Even in the smallest and low-budget company, there are hidden supermen, without which the work of this company itself can stand up completely. Yes, we are talking about system administrators. Those who stand guard over the performance of all computer hardware and software. Naturally, these supermen have their own holiday - the Day of the system administrator, which is celebrated in July, on his last Friday. Although most often in our country it is proclaimed July 31, the Day of the system administrator. And it doesn't really matter whether it's Friday or not.How to spend the Day of the system administrator at work

A bit of history

When everything is stable in a company, like a mechanism in a Swiss watch, no one remembers the sysadmin. But if something suddenly “bogged down” or “stuck” somewhere, immediately everyone will remember about such an “invisible” member of the team. That is why, in the not too distant 2000, the American sysadmin Ted Kekatos, flattered by the beautiful advertisement of HP printers, decided that within his work collective it would be nice to thank his modest profession with thanks. Then in Chicago, on the last Friday of July, a modest picnic was held, which marked the beginning of a wonderful tradition. Since then, the Day of the system administrator began to celebrate in different companies around the world. And in Russia as well. And here, by the way, the holiday has become no less popular than somewhere abroad.

Overseas colleagues

It is noteworthy that the Day of the system administrator in the United States is called a little differently - the Day of gratitude to the sysadmin. And this is perhaps the more correct approach. Even the seemingly simplest email would not work if such a small and inconspicuous employee as a sysadmin would not have configured it for you. What to say about the various work programs that are consistently and daily used in the company. Therefore, the name “Thanksgiving Day” more fully conveys the essence of the holiday: to express gratitude to a person who adjusts, monitors and, if necessary, re-adjusts the performance of all office equipment.

And what about Russia?

Naturally, in Russia, the vacancy of a system administrator is also one of the most sought-after, although not always highly paid. And if we take into account that many companies and firms are opening up now in a hurry, then administrators will have to add work: distribute, connect and configure everything so that it is comfortable and workable, and does not violate all sorts of laws and regulations. Therefore, many labor groups are very creative in their approach to the “small holiday of a small person” of the company. The day of the system administrator in Russia since 2006 has ceased to be just a calendar day, which is important only to the sysadmin himself. Every year, an all-Russian rally is held near Kaluga, to which more and more participants gather every year. And this is good news. And for many system administrators, getting a ticket or at least a vacation in honor of this gathering is already a huge gift. Or at least some congratulations on your professional world holiday.

Leader: how to congratulate the sysadmin

Not every boss considers important such a thing as congratulations on the Day of the system administrator. And in vain. Suppose, at first glance, the activity of the sysadmin is imperceptible, its productivity is precisely in this that it is expressed - in the company everything works and goes on as usual, without failures. And therefore, it is important for an employee to receive at least some gratitude for his work on a professional holiday. Especially from the head. Writing a premium is not necessary, as well as giving a day off or time off. It is enough to show a little imagination. For example, order a large cake with a thematic inscription and congratulations. Several rabbits are killed at once: they congratulated the sysadmin, and the team drank tea or coffee together during the break.

Team: how to congratulate the sysadmin

It is still easier here. Congratulations on the Day of the system administrator from the team do not require special investments: it is enough to thank your “program keeper” and wish him something pleasant. And it will be useful for some employees to get acquainted with such a technical colleague at all (in large companies, not all know each other!). And, of course, you can always treat a sysadmin with a delicious coffee or dessert in honor of the holiday.

Programmers and system administrators

Do not confuse these two professions. The day of the system administrator is a holiday for employees who ensure the operation and functioning of all programs in the local network, setting up this network itself, connecting new devices and workstations to it. But the Day of the programmer, which is celebrated on September 13 - this is a completely different holiday. On this day, they honor those who develop and create programs in which we work with you later.