A loving woman inevitably wonders how to tie a man to her forever. This is indicated by psychologists, recommendations are shared by senior relatives and girlfriends. Astrologers also did not stay away from the problem. They claim that on the basis of the horoscope, you can figure out exactly how to tie a man to him forever. It's all about the nature of the various signs of the zodiac. With the fact that they are real, no one argues. But few are able to use such knowledge. Let's see what and how to do.

How to bind a man to yourself forever - recommendations for different signs of the zodiac

How to bind to a man-Aries forever

This man is always a hunter. He needs to beckon, create the appearance of a struggle. The conquered woman, sadly, ceases to interest him. If you want to know how to tie a man to yourself forever, then you have to work hard. Aries are burning fight. A woman is a prize for them. Become an impregnable fortress, inviting to your comfort, protection and tranquility. This man always has many enemies. He needs a calm haven where he will hide from the world and lick his wounds. Create this quiet paradise for him. Just remember that spiritual harmony Aries acquires only in a society of like-minded people. You need to show him that you share the values, love and hate the same as he. The task is not easy, but really doable. In addition, Aries appreciates the visual appeal. Next to the mascara, he is not able to. But don't overdo it, overshadowing it is dangerous. Otherwise, the man subconsciously will perceive you not as prey, but as a rival, which will destroy the union. When dealing with Aries, balance is important.

Representatives of this sign most of all appreciate family comfort. It is not difficult to guess how to bind a Taurus man to yourself forever. It is necessary to take care of the house, bake delicious pies, do regular cleaning, do not start washing and other household stuff. Taurus will never leave the tender house filled with aromas of vanilla and spices. Unless, will face constant discontent of the mistress of a cozy nest. This man is annoyed by the critic as such. You can praise him to the skies, but complain about your colleagues and your boss. He will take it with undisguised displeasure. Respect for Taurus is caused by successful people who can solve their problems on their own. Show him that you are one of them - he will never leave you. In addition, this man wants to be proud of his companion. Learn to shine in society. What is interesting, you can overshadow it completely, do not be offended, and bind even more.

How to bind to a man-Gemini forever

These sons of Adam are passionate intellectuals. The world grows dull if there is nothing new, disturbing, hitherto unknown. Ladies who are thinking how to bind a Gemini man to themselves forever will have to learn one simple rule. It consists in continuous development, obtaining new knowledge. Enchanting Gemini is easy. He is attracted by autonomy coupled with independence. Prove to this person that you have your own view of the world, he will never refuse to communicate, he will always be there. Take it as a rule to share your discoveries with him, to discuss interests and hobbies. He will follow you into the world of beauty, forgetting about all the rivals. This person is able to appreciate any view of the world, except mediocre. To retain it, you must boldly express your own opinion, gush with ideas.

This man needs spiritual intimacy. He wants a complete merger at all levels of the universe. When figuring out how to bind a Cancer man to yourself forever, always remember this. The best way to achieve success will not be intimate conversations, but real help in his writings. Find out what the man considers important in life, ask how the project moves, advise something important, try to help in his work. However, be careful of showing excessive curiosity, seem intrusive. The advice should be timely and helpful. He considers sincere interest a sign of soul affinity. And nothing more is needed. In order not to spoil your impressions, always listen to his work reports. Cancers love attention. If it becomes common for you, he will never go to another. This man should know that at home he is valued and supported.

This man should be the center of attention of his beloved. He just vital pedestal. Girls who want to understand how to bind a Lion man to themselves forever should remember the modesty. Take care of your chosen one, say compliments, do not forget to iron shirts, tie a scarf, buy favorite buns and the like. Leos need to constantly feel the attention of a friend. If he understands what is for you the center of the universe, he will never give up. Lions - people are very strong. They are capable of much for the sake of a woman. They need to show that without him you just die. He will remain near forever, will extinguish a different passion in her soul if she accidentally visits him. Leo loves attention, but a traitor to consider himself not to agree. People dependent on him, this man will never quit.

This man needs a rational, sober-minded mistress, possessing sufficient intellectual level to raise his children. Virgos do not tolerate scandals, do not like excessive emotionality. From the chosen one they demand loyalty and patience. Wondering how to tie a man to him forever, first of all pay attention to the ability to respond to criticism. Virgos often tease others. Their comments must be taken kindly, without tears and fights. In order to keep this person, it is enough to be faithful, to be able to rationally spend the budget and skip taunts. He will be completely happy if his lady is able to maintain an intellectual conversation, at least listen with interest.

This man is looking for support in life. In his opinion, the companion should support and make life enjoyable. It is not difficult to guess how to tie a Libra man to yourself forever. Do not spoil the nerves of this man, he appreciates calm and harmony. Leave tears and scandals behind the doors of your common home. Never cause his jealousy. Scales can not stand fights. This man appreciates in a woman the ability to calmly respond to any situation, to deal with troubles with humor. A friend must be reliable, like a fortress and just as cozy. The Libra man needs to feel the harmony in his own home. Create a cozy atmosphere for him, fill the apartment with beautiful things, show originality in looks and looks. He will never look at the other. Libra - the most faithful husbands.

