.

Discounts for paying bills for the apartment are provided to certain categories of beneficiaries. If your family has any privileges, contact the social protection department and arrange a subsidy. How much are the utilities, depends on the region, the area of ​​the apartment and the number of people registered in it. On average, the total amount of a monthly rent is about 2-5 thousand rubles.

A balanced diet

One of the most important items of expenditure of any person is food. If you want to learn how to live for 10,000 rubles a month, prepare to learn how to save on food. To begin with, an approximate menu plan should be drawn up. Basic products, such as cereals, pasta, local vegetables and fruits, sunflower oil, bread, milk, are regularly consumed by everyone.

Your task is to try to calculate at least about the number needed for a month. Strike off your list of purchases of ready-made meat products - sausage, sausages, ham. It is much more profitable to buy meat and cook some dishes from it independently. Any economical hostess maintains her own list of budget meals. Salads such as "Vitamin", Olivier, Vinaigrette, it is not difficult to cook at all.

In fact, from simple and inexpensive products you can create real culinary masterpieces. Sufficiently profitable are almost any soup, pancakes and pastries. How to live on 10,000 rubles a month to a family of 4 people and not starve? At first glance it seems that this is unrealistic. But in fact, it's a little more than usual to give time to cooking. Do not buy any half-finished products, try to give up the factory mayonnaise, sauces and sweets as much as possible. Do not be afraid to learn new dishes and try unusual recipes.

Product purchase

A few years ago, the cheapest and most profitable option for purchasing products was considered to be their purchase on a wholesale basis. Today, in the era of supermarkets, most of our compatriots prefer to make purchases in them. Be sure to grab a snack before going to the store and make a clear list of purchases.

Going to purchase with an empty stomach and without records, you run the risk of gaining too much of everything superfluous. Many large stores offer their own products to customers. And this is a great way to save money! Usually the packaging of a branded product costs 10-50 rubles less than the equivalent of a well-known brand. Such a significant difference is explained by the fact that when selling goods of own production, the store does not spend money on advertising.

Quite a controversial option to save - buying a large number of products on shares. In the conditions of the limited budget such purchase for the future can not be considered a successful investment of means. If any action seems to be very profitable for you, you can buy a little more products than planned. Do not be lazy to see the expiration dates of the goods and to think whether it is he who is popular in your family. Doing too large stocks is not recommended. Even modern economical housewives acquire canned food in an amount of no more than 4-5 cans of the same kind. With large purchases, there is a high risk that the product will simply deteriorate.

Culinary tricks of the economical mistress

Many of the secrets of saving on nutrition were known to our grandmothers. From one piece of meat or chicken, you can cook soup, and then cook a second course. Cutlets turn out delicious and juicy, if you add finely chopped onion or white bread crumb, pre-soaked in milk, to minced meat. Very economical and delicious side dishes can be prepared from rice, buckwheat or pasta. Experiment with sauces and cheer home daily new dishes.

If you have your own dacha, you can save a lot by growing vegetables and fruits. If the personal suburban area is not available, you can smash the garden right on the windowsill. Everyone can grow greens and spicy herbs. Some of our compatriots manage to regularly harvest tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and even citrus fruits in their own apartments.

Daily Consumption Goods

Next on the urgency after food products, the item of expenditure is manufactured goods. In this category, you can make cosmetics, household chemicals, personal care products, various household trivia. Knowing the approximate needs of his family, the purchase of these goods can also be made at a time.

How to save, how to live on 10,000 rubles a month with a child? According to the research results, many of our compatriots overpay when buying such products is completely unreasonable. We are used to believe advertising, well-known brands, and we are happy to buy "special" funds. Try not to buy the most expensive products, but those that really fit your needs. Do not forget about the method of "radical" savings - try to use traditional recipes for the preparation of cosmetic and detergents.

