With the help of plastic cards from Sberbank, you can significantly simplify the process of making various transactions with money, it can be payment for purchases, settlements with mobile operators and Internet service providers, repayment of loans and so on. You can replenish them, as well as transfer money to the card account at ATMs or bank cash desks.

How to check Sberbank card balance via the Internet? How to connect Sberbank Online?

You can make transactions using Sberbank cards in the terminals of other credit institutions. But for such operations they will charge a commission. Modern customers are increasingly concerned about the problem of how to check the balance of a Sberbank card via the Internet.

Ways to obtain information on the available card balance

Sberbank card holders can find out the balance of available funds on a card account in several ways.

  • At an ATM Sberbank. For this option, the card itself is required and a PIN code is required.
  • In ATMs of other banking institutions. The verification procedure is similar to the verification in the Sberbank ATM, but in this case the bank will remove the commission.
  • Take advantage of the hotline. The operator will require to name the card number and a special word that you installed during its execution.
  • In Sberbank's cash desks. At the same time with you you must have a passport and the plastic card itself.
  • With the help of SMS. For this method the necessary condition must be connected to "Mobile banking". Short number 900 receives the following message: BALASHIKHA, where X is the last five numerical values of the card number.
  • With the help of the Internet. To check the balance of a Sberbank card via the Internet, it is necessary for the client to have an account in the Sberbank-Online service.

Checking the balance of available funds on a plastic card via the Internet

Now modern bank customers are more and more interested in the option that will allow you to check the balance of a Sberbank card via the Internet. And it is not by chance that the age of high technologies and universal computerization dictates its own conditions. Sberbank-Online gives the client the ability to check the balance of available money on the card via the Internet and conduct various types of operations. Also, through this system, you can pause or block a card.

So, how is the balance checking process on the Internet? First of all, you need to connect to Sberbank-Online, if you have not activated this service when you apply for the card. It can be done:

  • through the Sberbank ATM;
  • through the "Mobile Bank";
  • on the Bank's website
  • in the office of Sberbank;
  • by calling the help desk operators.

How is the procedure for connecting to Internet banking in Sberbank?

If you chose to connect via an ATM, then you need to perform the following actions:

  • insert the card into the appropriate hole in the ATM;
  • after the system requests a PIN code, enter it;
  • go to the “Internet service” section and print the password with a login.

Following these easy steps, you will receive two receipts, one of which contains the username and password, allowing login, and another 20 one-time keys, which are recognized to confirm the execution of a particular transaction on the card.

Recall that the banking product “Sberbank-Online” is needed to check the balance of a Sberbank card via the Internet. Visa or Mastercard - does not matter. You can link any Sberbank card to the system.

How to connect to the system via Mobile Bank? To do this, a message with the text PAROLXXXX is sent to the number 900, where X is the last four numeric values ​​of the card number. In response to this message will receive a notification with a password. But the password is not enough to log into the system, you need another login. It can be called a hotline operator. You, in turn, need to dictate the card number, information from the passport and a special word set when you create a card account.

You can get a password and login for the service by visiting the official website of the bank. For this you need to perform some simple actions:

  • click "Register";
  • enter card number;
  • wait for the SMS code that comes after entering the information regarding the card number, and enter it in the appropriate field;
  • choose a username and password.

Through Sberbank-Online, bank customers can check the balance of a Sberbank card via the Internet by the card number. And you can also connect to it at the bank office, which was issued a card. It is enough if you can present your passport and bank card to the bank employee. A Sberbank employee will enter into a basic banking service contract with you and give you a login and password, which are necessary in order to get into Sberbank Online.

To be able to check the balance of a Sberbank card via the Internet by card number, you can go through the registration procedure in Sberbank-Online via the hotline. Phone number is on the site of Sberbank. The operator will require you to name the card number and a special word that you specified when you made it. After you have been identified, the operator will tell you the username and password that you need to remember or write down.

We reviewed the main options for registering a client in Sberbank-Online, with which you can check the balance of a Sberbank card via the Internet. Visa and MasterCard connect the same way.

How is the balance checkout procedure on the Internet?

So you've decided to check the balance of the card of the savings Bank via the Internet. For this you have activated the service “Sberbank Online”. Next, you go to the site of Sberbank, where to find section “Sberbank-Online”. The system will ask you to enter the username and password you received at registration for this service.

You will be logged in to your personal account, it will contain a list of cards you own and which you have connected to the Internet banking service, and balances for them for the current number.


Any method of obtaining information regarding checking the balance of a Sberbank card has its own advantages and disadvantages. Indiscriminately, the most convenient and advanced option is via Internet. He assumes control over the circulation of funds on the card. But it is not available without a connection to the Internet.