In a woman, representatives of this sign appreciate the ability to be realized in a career. They also subconsciously seek to seize a girlfriend completely, to win her soul and body as a whole, without a trace. It is not easy to understand how to tie a Scorpion man to you forever, as these are secretive people who never reveal their thoughts completely. To a man you did not quit, have to sweat. He should be proud of his woman, rely on her achievements. Sometimes Scorpios turn into Alphonse. This is the only sign not ashamed to live at the expense of a friend. In order to keep him, you should be in the service, to achieve a good position in society, accompanied by a considerable salary. From the girlfriend, the head of Scorpio will never give up. But this is not enough. He needs to prove that other men do not cause your interest. Among men, Scorpios are the largest owners.

The most unpretentious, in terms of life, a man. He can put up with his girlfriend, lazy to clean once again in an apartment that does not fit the stove. But do not tolerate a number of mediocre personality. Sagittarius needs constant movement both in the physical world and in the intellectual sphere. To save his love, you must truly love traveling, striving to gain new knowledge and experience. He is active, and from the girlfriend requires the same. Make joint plans, dream of hikes, learn esoteric practices. Sagittarius will not be able to abandon a comrade who fully shares his own world views. He is a researcher and discoverer. Become a loyal assistant companion in his expeditions, spiritual quest, the peak of the arrow of his hopes. He will forever be near.

Complicated sign, not particularly influenced by outside. However, it’s pretty easy to figure out how to tie a Capricorn man to yourself forever. It is worth remembering that the representatives of this sign value family most of all. They never abandon relatives, adhere to traditions, try to keep in touch. So that Capricorn does not leave you, bear him a child, and better a few. Men of this sign are very fond of children, spend a lot of time and effort on them. They are sure to continue in the offspring. Even Capricorns appreciate modesty, loyalty and calm. They often face problems, they are perfectly able to solve them. And from the partner of life they expect complete trust, not multiplication of trouble. Do not make Capricorn worry. Do not worry, he will not be bored, on the contrary, will feel gratitude for the peace in the house. Show attention to his relatives, take care of the children, he will never look for another. Why fuss, if there are more serious goals in life? Capricorns rarely agree to a divorce. If there is a stamp in the passport and common offspring, be calm, he will not leave.

If you managed to fall in love with the representative of this sign, get ready to overcome many obstacles to happiness. It will be especially difficult if you are already thinking how to bind the Aquarian man to you forever. This man is in the clouds. He cares about the salvation of mankind, and not getting the mammoth. Some mercantile issues will have to be solved independently. He will not go to the bank to pay bills, and he will forget to give money for spending. If you want to keep him close, never reproach this man with his inability to earn. Believe me, he is doing everything in his power to ensure the family was provided. Just a global crisis negates his aspirations. But Aquarius is undemanding to her friend. He needs the usual care, because this man can forget about warm clothes and go to save the universe in January frosts in shorts. Tell him what the weather is like today, slip a warm sweater or a fresh T-shirt, cook sweet cakes, listen to grandiose plans. He will appreciate you more than anything in the world.

The sign is thin and sensitive, contradictory and demanding. But to cope with a man-fish is quite capable of any beauty. It is important to have enough patience and forbearance so as not to get annoyed at his weakness. The fact is that Pisces sometimes get depressed due to the injustices of this world. These people have a subtle soul that can respond violently to any stimulus. Next to them should be a vest, into which they pour pain, along with tons of tears. Do not freak out, if you want to understand how to bind to yourself a man-Fish forever. Wipe the tear, listen, gently pat on the head and say words of comfort. A man will appreciate this approach. He needs to feel support, as they say, to have a strong back. From a girlfriend with whom you can be open, without shame, to show weakness, he will never give up. It is important that he was sure that your feelings are sincere, and that warmth comes from the heart. Fish are very sensitive people. Do not try to deceive the chosen one. Otherwise, the charm will be destroyed, and the union will break on the cold rocks of suspicion. The Pisces man needs a warm, tender, forgiving love.

General recommendations

We concentrated on the advice of astrologers based on the characteristics of signs. But all men have common features, which should not be forgotten. It is not for nothing that popular wisdom says that the road to the heart of the sons of Adam runs through their stomachs. To a man did not look to the left, learn how to cook. The second popular secret is the ability to be weak and dependent. Even Pisces men need self-respect. And this gives each representative of the stronger sex a certainty that he is loved by his woman who will die without him. Ladies need to be able not to grasp at solving all the problems on their own. Have patience, wait until your companion sees them. True, there is still some time to push him to begin to decide. But in the end he will be proud, and you will feel protected by his efforts (if you have enough patience). The third point of influence is femininity. Men like (if they are not perverts) to make friends happy. Feel free to show your man the joy that was presented to them personally. Gratitude will exceed all your expectations. Good luck!