Any experienced motorist knows how important it is to prorabotat components and mechanisms of the engine. The same applies to boat motors, which have many fundamental differences, but also need to pre run-in. There are different rules for this procedure, but in any case, it is important to understand that this is the same essential part of the maintenance, like oil change with the health check of the individual elements of the unit. Of course, running boat motor takes time and organizational costs, but in the future it will provide more reliable and durable mechanisms. Now you can consider exactly how the break-in period of the power unit affects the increase of its resource.

How is the running process useful?

How is running outboard motor

Run-in elements of motor involves three main mechanisms – crankshaft with bearings, parts of the reducer and the cylinder with the piston rings. Immediately it should be noted that running two-stroke outboard motor provides frictional bearings. In turn, four-stroke models run on bearings. In both cases, during the testing generated a small force of friction, which allows you to initially remove a high voltage on the crankshaft. As for the cylinder with the piston rings, there is the choice of an optimal gap is compliance with the acceptable thermal regime. If the run-in will allow you to customize the correct alignment of these elements, the working life of the piston can be brought to values close to the maximum.

Nuances of running-in gear

The gearbox still raises some doubts in terms of the need to run it running. While most manufacturers produce gears of high quality alloys, which do not allow swarf during the operation, there are exceptions. For example, outboard motor "mercury" contains the gearbox parts, made by powder metallurgy technology. In itself, this speaks in favor of the manufacturer, as this technique refers to advanced. But she has one drawback – the teeth of the elements differ in roughness, which can cause unwanted friction during break-in. However, it does not negate the overall benefit of the event.

Running in of the Yamakha motor

The execution of the running motors with geared propeller should be carried out for 10 h. the First 10 minutes the unit should be operated with a minimum rate – the manufacturer recommends the use of idling at a high rpm. The next 50 minutes running boat motor "Yamaha" is held with the throttle open a little more than half – that is roughly 3000 rpm Further two hours to burn-in must be executed when the condition is already fully open throttle. At this stage, the user's task is to bring the frequency of operation of the motor to the level when the planing boats. After that, the revs are reduced following 7 h are performed at different frequencies of operation the power unit, but so that the periods of open throttle not lasted more than 5 min. it is Important to note that during running, you should use the gasoline thoroughly mixed with oil. After that, the motor will operate in a normal mode, and fill the boat can be will be pure fuel, as the injection system Yamaha start.

Running in of the Suzuki motor

Manufacturer Suzuki also recommends that you run for 10 hours In the first place it is necessary to warm the unit, running it work at idle for 5 minutes Further 15 minutes to start operation at low power. During this period, running boat motor Suzuki allow work in gear, but only at the minimum rpm. The first two hours you can experience and control unit, but provided you use no more than half of his maximum power. It is also necessary to ensure that the number of revolutions does not exceed 3000 per minute. If necessary, you can open the throttle on a larger range, but only for the purpose of levelling the boat. After that, you need to gradually minimize speed mode. The next hour you can perform the test on the rpm over 4000, but it is not recommended to use a high power at full throttle. The rest of the time running is carried out throughout the rpm range – the main thing not to abuse the work with an open throttle.

Running in of the motor "Mercury"

Again, for the filling, use a mixture of gasoline and oil. The recommended ratio of these components is 25:1, respectively. In this case, there is no hard limit on the work at different rpm, but there are other subtleties. The fact that outboard motor "mercury" already in the first hours can be run with open throttle, but the frequency must change. It is important that the dynamic mode of operation without holding a constant speed for more than 2 min But also the manufacturer of the engines of this brand warns against prolonged operation at wide open throttle valve. The first time the operation of such regimes should be avoided.

There is a caveat regarding the operation of the water pump. This is particularly true for the modes of so-called "dry operation" when running the boat motor is carried out without circulation of the water in the intake gearbox. Even a few seconds of such work can lead to pump damage or overheating power unit.

Running in of the Tokhatsu motor

In the process of running is the fuel mixture enriched with oil. The optimum ratio, which is recommended by the manufacturer is 100 ml oil component for 5 liters of gasoline. This condition can provoke relatively high allocation of gas, but we shouldn't fear this. After the completion of the running boat engine "Tohatsu", the need to use such mixtures will disappear, and work the exhaust system back to normal.

So begins the event with idling, which is supported by 10 min Further three hours work motor allows the number of revolutions from 500 to 3500 with a maximum capacity of not more than half of the total capacity. Then it is possible to increase revs to 4000, with a small increase in power. This period can last two hours. After the first five hours running the boat motor allows the use of full gas.

Operation after running

As such, earnings of the mechanisms of motor does not mean that the unit can be used without observing certain restrictions. One is the inadmissibility of the use of maximum power without sufficient warm-up. About such nuances do not forget in the process of full operation. Immediately after running the boat motor needs to be rebuilt, checking filters, dampers, cables and controls. Special attention is paid to integrity. The fact that the presence of the leak is one of the most dangerous faults. In fact, such precautions should be done not only after running, but before the first engine start since its long storage.


On the relevance of the break-in, there are a lot of negative opinions. Largely they boil down to the fact that extra earnings only reduces the operating life of the unit, without adding anything to its reliability and durability. And yet in most cases, running the boat engine shows that the gentle operation useful mechanisms. In addition, the process is running you can see the possibilities of the boat. In particular, newcomers to this stage, learn the different angles of trim. Immediately after the acquisition of the motor to go on a serious sea voyage would in any case be ill-advised. A pre-test will allow to solve several problems, one of which is to increase the working capacity of the boat motor.