Any real estate transactions remain for most of us a rather complicated process. After all, buying or selling a living space does not happen every day. Many real estate owners face this problem only a few times in their lives. Nevertheless, they inevitably face the question: "How to sell an apartment?" Modern practice can offer several options for the development of events.

How to sell an apartment? How to sell a flat without an estate agent: documents

Method one: simple

An excellent option for busy people or those who do not want to delve into all the subtleties of the process is applying to a real estate agency. Its employees will take care of all costs related to the estimated cost of the housing space in question, placement of advertisements in printed publications and Internet resources, preparation of all necessary documentation and the immediate conclusion of a sale-purchase transaction. This will allow you to save a significant amount of time, strength and nerve cells. Nevertheless, this method can be identified and some shortcomings. For example, you will need some amount to pay for the services of an intermediary in the person of a realtor. Often this is a certain percentage of the value of the transaction. It should also be noted that this amount is regulated by state regulatory documentation. Nevertheless, the interest rate for most citizens remains high. What to do in this situation?

Method two: independent

If you asked the question "How to sell an apartment without a realtor?", Then this option is definitely right for you. After all, everyone knows that the owner of a sold property can independently conduct the same actions and activities as a real estate agency employee. However, it is important to remember that selling an apartment without intermediaries is possible with relatively low expenditure of financial resources, but a large amount of free time. However, not everything is so critical. Maybe it will take just a couple of hours every day. There are also a few nuances that distinguish independent selling of living space from real estate services. But they are easily overcome if, of course, you have all the necessary documents.

The main stages

Since the general question "How to sell an apartment?" Is quite large and complex, we divide the whole process into several main sections.

The first stage: where to start?

Before you sell an apartment in Moscow, you need to carry out an important event. Rate the property. Everyone understands that the seller wants to sell more expensive, and the buyer - to buy cheaper. However, before you post information about your living space in paper editions and Internet resources, you need to determine the optimal price. So, let's find out how much to sell the apartment. In order to find out the value of the optimal price, it is necessary to find out the price at which you most likely want to buy your property. It is quite easy to do this. Purchase several magazines or find several sites where there are sections of buying / selling real estate. Then choose the options that are most similar to your own. To be sure you do not make a mistake, you can visit some of the proposed apartments under the guise of a buyer. Do not be afraid to ask all the questions that interest you, specify the details, critically compare your apartment with the subject. After visiting several such options, an idea of ​​the market value will already form. You can go a little different way. For some fee, invite an appraiser. Based on your own experience and generally accepted norms, it will give you the approximate cost of your apartment. Based on the received data, you will be able to expose your price. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that overpriced can unduly delay the process of finding a buyer. Thus, you will lose not only your time, but also financial means.

Criteria for evaluation

"How to sell an apartment quickly?" - you ask. To do this, you need to rely on several important factors when assessing your living space. The first of these is the location. This refers to the well-being and so-called prestige of the district. In addition, it is important to consider the degree of infrastructure development. It includes the convenience of transport links, shopping, cultural and entertainment centers, the proximity of various children's institutions and all kinds of health facilities. The closer these organizations are located, the higher will be the cost of the apartment. A favorable factor is also considered the proximity of the "green" zones, parks, squares, reservoirs. Given all of the above, do not forget about the immediate prospects for the development of the quarter or district in question.

The second criterion is the general condition of the house. This parameter can include the appearance and age of the building, as well as a typical series of construction. This allows you to take into account the so-called "capital" of the house and the degree of comfort of living in it. Thus, the rise in the cost of the apartment is facilitated not only by the overall aesthetic appeal of the building, but also by the availability of improved communications (one or more elevators, a garbage chute, video surveillance, a general level of service), convenient car parking and underground parking, and a well-kept yard.

In order to know how to sell a flat, it is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the third factor. This is the number of floors in the building. Among them, the first and the last should be especially emphasized. It should be noted that in the first case, the residential area can be both more expensive (depending on the likelihood of using the premises in question for commercial purposes) and cheaper than other options (due to the closeness of the basement, garbage cans, possible dampness and cold, noise pollution from parking, streets, slamming access doors and so on). In addition, the window openings on the ground floor must be additionally protected from the infiltration of robbers and vandals. In turn, the apartments located on the last floor of a building, as a rule, are 5-10% cheaper than the rest. The proximity of the roof contributes to the appearance of dampness, deteriorated thermal insulation, the probability of rain and meltwater flowing. This is rarely compensated by the realization that no one will, roughly speaking, "walk on the head." How is it profitable to sell an apartment located on the top floor? Tell us about the picturesque view from the window, about the absence of insects, and about the benefits of exercises in the form of walking the stairs. Of course, exceptions are penthouses and multi-level apartments. All other floors are estimated approximately equally.

If you asked the question "How to sell an apartment without a realtor?", It is necessary to pay attention to the location of your living space on the floor. The so-called "front" and "corner" apartments are considered a little worse option compared to real estate located in the "middle" of the house. This division is based on the fact that the previously listed variants of some walls border on the street space. Because of this, special conditions are needed to achieve comfortable living conditions, such as providing the required thermal insulation; control of the penetration of moisture, which is the cause of increased dampness and fungus formation. Thus, if your apartment is among the "corner" or "end", then keep in mind that it, as a rule, will be a bit cheaper than similar analogues.

The fourth factor is planning. When considering this criterion, it is necessary to take into account both the total area as a whole and the residential area as a whole. In addition, the size of the kitchen and various auxiliary facilities play an important role. If you asked the question "How to sell an apartment quickly?", Then describe the convenience of planning, list whether there are separate bathrooms and convenient "utility rooms". In addition, pay special attention to the view from the window. A beautiful landscape is another factor, because of which the buyer will be forced to pay a large sum. In addition to everything you listed as a seller, you need to consider the following criterion - the level of solvency of potential buyers. In order not to be mistaken, adhere to the average cost per square meter in your area.