Buying clothes and other things

If you save your family budget for a few months, you will be rescued by a grocery basket. With a good income, you can quickly save a fairly large amount, saving on food and giving up significant acquisitions. But what if you have to live on a small salary all the time? One of the most urgent problems is the purchase of clothes and shoes. You can save considerably by attending various sales. This is especially noticeable when buying seasonal items. Choose clothes for winter in winter, and in the fall - swimwear and beachwear. You can also look at the department stores with the collections of last season.

How to live on 10,000 rubles a month in Moscow, where to dress? Inexpensive quality items can be purchased in second-hand and commission stores. What is especially pleasant is that in the first category stores not only second-hand clothes are sold, but also new ones. Cheap to buy a variety of things can be in Chinese online stores.

Save Every Day

Everyone who wants to learn how to save should learn the art of rational consumption. Before you use a service or buy a product, try to reasonably evaluate this proposal and your own need for it.

It is advisable to train yourself to never spend money spontaneously. Even if the budget is not restricted, before making a purchase should visit a few different stores (they can be the virtual version) and compare prices on the same product. If you want to know how to live on 10,000 dollars a month with their two children, spend money wasteful is simply unacceptable. Such seemingly innocent things as a lunch in a cheap café or buy a glossy magazine could seriously harm your budget.

About these expenses you never knew existed!

Speaking of bad habits, most of us imply the use of alcohol and Smoking. Actually recurring are not the most useful effect may be present in various spheres of life.

What habits hinder you from saving? Their great variety. It is desirable to stop to make purchases outside the list. Standing in line at the cashier in the supermarket, try not to even look at the shelves with sweets and household stuff. It is also useful to accustom himself never to go shopping "just to look", with the exception of those cases when you compare prices on products.

Still thinking about how to live on 10,000 dollars a month? Product list with sample menus and household budget will help you. At the end of the month analyze your own costs, you will likely find a few more articles that appear, among other positions out of habit.

Time or money?

Speaking about the economy, most of us is boring and monotonous days. In fact, to live a full and interesting life can be, even without spending money on entertainment. Find a hobby that suits me. You can read books, watch movies, sports and crafts from the comfort of home. All this entertainment does not require material investments. Try to renew the tradition of going to visit and invite friends over to. Believe me, a night will cost much cheaper than visiting a cafe.

If we talk about the economy, the idiom "time is money!" takes on a whole new meaning. One of the secrets of reducing spending on life while maintaining its decent level – more to do with your hands. The cost of a home-cooked meal is always lower than the price of semi-finished products or dishes from the restaurant menu. However, cooking at home have to spend time. This simple rule applies to many other household chores and needs. Having no special education, you can learn how to sew clothing and home textiles, to perform repair work efficiently to take care of themselves. Don't be afraid to learn something new, and then you will understand how to live on 10,000 rubles per month family of 3 people.

Do not hesitate to use subsidies and benefits.

Many of our compatriots endlessly criticize the state for the lack of social support. In fact, not everyone knows about the privileges they have under the laws. You can get help from every Russian who finds himself in a difficult life situation. Social benefits are allocated to large families and low-income families, disabled people and many other categories of citizens.

In many regions of our country there are federal and private charitable foundations. Such organizations consider each appeal individually and help with things, products, employment. In modern Russia, with the support of the state, even housing conditions can be improved. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you really need it. Contact the social protection department at your place of residence. Large non-state funds and charitable organizations of your region you can easily find on the Internet.

Promotions, discounts, free offers

How to live for 10,000 rubles a month? The menu is made up, but there is very little free money left? Do not be in a hurry to get upset, many goods and services you can get with good discounts, and for some not necessarily pay. Do not be lazy to look for opportunities to save. Free haircut and get a variety of beauty services can be when you contact the relevant training center as a model.

Services of coupons are very popular today. To receive a discount, you must purchase (for a symbolic amount) a coupon. This is a great way to save on entertainment, services and various products. In addition, you can find communities where people share the most diverse things with each other free of charge. If you use all of these tricks, your grocery basket will always be full. And with a competent organization of spending you can even save money, having an income of only 10,000 rubles.