The future of the country depends on the younger generation, youth. Therefore, this category of the population of the country must be treated especially carefully. And it's not just about learning, but also about leisure. In this article I would like to talk about how you can celebrate Youth Day (scenario of the holiday).

How to spend Youth Day: a holiday scenario

A little bit about making a plan of the day

Initially, you need to say a few words about how best you can organize an event. What should be the Youth Day? The holiday scenario can be very different, but it must necessarily consist of the following elements:

Be sure not to forget about all the nuances of youth life. After all, every person is interested in something of their own. Therefore, it is important to note all aspects of the interests of young citizens of the country.

Sport competitions

How interesting is to spend the Youth Day? A holiday scenario at the stadium is a great idea. There can be a huge amount of variations. However, most often it can be:

  1. Competitions football teams of the city (village) or schools.
  2. Track and field competitions.
  3. Gymnastics, where girls can show their grace.
  4. Competitions in weightlifting.

These are sports events that do not require special conditions or the provision of a specially designed venue. An ordinary stadium will do. However, you can not go in such a standard way. For example, an unusual and very good idea is to organize a race. It can be charitable (raise money for the needs of young people, for example, to buy a new sports equipment). You can also take a nominal fee for participation in the race, which will then be divided as a prize between the first three winners.

Also a good idea is to do a cycle ride. However, here you can not compete, but simply gather cycling enthusiasts and ride along a certain route. Not bad, if you can create a cycle quest.

Creative achievements

Thinking through the scenario of the holiday dedicated to the Day of Youth, one should also not forget that so many young people are fond of this or that kind of creativity. And they have something to show. Great idea - to create a so-called alley of craftsmen. To do this, you need a certain area or part of the street, only a pedestrian zone, where you can submit your work. So, everyone who is engaged in a certain type of creativity, will be able not only to present his works, but also to sell them if there are those who wish. This is a very good practice that has recently attracted more and more people. And children, seeing what masterpieces can be created with their own hands, as a result, they also strive to do something useful and interesting.

What else should be on Youth Day? Scenario holiday must include a concert. But there may be several variations.

  1. The concert, which is attended by creative teams of the city or village culture house.
  2. Concert of representatives of show business, most often - popular vocal performers.

Where else can you spend Youth Day? Scenario holiday in the house of culture - this is the answer to a simple question. So, the event itself should begin by awarding young people who, according to certain criteria, should be awarded by the public. It can be young scientists, athletes, representatives of a certain kind of art who glorify their locality. This is a very important point, which should not be forgotten. It is also the strongest motivational factor for other people. After the awards are usually followed by performances of all the creative teams of the house of culture, which is in the city (village), where young people also take part.


What should the scenario of the holiday Youth Day on the street take into account? Yes, everything that can be foreseen. So, it is very important to provide all kinds of entertainment that the younger generation likes so much. This can be not only shooting and darts, but also, for example, a small skate track, where anyone can learn to ride a skateboard. You can organize a chess tournament, comic pillow fights, water fire, a drawing contest on asphalt on any subject. Variations - a lot. The main thing - to move away from all the standard, inventing or adopting something unusual and original.

Evening program

What should end the day of youth? The holiday scenario must include an interesting evening program. What could it be? Of course, a festive disco. It should be free, interesting. Of course, your favorite performers may sound from the speakers. But you can invite an interesting group. Then the dance will be held with live music.

Separately in the evening you can also arrange a small karaoke tournament, where everyone will be able to compete in the ability to sing. You can try to organize something like “Love at first sight”, where young people will be able to get to know each other. A great idea is to think over and realize the evening of quick acquaintances (foreign practice), where you can also try to find your soulmate.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that, if you are not too lazy, you can organize a very interesting and unforgettable Youth Day. The scenario of the holiday in the house of culture, on the street, at the stadium - you need to take into account all the elements and nuances. And only in the event that it is possible to interest young people of various trends and directions, it will be possible to say that the holiday has really been a success.