Second stage: preparation of premises

Of course, before you sell an apartment, it must be properly arranged. Now we are talking about a simple cosmetic "makeup", which will make your living space more attractive in the eyes of the buyer and raise the total cost by a number of conventional units. So, with pre-sale preparation should be guided by one simple rule: the apartment should look clean, fresh, spacious and not have obvious flaws. No wonder there is a saying "Meet on the clothes." So, visible defects (for example, rusty pipes, faulty plumbing, signs of leaks) need urgent elimination or thorough disguise. This will help to focus the buyer's attention on the advantages of real estate. In addition, before you sell the apartment, do a general cleaning. Take out unnecessary furniture, get rid of broken and non-working things. Such preparations will allow not only to visually win a little space, but also contribute to giving the apartment a well-groomed and neat appearance. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to bring everything to the absolute. Real estate, devoid of any furniture and equipment, becomes uninhabited and uncomfortable.

Even if you followed all the previous advice, do not forget about the smell. Remember that unpleasant odors negatively affect the overall perception of the apartment. How to deal with this? There are also some small secrets here. First, ventilate all the rooms well and leave a small saucer in each. Pour the ground coffee. He will remove the weak smells. Use an air freshener, but know the measure. Remember that the light aroma of paint casts thoughts of novelty and purity. And to create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth will help smells of baking, coffee, flowers, fruits and chocolate. Use these techniques and make the buyer think that it is your apartment that is his dream!

The third stage: announcements

After all the preparations described, it is necessary to proceed to a more "paper" work. Take photos of all the rooms from the most favorable points of view, pay attention to the bathroom and balcony, as well as the view from the window, if, of course, you can boast of them. Mark the location of the house on the map and remove it from the most interesting angles. Competently and correctly make an announcement. The recommendations below will help you.

Effective ad

If you are interested in how to sell a privatized apartment - show your imagination and come up with a bright and interesting title. In the main text, specify the maximum amount of information in a compressed format. Advertising your apartment should answer the following questions: "What? How many? Where? Who! When? Where? "It should be remembered that the content and form are the determining criteria, and the length of the message is a secondary factor. It is important to adhere to the generally accepted order of presentation. Remember that the text should be easy to read. Of course, every vendor strive for the fastest implementation of the proposed property. Therefore, you can use the following method: make several ads and attach to each of them the best photos. This will increase the chances of success. There is also a set of "secret" words and phrases. For example, the phrase "without a commission" informs the buyer that it will not require overpayments to cover real estate services. This will make your offer the most attractive on the background of the others. However, there are a number of "symbols" that contribute to the initial cheapening of real estate. They include phrases "urgently", "bargaining" and the like. They directly inform the buyer that you agree to lower the price to the "victorious end."

Fourth stage: answers to calls

It is logical that after placing your ad in print publications or online resources, you will be ringing potential buyers. How correctly to answer them? It is not difficult. Talk friendly, answer all questions clearly and distinctly, do not frighten the callers with cross questions, offer live look at the subject of trade. If some of these recommendations pose you in a dead end, then have patience and prepare a small clue with answers to possible additional questions.

The fifth stage: the goods face!

The next step in the negotiations with the potential buyer will be the display of real estate. This scheme will help you not only realize the whole apartment, but also provide tips on how to sell a share in an apartment. So, what to adhere to when viewing a property by a buyer? First of all, do not be scared, if to you in the first time will contact agents, realtors. After all, they can sell your apartment much faster. Be with them as welcoming as with ordinary buyers. In addition, get ready that you will need to often and sometimes long to show your property. Choose what is more important for you: a successful and quick sale of an apartment or entertainment and work in a suburban area, for example. Take care that your household, pets, children or lodgers do not interfere with the inspection of premises. Remember that competent negotiations and relevant bidding are the key to a quick sale of your apartments. Remember that your arguments should be relevant and reasoned. In addition, it is not out of place to follow the speech. You should not talk without stopping, do not bother with your eloquence to the buyer. Remember, it's just as hard for him as you are.

Sixth stage: a pledge - should I take it?

If the happy moment has come, when the seller and the buyer have converged in price, then it is necessary to proceed to the registration of all necessary documents. If your client wants to "book" the apartment, then you should draw up a preliminary contract for the sale of the apartment. This precaution will allow us to legally fix the transfer and the amount of the pledge, obtain some guarantees regarding the conclusion of the sought transaction in the future, describe the agreed value of the living space and establish some responsibility of the parties.

Seventh stage: preparation of documents

Do not be seduced by the simplicity of the previously described activities. After all, you have to think about one more issue before you sell an apartment - what documents are needed for this. The most common list of required securities is as follows:

  1. Technical and cadastral passport.
  2. Relevant references from the passport office and public services.
  3. Certificate of ownership, as well as a document confirming it.
  4. Extract from the house book.
  5. Notarized consent of both spouses (if you are married).
  6. Permission to sell from guardianship and trusteeship bodies (if under-age children are registered in this residential area).

Typically, this list may vary slightly depending on the situation. However, the sooner you sort out these questions, the sooner you can sell the apartment. Documents in state structures are often manufactured within a period of 14 days to a month.

Eighth stage: the transfer of keys

This step can be rightly considered final. Preparing for sale, signing contracts, the transaction is already over. It remains only to vacate the apartment, take a look at their farewell, get the agreed amount and transfer the keys to the buyer!